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Dr. Dean will be your Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy who hypnotizes you to be completely relieved of stress and tension. On this page you can get the best way to get safe, fast stress relief hypnotherapy. Listen to it as directed and You’ll quickly experience a soothing calmness from within you. You’ll be free from all anxiety. With your permission we will end all stress and tension right here, right now. We have a “state-of-the-art” hypnosis session (download) for you. You must experience it. 

We are not talking about one session. We’re talking about downloading 20 of Dr. Dean’s most popular hypnosis sessions for a one-time $20.00 donation. Yep, you read that right, get 20 “state of the art” different Hypnosis Session downloads for twenty bucks! The Stress Relief Hypnosis Session you came to this page to read about  is included as one of those 20 sessions. Would you have it any other way?

The net proceeds from your donation will be put with many others made by nice folks like you. They will be spent on reducing or ending the suffering of people who cannot help themselves such as hungry children. 

The donation called for to get Dr. Dean’s best hypnosis sessions (see display of them below) is extremely low because we operate as an online not for profit hypnotherapy clinic. The quality and success rate of Dr. Dean’s Stress Relief Hypnosis session has no competition. It stops stress and tension dead in their tracks! You must experience it to know what it is like to really be completely free from anxiety, stress, and tension. It’s truly wonderful.

Hi, I’m Dr. Robert Dean. I’ll be your hypnosis therapist who will hypnotize you to quickly end your stress. I do this by programming your subconscious mind to release you from stress while you are in hypnosis. I’ll program you to comfortably end your stressful lifestyle and difficult situations you are coping with. Don’t worry, you won’t do anything reckless.  You’ll actually change currently stressful situations in a manner that is comfortable for you and all involved. The stress reduction hypnotherapy I administer to you is potent. You’ll quickly learn how to stop anxiety and experience powerful ways to reduce stress. It works in minutes every time and lasts for as long as it is appropriate.  Listen to this session after any major physical and/or mental stress occurs. This session is the answer to the stress relief you have been looking for. Many of my clients have told me they prefer being hypnotized with this stress relief hypnosis session than drink alcoholic beverages or consume mind altering substances. It’s safe, legal, affordable and in your cell phone, computer or tablet when you need it. It’s not addictive or habit forming and, It’s actually good for your health.  This is used by thousands of people to be their daily “Happy Hour” that makes their day!

Over a million of New Life Clinics’ clients own this stress relief hypnosis session download. They listen to it to quickly manage their anxiety and stress rather than stress managing them. It’s easy to use. Just listen as directed. Works in minutes every time.

The effects of chronic (constant), acute (strong) stress are dangerous. Stress upsets your mind and your physical health. And, if you let it, it will linger in your mind as it gets worse until you snap. It has proven to be a precursor to cancer, too.

Consider these facts: Acute, chronic stress is a subconscious mind-driven, sneaky killer. It promotes headaches, muscle pain, dangerous inflammation, sleep deprivation, and grinding your teeth (bruxism). It is the prelude to cancer, heart failure, stroke, depression, skin rashes, pain, alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual impotency and suicide. It ends marriages, breaks up families, destroys careers, causes painful fights, drivers rage, financial failures and business failures. It generates a large variety of mental and physical illnesses and diseases. For heaven’s sake, let’s shut down your stress now! I can do it for you! Let’s do this now.

Honestly, my hypnotherapy to relieve stress is a wonderful experience. It really works. I hold a Ph.D. in Clinical Hypnotherapy. I teach it at college level. I have over three decades in practice. I know from where I speak. I know how to hypnotize you for relief from all stress and tension. And yes, it’s very affordable, only twenty-bucks and this extremely popular download is yours to use and enjoy for life. It’s included in the 20 “state-of-the-art” hypnotherapy sessions New Life Clinics Charitable Trust will download to you for that one-time $20. donation.

Whenever stress raises its ugly head and starts getting to you, simply click and listen to this stress relief session. It will always be on your phone, computer or tablet when needed. It’s wonderful! You can keep calm and stress-free regardless of how you are living in these stressful times.

In today’s world, with its endless distractions and lightning-fast pace of events, stress has become the primary cause of strange things that happen to you for which you have no control. When you are experiencing stress, subconsciously you are preparing for fight or flight because you do not know what is going to happen to you or others close to you. This causes anxiety. End these disorders right now. Donate once, $20, download, listen, enjoy, and be free from stress and anxiety. You’ll love the relief. 


