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About Dr. Dean’s Stress Relief Hypnosis Session

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WARNING! Reading about this Stress Relief Hypnosis Therapy Session may briefly disturb you. When the truth is heard and sets you free, it can get you into some deep thoughts that can be a bit much to process comfortably. You can’t say we didn’t warn you. Please proceed if you’re ready to handle the truth.

In today’s world, there is strife, pain, horrible accidents, earthquakes, destructive weather, bad politics, war, failing relationships, horrid crime, pandemics, disease, financial collapse and a desperate struggle to stay on top of your game. This creates at all levels in your mind extreme stress and tension. This has you subconsciously preparing for fight or flite. Because of the threat of stressful events or actually experiencing them you become overwhelmed with a constant low level of lingering fear. This causes nervousness, feeling uptight and unsure about daily living. This generates negative psychological driven thinking and behavior. The end result, left unchecked, causes numerous mental and physical behavioral disorders and overall suffering. We are talking about headaches, anger, bad moods, physical and mental fatigue, sleep deprivation, reduced sex drive, fatigue, high blood pressure, cardiac failure, cancer and suicidal thoughts. Bottom line: The U.N. tells us that psychological stress causes more suffering and disease than all other diseases combined. Next to starvation worldwide, stress is the primary cause of death on our planet. Google it.

Causes of stress are usually external and end up festering internally in your subconscious mind unless properly dealt with. To escape and remain clear of stress, you can now be hypnotized to remove the negative programming lingering in your subconscious mind. Once that programming is removed, you become relaxed, calm and content.

Since 1992 this hypnosis session has been safely administered by Dr. Robert Dean to over three million people via huge group session seminars, CDs, Mp3 downloads and private sessions at New Life Clinics.

This session is included in the 20 hypnosis sessions offered to you on this website. Use it to stay stress free. Share it with friends and family who need relief from stress and tension, too.