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Here, you get complete stress relief. You’ll quickly experience a soothing calmness from within you. You’ll be free from all anxiety. Welcome! You are now on the perfect website to achieve relief from anxiety and end all your stress right now. We have a “state-of-the-art” hypnosis session (download) that’s yours for a modest one-time $20.00 donation. It really works. You must experience it. 

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Enjoy a Free Hypnosis Session That Leaves You Feeling Mellow And Free from Stress and Tension .

Its cost is extremely low because we operate as an online “not for profit” hypnotherapy clinic. The quality and success rate of this session have no competition. It stops stress and tension dead in their tracks! You must experience it to know what it is like to be completely free from anxiety, stress, and tension. It’s truly wonderful.

I get it. You need to reduce stress. With your permission, I will immediately end your stress before it gets to you. Hi, I’m Dr. Robert Dean. I’ll be your hypnosis therapist who will hypnotize you to quickly end your stress. I do this by programming your subconscious mind while you are in hypnosis to comfortably end your stressful lifestyle and difficult situations you are trying to cope with. The stress reduction hypnotherapy I administer to you is potent. You’ll quickly learn how to stop anxiety and experience powerful ways to reduce stress. It works in minutes and lasts for days. Listen to this session whenever physical and/or mental stress occurs. This session is the answer to the stress relief you have been looking for.

Over 250,000 of my clients own this stress relief hypnosis session download. They now manage their stress and rid themselves of it rather than stress managing them. It’s easy to use. Just listen. Works in minutes every time.

The effects of chronic, acute stress are dangerous. Stress upsets your mind and your physical health. And, if you let it, will linger in your mind as it gets worse until you snap.

Consider these facts: Acute, chronic stress is a subconscious mind-driven, sneaky killer. It promotes headaches, muscle pain, sleep deprivation, grinding your teeth (bruxism). It is the prelude to cancer, heart failure, stroke, depression, skin rashes, pain, alcoholism, drug addiction, and sexual impotency. It ends marriages, breaks up families, destroys careers, causes fights, drivers rage, financial failures plus a large variety of mental and physical illnesses and diseases. For heaven’s sake, shut down your stress now! I can do it for you! Let’s do this now.

Honestly, my hypnotherapy to relieve stress really works. I hold a Ph.D. in Clinical Hypnotherapy and have over 31 years in practice. I know how to relieve you from all stress and tension. And yes, it’s very affordable…just a one-time $20.00 donation and this extremely popular download is yours to use and enjoy for life.  Whenever stress raises its ugly head and starts getting to you, simply click and listen to this stress relief downloaded session. It will always be on your device when needed. It’s wonderful! You can keep calm and stress-free regardless of living in these stressed times.

My stress relief hypnotherapy download is the lowest cost, safest way to remove from your subconscious mind what causes your stress and anxiety. Just listen. It’s a luxury you must experience. Honestly, you are really going to like the way it leaves you feeling.  Act now, this is a limited-time offer regarding its extremely low price.

New Life Clinics Charitable Trust has a grant which will pay for half the cost of this stress relief hypnotherapy download. This download, done by a doctor normally costs $40.00. New Life Clinics will pay $20.00 toward that cost. Therefore, your cost is only $20.00. You save $20.00. Keep in mind this is a fundraiser. Act now! Once the trust has achieved its charitable goals, the donation for this session will return to its normal $40.00 price.

Stress Relief

Hypnosis for anxiety and stress relief

In today’s world, with its endless distractions and lightning-fast pace of events, stress has become the primary cause of strange things that happen to you for which you have no control over. When you experiencing stress, subconsciously you are preparing for fight or flight because you do not know what is going to happen to you or others you love. This causes anxiety. End these disorders right now. Donate once, $20.00, download, listen, enjoy, and be free from stress and anxiety. Own it for life. It’s always in your phone or computer ready to remove your stress and tension. Simply listen to it for quick relief from all stress and anxiety. 

