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Hi, I’m Dr. Robert Dean. With your okay, I’ll be the hypnotist you’ll hear hypnotizing you while listening to my best weight loss hypnosis session audio download. It’s done at your computer or on your cell phone. And yes, my hypnosis for a weight loss session download absolutely works just as good as a private session in my office. It’s done at your computer or on your cell phone. I have over 31 years in practice.

I bet you are wondering, “does hypnosis work to lose weight?” You’re not alone. Since 1993, over a million people have asked me and my team of hypnotherapists and doctors that same question. Hi, I’m Dr. Robert Dean. 

We come to you with over 80

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I know, from experience, that most folks want a low-cost weight loss hypnosis session download that will end their obesity and improve their health and appearance. I’m willing to bet that one or more of the following reasons is why you are here, too. Have a look.

1. The weight loss hypnotherapy administered to you has to be affordable. My weight loss hypnosis download normally costs $40.00. It’s yours for half that… just $20.00. New Life Clinics Charitable Trust sponsors this website. They have a grant that pays half the cost for all of my hypnosis downloads from this website. So you get a $40.00 professional weight loss hypnotherapy session download for only a $20.00 donation. No doubt, this is the lowest cost for a full-length weight loss hypnotherapy session administered to you by a Board Certified Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy. This is hypnosis to lose weight done right.

2. You may want to know the quickest way to lose weight provided it is the best and safest way. Most of all, you really want to know how to lose weight fast. I’ll show you how and hypnotize you to do it. Best of all, you won’t gain back the weight you lose. We are talking about permanent weight loss! After all, if you can’t keep the weight off after losing it, why bother?

3. You probably want to know the best food for weight loss (especially the most satisfying comfort foods). I’ll hypnotize you to enjoy them. You’ll live a much healthier lifestyle and look more attractive, too.

4. No doubt, you want to master healthy eating for a healthy lifestyle. Okay, after being hypnotized it’s simply the way you’ll prefer to eat. I might ad, you’ll never be hungry and you’ll not want to eat “junk food”.

5. You are here because you are considering hypnotherapy for weight loss. You want to know how it works. Got it! Please click the links at the top of this page then buckle up! What you read and see will amaze you. Then you’ll know how all of this works. The more you read, the more you’ll like.

With your permission, I will hypnotize you at your computer or on your cell phone to reduce 2 to 3 clothing sizes within the next 4 to 6 weeks. Thereafter excess body fat will continue to come off you until you like what you see in a mirror. You and I need not care what you weigh. What we do care about is how you look and feel. And, when like what you see in a mirror, maintenance automatically kicks in to prevent gaining back the weight you got rid of. 

My hypnotherapy is rated 5 stars for client satisfaction and its high success rate. Over 1.5 million people have been hypnotized listening to my hypnotherapy sessions. My hypnotic therapy is endorsed by over 80 major organizations nationwide, many of which are law enforcement and government agencies. I have been in practice for over 31 years. In other words, what I do works. All I ask is that you follow my simple direction while listening to my weight loss hypnotherapy download and you’ll achieve the results you desire. You’ll discover it is a pleasant, luxurious experience during which you are always in complete control of yourself and your environment.

BELIEVE IT! With my weight loss hypnotherapy session download, you’ll also get me as your counselor for the rest of my career at no cost to you. Seriously, put me on speed dial (928) 279-1848 and I’ve got your back 24/7. Should you have a question or run into a rough patch, call me between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., Mountain Time Zone (Arizona), Monday through Saturday and I’ll consult with you. There is absolutely no charge for this feature, honest! That’s the way we care about our clients at New Life Clinics.

My weight loss hypnotherapy, without question, is the most natural and easiest way to quickly lose all of your excess body fat and keep you physically fit. It’s not another fad diet. It’s healthy eating which includes eating comfort foods you enjoy. You’ll experience stress relief, increased self-esteem, and look forward to a pleasant 30-minute walk daily. In summary, you’ll look good, be healthier and enjoy life.

Finally, my weight loss hypnotherapy does not require willpower to be successful. Just listen to it as directed and your subconscious mind will successfully have you achieve your goals.

Got questions? I’m your Doc and I’ve got answers. Call me between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., Arizona Mountain Time Zone, Mon-Sat: (928) 279-1848.

