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We get it... you're here to get FREE hypnosis for weight loss. Great! Now, let's toss out the usual fluff and hype and get the facts. "It's the truth that sets you free". If you want a healthy lifestyle to remain trim for life, keep reading.

Fact: Weight loss diets don't work permanently. Hey, you tried them. If diets worked you would not be on this website right now so we don't do what does not work!

No more falling off weight loss diets. What really works is living a healthy life style. With your permission, I'll hypnotize you to do just that. And yes, it will cause you to eat the right amount of healthy food to become and remain trim and be healthier. And did we say its easy, free and works every time?

Hi, I'm Dr. Robert Dean. Most folks call me "Dr. Bob". On this website I'll be your free "online hypnotist".

“From the get-go”, be SMART. We both know you are trying to find someone or something that can get rid of your excess body fat for good. It must be done in a reasonable amount of time in and in a safe manner which is completely acceptable to you. It must be free or affordable. Once again, be SMART. Read how my free hypnosis online or a $5.00 download will help you achieve what you desire. Hint…Our “ON-LINE” weight loss hypnotherapy on this website is FREE.  And yes, it really does work.  If you want the same weight loss hypnotherapy” OFF-LINE” donate once only five dollars and its’ yours to own and enjoy for life on or OFFLINE. 

Being overweight is a SYMPTOM. From now on you and I don’t care about your symptom. What we do care about is the CAUSES of your symptom. With your permission, I’ll hypnotize you and remove from your subconscious mind the causes of your being overweight so you’ll stop doing what has made you overweight and keeps you that way. I’ll also install programming into your subconscious mind which is completely safe. It’s successful programming that strongly motivates you to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This will cause you to quickly and safely achieve the look you desire. Best of all it lasts. It’s a healthy lifestyle you enjoy for life!

I’m a Board Certified Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy. I use up to date, “state-of-the-art” hypnotherapy. Over 1.5 million people have been hypnotized by listening to my hypnotherapy sessions. My hypnotic therapy is endorsed by over 80 major organizations nationwide, many of which are law enforcement agencies. In other words, what I do for you works. All I ask is that you follow my directions to achieve the result you desire.

If you choose to download my hypnotherapy session, you’ll also get me for the rest of my career at no cost to you. Honest!. Put me on speed dial. I’ve got your back. Should you have a question or hit a rough patch, call me between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., Mountain Time (Arizona), Mon – Sat and I’ll be happy to consult with you and guide you over that “rough patch”. No charge.

Fact! You are eating to much of the wrong kind of food. That’s not your fault. You have been programed by the media and food industries to eat and drink lots of processed food and beverages that, in many cases., are toxic and extremely fattening. 

Because of what you have been eating, the chemistry and cells in your body are now keeping you overweight. Even if you believe you’re eating healthy, you probably are not. Want proof? Look down at your belly. Need I say more? This unhealthy programming in your subconscious mind is caused by the media and food industries marketing tactics. You’re programmed to eat unhealthy processed food. It’s all about those industries making more dollars by selling their processed food to you and millions of people nationwide. That’s why 70% of Americans are grossly overweight. Food processors do not care about your health.  The vast majority of the food you eat actually makes and keeps you and millions of Americans fat. It’s addictive. While the food industry tells you their food is healthy, it’s not! It actually makes you fat, unhealthy and robs you of energy and good health.

There is a superior, more intelligent way to remove from your subconscious mind all causes that make and keep you fat. It’s called hypnotic therapy. It’s professionally administered to you by me on this website or by simply listening to my weight loss hypnosis session download. Either way will most definitely motivate you to adopt and enjoy a healthy life-style that works for you.  

This is the safe, comfortable, weight loss program you have been looking for. It hypnotizes you to stay on a safe healthy diet to continually reduce body fat until you like what you see in a mirror. No more diet failures. This time you’ll stick with healthy eating for life that satisfies and sheds all excess body fat quickly and safely and, most important, keeps it off. 

Time and space does not permit me to go into all the details of how much you’ll eat and what you’ll eat. You’ll get all of that while in hypnosis. Just understand your healthy life style will be, in your mind a “want to” and not a “got to”.

 My weight loss hypnotherapy, without question, is the most natural and easiest way to quickly lose all of your excess body fat and keep it off for good. It’s not another fad diet. It’s healthy eating which includes healthy “comfort foods”. Finally, my weight loss hypnotherapy does not require your will power to be successful. Just listen to it as directed and your subconscious mind will successfully have you living a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy food. 

You’ll realize a 2 to 3 clothing size reduction within the first 5 to 6 weeks! After that, the weight keeps coming off until you like what you see in a mirror. Then maintenance automatically kicks in to make sure you don’t gain back any body fat. Best of all, you’ll never go hungry! This healthy eating lifestyle satisfies.

Before you receive this FREE weight loss hypnotherapy session, you need to know if you can be hypnotized.  Scroll down to experience a FREE 3-minute hypnosis test. It will absolutely amaze you. Then click to listen to my FREE  hypnosis session that makes you feel relaxed and really good. Then you’ll know my hypnosis works for you. It also means you’re smart. Bright people do quite well using hypnosis to achieve self-improvements.