Acute stress usually leads to “fight or flight”. This reaction in all of us stems from primitive times when our ancient ancestors lived in caves and were constantly threatened by wild animals and neighboring cave dwellers. They were “uptight” just to survive. Like your ancient relatives, when things get crazy, your muscles tighten, you may grind your teeth (bruxism) and remain ready to spring into action. You’re “uptight”. This causes physical and emotional discomfort. You have within you fear of what might hurt you. Today we call those effects stress and anxiety. If you will download my stress relief hypnotherapy session and listen to it “as directed”, it will provide anxiety relief calm your nervousness and shut down stress and tension.

I have 31 years in practice as a Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy. I have hypnotized and relieved thousands of people of stress, tension, and anxiety. The hypnosis programming I install into your subconscious mind will remove the mental causes of stress and anxiety after which new programming that keeps you feeling peaceful, tranquil and calm is installed. And yes, it works fast and every time.

Download this wonderful hypnotherapy session now. It’s yours for life. Listen to it now to experience what it’s like to be completely out of stress and free from tension. And, whenever you hit a rough patch in life that “stresses you out”, listen to this popular hypnosis session. The calm you’ll experience from each session lasts for days and days. It’s safe to listen to it as often as you like. It really will help you get through life with peace of mind, free from anxiety and stress. Do make this part of your “healthy lifestyle”. And did I say it’s truly affordable? It’s yours for a one-time $20.00 donation.

Experience Dr. Dean’s 5 star rated, “state-of-the-art” how to reduce stress hypnosis session download


Words about Dr. Dean (below) written by Dr. Robert Collins, a New Life Clinics Charitable Trust, Trustee.

There is a lot to like about Dr. Dean. He is a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy (Ph.D.) and a Board Certified Hypnotherapist. With your permission he will be the doctor that hypnosis you to be free from stress and tension.

He sincerely likes and cares about people. You truly get what we, the trustees at New Life Clinics, believe is America’s best stress relief hypnosis therapist. He is an authority on hypnotherapy for stress and anxiety. You will find no one more qualified or experienced to relieve you of anxiety, stress and tension.

When you get his download and listen to his stress relief hypnosis session you’ll have experienced advanced hypnotherapy that keeps you free from stress and anxiety for days if not weeks. If and when stress returns, simply listen to this wonderful session again. Stress is gone and you’re good to go for many more stress free days. Own it for life, use it “as directed”.


Dr. Robert W. Collins, Ph.D., C.Ht.

How To Deal With Stress?

Losing control and not knowing what will happen to you or others is a major cause of serious stress and anxiety. My stress relief hypnosis installs into your subconscious mind an active system to manage yourself in such a manner you are stress-free. When high-stress levels in your life raise their ugly heads you remain calm and manage them in an intelligent, composed, quiet manner. To you, it will seem intuitive. Others will see you in control, calm and collected. 

Remember, one of your main purposes in life is to take charge of your life. You master life and manage it in such a way it becomes a lifestyle you desire.


Nobody has a right to control you except you. You have free agency and manage your life wisely which stops stress in its tracks! Maybe you think you are not stressed out. Download and take this session for a “test drive”. Trust us, you’ll be amazed at what it really feels like to be completely stress free. You really do need to experience this, then you’ll be glad you own it. Donate $20.00 and its yours for life.

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This is a limited-time offer because it is a fundraiser to meet a specific charitable goal and purpose.  Act now.
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Hypnosis is very effective at reducing stress and anxiety. It also makes you feel calm.


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Since 1993 we have hypnotized many thousands of people to overcome stress


Stress Free

Hypnosis causes deep relaxation and puts your mind at ease.  You’re really going to like this stress relief hypnotherapy download.


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Dr. Dean is an authority on Stress and Anxiety Relief Hypnotherapy. He is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist



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Dr. Dean’s stress relief hypnotherapy ends your negative thoughts and hard feelings. You feel comfortable and content in “your own skin”.


No Tension

Freedom from stress and tension makes daily living a joy because it promotes a healthy lifestyle. 

We’ve Relieved A Lot of People from Stress and Tension!
Since 1993 we have hypnotized over 1.5 million people,  of which over 250,000 were hypnotized for relief from stress and tension.

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