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Why you may want to be a Vegan

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Most of my clients during my career as a hypnotherapist and later as a doctor of clinical hypnotherapy were hypnotized to reduce weight. Since the majority of the U.S. population is overweight, that makes sense.  As for me, I struggled most all of my adult life to remain trim and “walk-the-talk” .  The struggling stopped when I began to learn about how meat, foul and fish and their byproducts are processed for human consumption.

All animal products are sold by weight or volume. For instance, a bull or pig that weighs more brings in more money for the rancher as red meat is sold by its weight.  Eggs are sold in volume and size by farmers. The more eggs a chicken can lay, and of a greater size brings in more money for the farmer.  A cow that can produce more milk brings in more money to the dairy farmer. And a gallinaceous bird raised for its flesh such as a turkey, rooster or hen fetches more money for the farmer when fatter and heavier

Here is the problem. As an example,  if a rancher raises his cattle on grass and fresh hay and corn and other grains, that bull will eventually reach 2400 pounds and a cow 1400 pounds.  If that same bull or cow is fed cattle feed and corn that has been treated with growth hormones that causes the bull or cow  to get fatter, faster, that bull could come in at 2800 pounds and the cow a few hundred pounds heavier, too. Since the rancher is paid for the weight of the cattle he sells for slaughter it is financially rewarding to use hormones to make the cattle grow faster, and get fatter.

The same holds true for pigs, gallinaceous birds (chickens, hens, turkeys, etc.) and even fish in fish farms such as salmon and trout.  Now think about this. If animals sold for slaughter to meatpacking houses are loaded with hormones to be fatter, heavier then what are those hormones doing to your body when they end up in your body. We are talking about animals, foul and fish meat plus milk, cheese, and eggs.

Understand that slaughtering the animal does not remove those hormones in its flesh. Butchering that flesh does not remove those growth hormones either. Finally, cooking that flesh does not remove those hormones. So, when you eat processed animal flesh that is NOT ORGANIC, you will have growth hormones in your body which are going to do to you what they did to the animal flesh you eat… make you fatter and heavier!

If you look at old movies dating back into the 30’s and 40’s, you’ll notice that most people were trim. Hormones were not used in those days to fatten animals for slaughter. Also, people ate less meat in those days, too. Today, most people eat meat daily. Therefore, they are loading up on hormones and it shows. Go into any mall or a place where lots of people gather and you’ll see, in America, a lot of overweight people (the vast majority).

When you look at people who have a low meat intake such as orientals in China, Japan, and Indians in India, you can clearly see that the vast majority of their population are thin. They do not consume meat with growth hormones in it unless they eat a western diet (McDonalds hamburgers, etc.).  Meat in those countries is reserved for special occasions and in moderation because it is expensive. 

So, what can you do about this. Hey! That’s simple! Stop eating all animal flesh and its byproducts (milk, cheese, egs, etc.) or buy meat, eggs and dairy products that are ORGANIC and certified as such on their packaging by a recognized organization which certifies the product is pure and organic (such as grass fed beef, range free chickens that are fed insects and hormone free grain and ditto for the eggs hens lay and fish not raised in a fish farm (must be fresh water caught fish).

The clients I have counseled on this matter who did convert to eating a plant based diet and holding their flesh intake to range fed chicken and fresh water caught fish in moderation experienced huge losses in weight if they were obese. They also experienced a greater energy level, a reduced appetite, better vision, slept better, clearer thinking, and much better digestion.  They also reduced their food bill significantly because meat is expensive when compared to plant based food.

As for me, I too experienced the above improvements and no longer struggle with remaining trim. In fact, I eat five times daily (3 regular meals and 2 snacks) all raw plant based food. I make it a point to keep my 2 snacks confined to fresh fruit of different colors and my main meals to be a combination of five different colors.  This assures me that I am getting all the nutrients my body needs other than vitamin B-12. That vitamin is only found in animal flesh or in a vitamin pill. I buy vitamin B-12, 30 tablets for about $4.00 at my local health food store which certifies its ingredients to be organic.  I only take one of those tablets per week because that is all the vitamin B-12 I need. You body makes all the vitamins it needs except for vitamin B-12. However, I do recommend you take a high quality, potent multivitamin daily. My reasoning for that is todays plant based food is mostly grown in soil that has been overworked. That means crops of vegetables and fruit grown in soil that is not enriched with organic fertilizer and minerals which plants draw from when they grow and remains in their stems, leaves and cores.

If, however, you purchase plant based food that is organic, you do not need to take a multiple vitamin as that food has plenty of minerals and vitamins in it because the soil in which the food was grown is rich in minerals and vitamins.

Sometimes I revert to only one or two meals per day and no snacks for two to five days. This is a semi fast which is good for a human when done in moderation and occasionally. These semifasts never cause me to feel hungry. They also increase my level of energy. However, I do not think it wise to semi-fast for more than a week.

I know where from I speak. I am 76 years old and am in excellent health with a high level of mental and physical energy. My blood pressure is low by all standards.  I take no medications. When you eat a plant based diet, your consumption of fat is pretty much confined to avocados and nuts which I consume in moderation. A regular diet low in fat forces your body to burn the fat on your body for your energy needs. If you eat fat, your body will first use the fat you eat for energy before it will use fat on your body for energy. So, don’t eat fat and you’ll burn fat off your body rapidly and safely and you will not gain fat back unless you start consuming fat in your daily diet. 