Finally, if you can’t afford $5.00 for a download, I’ll give you free unlimited use of my weight loss hypnosis session “online” only on this website.  Here is how to get SIX unique hypnosis sessions of which one of them is my weight loss hypnosis session.  Follow the simple directions below to get the free hypnosis sessions for unlimited use.

1. Click Home at the top of this page. You’ll land on the Home page. 

2. Scroll  quickly down to the bottom of the Home page (it’s a long page). Look for a small blue star in the lower right corner at the bottom of the home page. Click it. 

3. A  page will then appear illustrating all SIX hypnosis sessions that are yours to use without any limit. Select the weight loss hypnosis session. Use and click the audio player to listen to my instructions to use the session properly and safely.  After hearing my instructions, click to listen to the weight loss hypnosis session. Listen to the session “as directed”. It will safely hypnotize you to achieve weight loss. You’ll acquire the look and feel you desire. And yes, it truly is completely free with no strings attached.  

The SIX different sessions on that page are yours to use without limit, free from any cost to you. Here is the title of each session for you to enjoy.  #1 Weight Loss, #2 Exercise Motivation, #3 Increase Self-Esteem, #4 Relief From Stress and Tensions #5 Sleep Hypnotherapy, #6 Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy. These are for you, your friends and family. Do tell everyone so they can benefit from this generous public benefit. No paper work, no insurance, no hassles, no strings attached. Just enjoy and get healthy!  If you want to download and own the session for OFF-LINE use, click the green donate button-bar below.

Got questions?  I’m your Doc. Call me between  9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., Arizona Mountain Time Zone, Mon-Sat:  (928) 279-1848.  Please scroll down to enjoy the 3-minute free test and a free “Feeling Good” Hypnosis session to determine if you can be hypnotized.  After that click “HOME PAGE” at the top left of the page, scroll down to the the bottom of the HOME PAGE, click the blue star (lower right corner) and enjoy my free hypnosis sessions.

Private hypnotherapy sessions are also available to end common disorders and/or to make major self-improvements. Sessions are done on cell phone (nationwide) or in my private office. Call for details (928) 279-1848.

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Every hypnosis session is a high quality audio recording, narrated by Dr. Robert Dean. Down load it and listen to it on your computer, tablet, mp3 player, or mobile phone.  Once you download it, you own it for life.  Listen to each session “as directed” to reduce excess body fat. Simply follow Dr. Dean’s easy instructions and you will have a very satisfying result.

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Find out if you can be hypnotized.
Experience our Free hypnosis session to feel good!

This really is the easiest way to
lose weight

During your lifetime, you have been frequently exposed to food advertising.  Most food advertised is not healthy and/or is fattening. Think pizza, soda pop and big burgers! Because of this you have in your subconscious mind programming that causes you to eat too much of the wrong kind of food. That’s why you can’t permanently eliminate your excess body fat. And believe us, we know, like others, you have tried and tried.

When you try any body fat reduction diet you struggle to stay on it. You may lose some weight during your struggle, then you finally cave in and abandoned your diet. Shortly thereafter, you gain back any body fat you lost and probably a few extra pounds, too. Sound familiar? 

The undesirable programming in your subconscious mind that causes you to crave and eat too much of the wrong kind of food is the culprit. That unhealthy programming has to be safely removed to lose  body fat quickly, safely and for good. Dr. Dean knows how to remove the programs that made you fat and keeps you fat. He is an expert at installing proven, safe, powerful programming into the subconscious mind that will keep you losing weight until you like what you see in a mirror and, thereafter, keeps the weight off.  Seriously, You know you need this… download it, own it, listen to it as directed. In a reasonable amount of time you’ll like what you see in a mirror. Thereafter, based on your age and gender, you’ll continue to admire what you see in a mirror. 

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Robert Dean is a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy (Ph.D.) and a Board Certified Hypnotherapist. He is nationally recognized for his weight loss hypnosis success rate. His clients call him “Dr. Bob”. A picture of him is posted to the right side of this page. 

Without question, professional weight loss hypnosis is the best way to reduce excess body fat. You will not find anyone more qualified and experienced to hypnotize you to reduce excess body fat safely and quickly than Dr. Dean. Results for everyone varies. The doc’s success rate is documented to be 84.6%. by the City of San Francisco Department of Health. There is nothing out there of which we are aware that can approach that level of success. And, it’s yours to enjoy for free or to own for life for a modest one-time $5.00 donation.

Dr. Dean has been in practice for over 31 years. He pioneered hypnosis for weight loss downloads which are proven and documented to get the same results as a private in-office session.  He comes highly endorsed.

Got questions? Call “Dr. Bob” Mon.-Sat, 9:00 am to 9:00 p.m., Mountain Time Zone. Private on cell phone weight loss hypnosis sessions are also available. Call for details and a Free consultation:  (928) 279-1848 

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Dr. Robert G. Dean

hypnosis for stress relief
Weight loss hypnosis

This is the best way to lose weight. You'll keep it off for good.

