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About Dr. Dean’s Wonderful You Hypnosis Session

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Have you ever considered from where you came, why you are here and where you are going makes up a total Wonderful You?

Think about it. When you were in the state of being a mere sperm, and you raced against many thousands of other sperms to penetrate into your mother’s egg. You won the race while thousands lost the race.

Also consider your body. By evolution you now have physical devices called eyes that see and transmit those images to your brain. Isn’t that, in itself a miracle? Consider your heart, lungs, digestive tract, intestines, bones, muscles, skin, fingers, hands and feet. Does that not make your body and you in it a miracle? Truly, you are a wonderful person when you take all of you, your mind and spirit into consideration.

You are, in essence, a child of evolution. You are loved by the highest level of creation. Truly you are wonderful. And, you find much in life a wonder, too.

You’ll have no doubt that you really are a wonderful person after listening to Dr. Dean’s Wonderful You hypnosis session.

That session is yours for life for unlimited use. When those days pop up that seem to be dragging you down, and making life bland, listen to this session as directed. It will bring you into the reality you are a wonderful person.