Private hypnotherapy sessions are also available to end common disorders and/or to make major self-improvements. Sessions are done on a cell phone (nationwide) or in my private office. Call for details, (928) 279-1848  9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Arizona Mountain Time Zone, Monday through Saturday.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Every hypnosis session is a high quality audio recording. It is narrated by Dr. Robert Dean. It’s a complete hypnosis session you download and listen to on your smartphone, tablet, and computer. Once you download it, you own it for life. Listen to each session as directed for a very satisfying result.

This Really Is The Easiest Way To Lose Weight.

During your lifetime you have been frequently exposed to food advertising. Most food advertised is not healthy and/or is fattening. Think pizza, soda pop, and big burgers! Because of this, you have in your subconscious mind programming that causes you to eat too much of the wrong kind of food. That’s why you can’t permanently eliminate your excess belly fat. And believe us, we know, like others, you have tried and tried. 

When you try any body fat reduction diet you struggle to stay on it. You may lose some weight during your struggle, then you finally cave in and abandoned your diet. Shortly thereafter, you gain back any body fat you lost and probably a few extra pounds, too. Sound familiar?

The undesirable programming in your subconscious mind that causes you to crave and eat too much of the wrong kind of food is the culprit. That unhealthy programming has to be safely removed to lose body fat quickly, safely, and for good. Dr. Dean knows how to remove the programs that made you fat and keeps you fat. He is an expert at installing proven, safe, powerful programming into your subconscious mind. It will cause you to continually lose weight until you like what you see in a mirror. Thereafter, it keeps the weight off. Seriously, You know you need this… download it, own it, listen to it as directed. In a reasonable amount of time, you’ll like what you see in a mirror. Thereafter, based on your age and gender, you’ll continue to admire what you see in a mirror.

Are you always hungry?

Are you eating too much? Need help to lose weight?

Robert Dean (pictured to the left) is a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy (Ph.D.) and a Board Certified Hypnotherapist. He is nationally recognized for his client’s high success rate. His clients call him “Dr. Bob”. Without question, his professional weight loss hypnosis is the best way to eliminate your excess body fat safely and quickly. You will not find anyone more qualified and experienced to hypnotize you to reduce excess body fat than Dr. Dean. The doc’s success rate is documented to be 84.6%. by the City of San Francisco Department of Health.

There is nothing out there of which we are aware that can approach that level of success. And, it’s yours to enjoy and own for life for a modest one-time $20.00 donation. As an aside here, the net proceeds from your $20.00 donation go toward the reduction of human suffering such as feeding hungry children.

Dr. Dean has been in practice for over 31 years. He pioneered hypnosis for weight loss downloads which are proven and documented to get the same results as a private in-office session. He comes highly endorsed. Got questions? Call “Dr. Bob” Mon.-Sat, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Mountain Time Zone. Private on cell phone hypnosis sessions are also available. Call for details and a Free Consultation: (928) 279-1848

This is the best way to lose weight and keep it off for good.

Do you turn to food when you’re stressed, sad, bored, or to comfort you? Do you often eat more than your body needs, even though you know you’re not hungry? This behavior is caused by undesirable programming in your subconscious mind. It controls your eating habits, emotions, food portions, and choices. It makes lifestyle decisions that are not healthy and is the true cause of your unhealthy eating which causes excess body fat. Want proof? Look down at your tummy. Need we say more? Hey! Not to worry. Together we can fix this. Simply download and listen to Dr. Dean’s hypnosis for weight loss. 

Listening to Dr. Dean’s weight loss hypnotherapy session download removes unhealthy programming in your subconscious mind that keeps you living a lifestyle that is not healthy and keeps you fat. Dr. Dean gently installs new, delightful programming you are really going to like that keeps you on track to become and remain trim and living a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Dean’s hypnotherapy for weight loss naturally moves you into a healthy eating lifestyle that has proven to reduce excess body fat quickly and safely and keep it off for good. It motivates you to stick to an amazing diet with a large variety of delicious, comfort foods. And yes, if you wish enjoy organic meat in moderation, too. This healthy eating style is the fastest and easiest way to safely lose body fat and remain satisfied. You’ll stay with this healthy diet until you admire what you see in a mirror. There is no need to weigh yourself. We go by how you look in a mirror. The goal is to like what you see, then maintenance automatically kicks in to keep you looking good.