Do you turn to food when you’re stressed, sad, bored or to comfort you? Do you often eat more than your body needs, even though you know you’re full?

This behavior is caused by undesirable programming in your subconscious mind. It controls your eating habits, emotions, food portions and choices. It makes lifestyle decisions that are not healthy and is the true cause of your unhealthy eating which causes excess body fat. Want proof? Look down at your tummy. Need we say more?

Hey! Not to worry. Together we can fix this. It’s easy. Simply download and listen to Dr. Dean’s hypnosis for weight loss. It will remove all causes in your subconscious mind that has you living a life style that is not healthy and keeps your body fat. Next, Dr. Dean gently installs new, delightful behavior you are really going to like that keeps you on track to become and remain trip plus living  a healthy lifestyle. 

Dr. Dean’s hypnotherapy for weight loss naturally moves you into a healthy eating lifestyle that has proven to reduce excess body fat quickly and safely and keep it off, too. It motivates you to stick to an amazing plant based diet with a large variety of delicious, comfort foods. It is the fastest and easiest way to safely lose body fat. You’ll stay with this proven diet until you admire what you see in a mirror. We know, over one-half million smart people, nationwide, own and use this weight loss hypnosis download successfully.

5 star rated, best weight loss hypnosis. Highest success rate!

Over one-half million smart men and women benefit from this powerful weight loss hypnosis session.  

They own it and use it to reduce excess body fat successfully and keep it off for good

Weight loss hypnosis

We've Helped A Lot of People

Experience matters. We have operated nationwide since 1993. No clinic or doctor of which we are aware has hypnotized more people to successfully lose weight and keep it off.
Collectively Endorsed by over 80 major corporations, law enforcement agencies, cities, counties, unions and health centers nationwide.

Weight Loss - Sledgehammer

hypnosis for stress relief
Weight loss hypnosis

The Weight Loss Sledgehammer

We have combined four of Dr. Dean’s most powerful hypnosis sessions into a unique weight loss program. When used “as directed” it causes more weight loss faster and keeps it off for good. This is perfect for anyone who is seriously overweight or obese.

These audio sessions are downloaded to your computer or mobile phone so you can use them at your convenience.

Included in this package are FOUR different hypnosis sessions #1 First Step to Weight Reduction, #2 Weight Management Hypnotherapy, #3 Exercise Motivation Hypnosis and #4 Increase Self-Esteem Hypnotherapy. When those four hypnotherapy sessions are listened to as directed they cause you to lose body fat quickly and safely. You’ll tone your muscles and clear up your vascular system. You’ll also increase your self-esteem to such a degree you’ll walk, talk, think and behave like a trim person and do what trim people do to remain healthy and attractive. You’ll really like who and what you have become — trim, stronger, healthier, and far more attractive.

Be advised, this is called by our therapist and their clients a “Sledgehammer”. That’s because of the extreme motivation this program causes to quickly get rid of excess body fat and keep it off for good

Regular price: $80.00 for 4-downloaded individual sessions.  You will NOT pay that price! You save $65.00. Your price is a one-time $15.00 donation for all 4-individual sessions that make up the complete Sledgehammer Weight Loss Program


You have got to check out this offer. Believe it! Get Dr. Dean's 22 Unique hypnotherapy session downloads for $1.50 each!

Dr. Dean wanted to give you an opportunity to download and own all 22 of his most popular hypnosis sessions in one extremely low cost bundle. See, click and learn about each of the 22 sessions listed below. 

Everyone wants these sessions. And, you’ll see why after you have clicked and discovered what each session will do for you. The Weight Loss Sledgehammer (4 different weight loss hypnotherapy sessions) is also included in the Mega Bundle.

The 22 unique hypnosis sessions in the bundle, listed below, are offered as a thank-you gift for your one-time donation of $33.00. That makes your donation per hypnosis session download in the Mega Bundle only a $1.50 each. You’ll own and enjoy them all for life. Do the math. $33.00 divided by 22 different downloaded audio sessions = $1.50 per downloaded session. Yeah, we know; it doesn’t get any better than that.

 This is a limited time offer because it is a fundraiser to meet specific charitable goals that New Life Clinics Charitable Trust wants to achieve.

If you see a few sessions in the bundle you may not need, they will make a wonderful, amazing gift for friends and family.

Please click the bundle tab below to donate. 

80% of your donation is tax deductible.  
Please donate just once using you credit/debit card or PayPal.

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the net Proceeds From Your Donation goes directly to Charities We support

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Your choice! Or click to download one of the upgraded offers listed below below!

Weight Loss – Sledgehammer

We combined four of our best hypnotherapy sessions in a unique manner to provide you a long-term weight loss solution in one low price. Upgrade today!

$20 $15

Mega Bundle

In this special offer, Dr. Dean has bundled all 22 hypnosis sessions for one low price. Save hundreds of dollars and get the Mega Bundle. Many of Dr. Deans' best hypnosis sessions are only available in the Mega Bundle.

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