guys and girls on a beach having fun

Oh my! are you going to experience real fun and be in the mood to have fun! It’s wholesome, real, and very uplifting. People will love being with you because you’re having so much fun and its contagious! 

We dare you…. No, we double dare you to download Dr. Dean’s  FREE Fun Hypnotic audio hypnosis session. Hey, it’s “on the house”, so go for it.

Listen to this amazing hypnotic mood “as directed” and see if it does put you in a strong mood to have real fun., Then you’ll start doing and saying things to have fun, and others around you pick up on that and start having fun with you! Wow! It’s wholesome fun that’s contagious!

Yep, everyone loves to have fun. In fact it is mentally and physically healthy to have fun. It’s a diversion, a time out from the rigors of daily living everyone needs often. 

Remember, a fragment of your creator’s spirit indwells your mind. So, when you cry, He cries with you, when you laugh, He laughs with you and when you have real, wholesome fun, He has fun within you. The two of you really are merging as one. That’s your destiny and it’s beautiful and awesome. And yes, having wholesome fun is part of that.

We think you’ll agree, life is not a bowl full of roses. It’s stressful and often difficult to cope with. Many turn to alcohol, drugs or whatever can temporarily pleasure them. However, it’s a fact, nothing is better than real, pure ,clean fun. A good old fashioned real belly laugh does wonders to relieve your stress and tension. The doctors at New Life Clinics Charitable Trust will tell you that “laughter is often the best medicine.”

If you have noticed, there is nobody on our planet or throughout far flung space that has a personality exactly like yours. While it is fashioned from experiences, genetical inheritance, and maturity, the basis of it, which truly makes you unique, is a gift from your Creator. That’s why it is unique. And, oh my, what a beautiful gift it is. Part of your personality is structured to really enjoy having FUN.  Wholesome fun is the best fun. You know, the kind that can make you laugh until tears come into your eyes. It’s a psychological release we all need. It is a wonderful diversion from the seriousness of daily living. So, for goodness sake, HAVE FUN!  It really is okay. Your brain is wired to do that. Your soul loves it and your spirit enjoys it.

We know not everything is roses. Sometimes you hit some pretty bad speed bumps along your path in life. Rough patches are often downright miserable. And, sometimes there is nothing you can do about those times except… you guessed it — HAVE FUN!  Having fun does not have to be expensive. And, in this case, it’s absolutely free. And safe. (No bad side or after effects).

Your brain wants you to have fun, but it’s down in the weeds much of the time dealing with hard life,  and depressive stuff, so it’s difficult to be in the mood to have fun. Well, not anymore. You have a gift from Dr. Dean that you’ll enjoy frequently throughout your life and your friends and family will absolutely love listening to it with you. You and your better half can sit down and enjoy a session before company or family comes over to visit. Honestly, they will find you in bright spirits, joyful and yes, just a lot of fun to be around. They will remember that and enjoy your cheer and how much fun you are. Now, that’s the way to be thought of and remembered.

So, grab a free hypnotic audio download (with  instructions to use it correctly so it works for you) It’s a complete, full length session. Listen to the instructions provided or you can read them in the PDF provided.  It’s easy to use and listen to. Take it for a test drive. Honestly, you will be amazed at how good you feel during and after the session and yes, you’ll be grinning from ear-to-ear, too. It all culminates into nice smiles, genuine laughter and real joy. And, after all, isn’t that what we all really desire as a break from the difficulties in daily life?  Well, now it’s yours. The doc ponied up the loot to buy it for you. So, enjoy.

If you would like to drop an email to Dr. Bob telling him your experiences as a result of the free hypnotic Fun session he freely provided, that would be more than enough thanks to Dr. Bob. email to:  Oh, Dr. Bob asked us to tell you, there “are no strings attached”. He just wants you, your family and friends to have FUN. It’s healthy!

Okay, I’m go for it. You’re way past due for some amazing fun anyway…



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