We know, what works. Over one-half million smart people, nationwide. In other words, you get only the best., own and use this weight loss hypnosis download successfully. They’re trim and healthy. If that’s what you desire, click to donate and download Dr. Dean’s 5 stars rated hypnosis to lose weight and achieve a level of good health and a more attractive appearance you thought was not possible.

5 star rated, best weight loss hypnosis. Highest success rate! Highest Client Satisfaction.

Over one-half million smart men and women benefit from this powerful weight loss hypnosis session. They own it and use it to reduce excess body fat successfully and keep it off for good. We’ve helped a lot of people. Experience matters. We have operated nationwide since 1993. No clinic or doctor of which we are aware has hypnotized more people to successfully lose weight and keep it off. Dr. Dean’s hypnotherapy is collectively endorsed by over 80 major corporations. Plus law enforcement agencies, cities, counties, unions, and health centers nationwide. In other words, you get only the best.

Weight Loss

The Weight Loss- Sledgehammer

Our therapists and doctors at New Life Clinics call this  powerful weight loss hypnotherapy the Weight Loss-Sledgehammer. It’s worked quite well on clients who have tried and tried to lose weight and keep falling off their weight-loss wagon. Yes, they lose a few pounds and then put them right back on again. To end this serious problem, Dr. Dean combined four of his most powerful hypnosis sessions into a unique weight loss hypnotherapy program. These four hypnosis sessions, when used “as directed”, causes more body fat removal faster and keeps it off for good. This is perfect for anyone who is seriously overweight, obese, or morbidly obese. These audio sessions are downloaded to your computer or mobile phone so you can use them as directed at your convenience.

 Included in this package are FOUR different hypnosis sessions.

#1 First Step to Weight Reduction

#2 Weight Management Hypnotherapy

#3 Exercise Motivation Hypnosis

#4 Increase Self-Esteem Hypnotherapy

When those four hypnotherapy sessions are listened to “as directed” they cause you to lose body fat quickly and safely. You’ll tone your muscles and clear up your vascular system. You’ll also increase your self-esteem to such a degree you’ll walk, talk, think and behave like a trim person and do what trim people do to remain healthy and attractive. You’ll enjoy always living a healthy lifestyle and you won’t fall off your weight loss wagon ever again! You’ll really like who and what you have become — trim, stronger, healthier, and far more attractive.

There is nothing out there of which we are aware that will motivate you more strongly to get rid of all your excess body fat.

Now for more good news. You will NOT pay the Regular $160.00 price for this 4 session Sledgehammer Weight Loss Program! We operate not for profit so you get our low nonprofit price New Life Clinics’ grant pays $115.00 toward the total cost! Therefore, your cost is only a one-time donation of $45.00. Donate now and New Life Clinics will immediately download to you Dr. Dean’s Weight Loss Sledgehammer consisting of 4 unique hypnotherapy sessions listed in the pictures above.

This is a limited-time offer. You must act now to get this reduced price offer.

Believe It! Get Dr. Dean’s 22 Unique Hypnotherapy Session Downloads For $4.32 Each!

Dr. Dean wanted to give you an opportunity to download and own all 22 of his most popular hypnosis sessions (which includes the Weight Loss 4 session Sledgehammer in one extremely low-cost bundle. See, click and learn about each of the 22 sessions listed below. Everyone wants these 22 sessions. And, you’ll see why after you have clicked and discovered (below) what each session will do for you. The 22 unique hypnosis sessions in the bundle, listed below, are offered as a thank-you gift for your one-time donation of $95.00.

That makes your donation for each hypnosis session download in the Mega Bundle only $4.32 each. You’ll own and enjoy all of them for life. Do the math. $95.00 divided by 22 different downloaded hypnosis audio sessions = $4.32 per downloaded session. Yeah, we know; it doesn’t get any better than that.

This is a fundraiser. Once we have achieved our fundraising goal, this offer will be taken offline and the price for Dr. Dean’s 22 unique hypnosis sessions (listed below) will return to their regular price totaling $880.00. Act now, donate $95.00 one-time and you’ll save $785.00. Best of all, you’ll own and enjoy for life 22 of the best, “state-of-the-art” self-improvement hypnotherapy sessions of which we are aware.

If you see a few sessions in the bundle you may not need, they will make a wonderful, amazing gift to friends and family.

This was an amazing experience. I have already seen great results.

Jolene McGarrah

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