As for protein…everyone has this old wives tale that we need protein daily. When quizzed as to why they believe this, they have no answer other than they think one needs protein to survive. The truth is you DO need protein during the years you are growing. Once growth stops, you have very little need for a lot of protein. There is enough protein in plant based foods to give you all the protein you need. In fact, some leafy vegetables, beans and nuts  have more protein in them then flesh!  Consider when a bull eats grass and corn it is eating a plant based diet. In turn, you eat that animal. The protein you get from that animal comes from the plant based food the animal ate. I think it is better to get protein straight from the plant food rather than being processed through an animal which one eats.

Here is the real problem. The vast majority of Amerians and Europeans are programmed from babies on up to eat meat. You can buy baby food composed of meat ground into a paste and sold in jars. When you get teeth adequate to chew meat with, your caretaker or parent fed you animal products such a flesh, milk, eggs, and butter.  Meat being the central portion of one’s meal gets a lot of attention. We barbeque meat and purchase expensive barbeque appliances to cook it. We have contests where the winner cooks the best tasting meat such as a barbeque. We use meat to flavor many products such as soup. It is difficult to buy a ready made frozen dinner without it containing flesh. So, flesh eating societies are subconsciously programmed from infancy on up to consume flesh frequently.  Consequently, the idea of not eating meat and its byproducts  (eggs and dairy) is repulsive. People object to it and think it is not possible to live on a plant based diet and how deprived they would feel like doing so.

All I can say is you must try it. It takes about a week to get used to eating most everything you like except flesh and its byproducts. Once that initial week has gone by and you remained a faithful vegan or vegetarian, and knowing what meat does to your body via its hormones, you find yourself quite comfortable being free from flesh consumption.

Since most plant based food is delicious and good for you in its raw form (such as carrots, lettuce, oranges, apples, etc.), a vegan’s diet is mostly raw (not cooked).  This means the average meals takes about 4 to 7 minutes to prepare because no cooking is required. One also saves in natural gas or electricity normally used to cook food. Also, there are no bad food odors in your home. No smoke from cooked meat and less dishes to wash and no pots or pans to clean.

Since veggies and fruit are mostly low in calories, one can eat all the plant based food they want during each meal and not concern themselves with gaining weight. They will, in fact lose excess weight because the body goes after the fat on your body to burn for energy.

Fructose sugar is found in certain fruits. Some fruits have excessively high levels of sugar which should only be eaten in moderation such as watermelon and bananas and not at all for weight loss. That’s why I recommend one eats fruit for snacks like an apple or an orange. If one eats food with processed sugar in it (which is the vast majority of canned and boxed (processed) food in your market today, the body will burn that sugar before it will burn the fat on your body for energy. This leaves your fat on your body and you don’t lose weight. Consequently, you will have difficulty losing body fat or remaining trim if you consume high levels of sugar based, processed products.

So avoid sugar and fat, eat only moderate amounts of protein and eat all the carbohydrate food you want. All plant based food is a carbohydrate. The low carb diets out there are not good for your brain and energy level. Your body needs carbohydrates to function and remain healthy. To restrict carbohydrates in your diet will cause temporary weight loss. However, that restriction is not good for your brain. Your brain is 90% fat. (So, as an aside here, if anyone ever calls you a fat head, you can happily agree with them). Your brain’s primary fuel to function comes from carbohydrates. If you restrict carbs, your brain lacks what it needs and your thinking clearly suffers from it. 

To make your meals more tasty with great variety, you can cook most any vegetable in a microwave to make it softer and hot. Takes only a minute or two. As for variety, there are well over a hundred different plant based foods you can eat. Just go to a well stocked produce section in a large supermarkets organic section and you have whole cornucopia of delicious food to select from. Then, you can combine those plant based foods to make delicious meals. For instance, I use lentil soup as a topping on shredded, hot potatoes.

To lose weight, you should not eat bread. Bread is not a plant based food. What about the wheat from which it is made. Once you take that wheat and grind it and process and add processed ingredients into it and bake it, you no longer have a natural food. It is a processed food with sugar, and other ingredients in it which your body burns for energy before it will burn the fat off of your body, therefore, leaving you overweight. So, bread keeps people fat or makes them fatter.  If you like bread (and who doesn’t) and you do not need to lose weight, then enjoy bread that is certified as organic. Eat only one slice a day and you’ll be okay.

To learn about true veganism and its numerous benefits to you, I suggest you visit www.drmcdougall.com.  Dr. McDougall is the doc who turned me around and got me to be a vegan. The recipes, and large variety of wonderful food with very few modest restrictions is amazing. Watch and listen to his lectures on his website. It will, I promise, blow your mind when you learn all the facts about this important subject. Remember, you are what you eat!

If you choose to remain a meat eater, do so in moderation. No more than 4 ounces of fish or foul (swims or flies) once a day at most and it must be organic (no hormones) and if fish, caught in fresh water such as streams and lakes (not a fish farm). I do not recommend any ocean based fish. The crap and corruption in the sea which fish are exposed can make fish unhealthy to eat. Also, understand, if you choose to remain a flesh eater (carnivorous) it is primarily because you have been programmed by those who raised you to be that way. I would like to think that if they knew what you know now, they would have raised you as a vegan or vegetarian.

A vegan eats only plant based food. They never eat animal flesh or its byproducts such as dairy, eggs, etc. A fish, cow, bull, and bird is an animal. A vegetarian eats plant based food plus, in moderation, organic animal byproducts such as dairy (cheese, butter) and eggs.

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