Download these 20 wonderful hypnotherapy sessions now. They’re yours for life. Listen to the stress relief session first to experience what it’s like to be completely out of stress and free from tension. And, whenever you hit a rough patch in life that “stresses you out”, listen to this popular hypnosis session. The calm you’ll experience from each session lasts for as long as its appropriate. It’s safe to listen to as often as you like. It really will help you get through life with peace of mind, free from anxiety and stress.  Please Scroll down now to see the 20 hypnosis audio session downloads you’ll receive. Their titles tell you what they will do for you. Click the picture of the sessions that intrigue you to receive all the details about those sessions. Those that you may not need make wonderful gifts to family and friends.

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Okay, as your doctor, I have to ask… Can you be hypnotized?

Most people believe they cannot be hypnotized. Because you came to this website regarding hypnosis therapy, the truth is you likely can be successfully hypnotized.

On average, NINE out of every TEN people can easily be hypnotized. The one person who cannot be hypnotized can’t or will not follow the hypnotist’s directions and suggestions during the hypnosis induction. These people play around with what they hear. They test it by pinching themselves or opening their eyes and looking around. They try to analyze the hypnosis and the hypnotist administering the session. They don’t pay attention to what the hypnotist is saying to them. They drift off by thinking about things that have nothing to do with what the therapist is saying to them during the session. This makes it impossible to achieve a state of hypnosis needed to realize a desired result.

So, be smart. If you follow all of my directions provided to you before the session begins and you have at least average intelligence you’ll achieve a luxurious state of hypnosis. To get what you want from each session, simply pay attention to what I’m saying during the session. Use your imagination or act out (your way) what I suggest and you will get what you want from the hypnosis session you select.

I have a unique hypnosis session for you so you and I can find out if you can be hypnotized right here, right now. IT’S FREE.

“Honesty is the Best Policy.”

“Try before you buy.” That’s our ethics.

At New Life Clinics we do not ask people to donate unless they know my hypnosis sessions can successfully hypnotize them.  So, before you proceed to download all 20 of the hypnosis sessions displayed below, you should click the player below to listen to a FREE, complete, professional hypnosis session.

The session begins when you hear my directions which will prepare you for a safe, soothing hypnosis session called MELLOW FEELINGS. Listening to that session, as directed, will cause you to feel wonderfully MELLOW. You become calm and deeply relaxed. Time will seem to slow down. You’re laid back and feel comfy. There is no rush to do anything. There is no pressure, anxiety or stress. There’s only a wonderful feeling of complete contentment. That feeling will stay with you for as long as it is appropriate (usually hours). And yes, this is one of my most popular hypnosis sessions. People love it!  And, it’s completely FREE with “no strings attached”. Enjoy it as often as you like. Tell your friends about it, too!

Obviously, after experiencing MELLOW FEELINGS you’ll know you can be hypnotized by me. That means all 20 hypnosis session downloads displayed below will cause you to achieve or experience what the name of each session download indicates. If you feel super relaxed after experiencing the Feeling Mellow Hypnosis Session below, please make the requested $20. donation and you’ll immediately receive all 20 of my most popular hypnosis sessions. You’ll own and use them for life plus they’ll make wonderful gifts to those close to you, too. Remember, this is a limited time offer. Please act now to take advantage of this generous offer.


It’s our ethics… please do not donate until you know you can be hypnotized. It would be a shame if you donated $20.00 and the hypnosis sessions downloaded to you did not hypnotize you. Nine out of every 10 people, on average can easily be hypnotized. 1 out of 10 cannot. So, be smart. Try before you buy. If you experience during the session and after it is finished relief from stress and you are calm and relaxed, then you know Dr. Dean’s hypnosis works for you and you are “good to go”.  Please donate and receive Dr. Dean’s huge download of 20 of his “state-of-the-art hypnosis sessions. If, however, if you did NOT experienced a positive result, then you probably can’t be hypnotized. Please do not donate. Once again, would you have it any other way?


Mellow Feelings Hypnosis Therapy

has been Experienced By over a Million People!

You can be hypnotized listening to Mellow Feelings as often as you like for FREE on this website. Tell you friends and family about Mellow Feelings. They’ll love it.

Here is My FREE Mellow Hypnosis 12-Minute Session. Now you can find out if you can be hypnotized. Enjoy!

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