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Stopping colds and flu dead in their tracks!


The flu is a viral infection caused by the influenza virus, a respiratory virus. The common cold is a viral infection caused by the adenovirus or coronavirus and there are many, many subsets with a lot of variability. … Colds tend to produce runny nose, congestion, sore throat and are a miserable experience. The flu is often worse and has, historically, killed millions of people. It is the 6th leading cause of death for senior citizens. Thousands of children die from the flu annually, too.

  • 5% to 20% — Percent of the U.S. population will get the flu, on average, each year.
  • 200,000 — Americans are hospitalized each year because of problems caused by the flu.
  •  3,000 to 49,000 — people die each year from flu-related causes in the U.S.

Clients have asked me to hypnotize them to relieve cold and flu discomfort. While that can be done in a private hypnosis session, I prefer that clients who are infected with an influenza virus or cold virus seek stress relief and relief from physical discomfort by downloading my stress relief and my common discomfort relief hypnotherapy sessions and listen to them as directed. Temporary relief is quick and comforting. And, if a bad cold or painful flu keeps one from sleeping, I advise they listen to my sleep hypnotherapy session which puts them to sleep quickly all night, every night.  Plenty of sleep and rest shortens the life of a cold and the flu.

There are many different types of adenovirus and coronavirus strains. If you are infected by any one of these strains, it causes you to experience a different kind of cold. Different meaning different from the last cold or flu that you can remember. The good news is once you have been infected, suffered through the cold symptoms and the cold has ended, you are immune to that kind of cold virus you experienced and it will most likely not be able to infect you again. Don’t rejoice just yet. Like I said, there are many different types of cold germs, hence different kinds of colds which you are not, at this time, immune to. That’s why you have, during your life, experienced a cold that caused undesirable symptoms in your chest, then a cold in your  nose, then one in your  throat and another in your eyes.  Since you are not immune to every kind of cold and flu virus out there, what can you do to prevent being infected by a cold or flu virus?

First, keep your cotton pick’n hands away from your face… especially your food, nose, mouth and eyes. Don’t eat food with your fingers. Use a fork or spoon to eat with. Your hands can easily become contaminated with cold or flu germs simply by touching something that a person who has a cold or the flu has touched within the past 24 hours. Then, without thinking, you later reach up and rub your eyes or nose or eat something using your fingers and bingo, you’re infected!  In 10 days or so, you will come down with a cold or the flu and suffer 10 more days while your immune system kills off the infecting virus.

Most colds and flu are passed on from human to human via body contact or a virus contaminated item. Shaking hands, cuddling, kissing, hugging, sneezing, sexual activity and coughing make perfect bridges for germs to go from an infected person to you. Here is the bad part. The person with whom you are shaking hands may appear not infected with a cold or flu virus because he/she just got it within the past 24 hours and are not aware of it. However, the virus is now on your hand and your hand will eventually end up on your food, eye, nose or mouth and you start to feel sick in a day or two.  So, what to do? Be careful. If you know a person has a cold or the flu, stay away from them. If they sneeze in your vicinity, the virus from their cold or flu sprays via liquid droplets through the air for several feet. You breath in that virus and, once again, you are ill a few days later and will suffer for about 5 to 7 more days.

If a person has to be near you that has a cold, ask that person to sneeze or cough into their sleeve or a handkerchief or to wear a medical ear hook mask over their nose/mouth like nurses and medical doctors wear while involved in a surgical procedure. 

The Japanese, Chinese and other orientals commonly wear such masks when they have a cold so they will not infect others. This is an intelligent courtesy. These ear hook cloth masks are found in drugstores and do not cost much. I might add, being on a commercial airplane full of passengers is a cold/flu incubator. Do put on an ear hook mask to protect yourself from infection. All it takes is one person who is infected to sneeze within 10 feet of you and those within that range will likely catch the sneezer’s cold. The ear hook mask will filter out the floating virus so it cannot enter your body. Hey! It’s only for the flight duration and while you are in crowded areas of the airport. And, that sure beats suffering from the flu or a cold.

You hear every year its the cold or flu season (usually in the winter). Such is nonsense. You can catch a cold or the flu at any time. Weather seasons have little to do with colds and flu. What makes winter seem like it is a cold season is simple to understand. Most people stay indoors in the winter because it’s cold outside. Staying indoors does not cause a cold or the flu. However, if there are people indoors around you who do have a cold or the flu, you are at a greater risk of being contaminated by their cold/flu virus. Cold and flu viruses thrive in a cozy warm temperature (such as being indoors in the winter time). The infected person is touching many things you may also have to touch (a door knob, toilet flush lever, faucet handle, inkpen, furniture, cabinet doors, dishes, etc.). If you think your hands have been contaminated, disinfect them with a hand sanitizer. Don’t wipe off the sanitizer after applying it. Let it air dry. It needs to dry on your hands to kill 99% of the virus.


When it comes to colds and flu, nothing beats scrubbing your hands with soap and water for 15 to 20 seconds to remove viruses. Scrub every individual finger, thumb, back of your hands and the palms, plus your wrists. Yeah, I know, it seems like overkill, but it’s only overkill for the virus bugs so they can’t mess you up.  Be advised that a hand sanitizer is no better than thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water for 15 seconds followed by a thorough rinse.

As a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, I, and my staff of hypnotherapists and doctors at New Life Clinics Charitable Trust has hypnotized thousands of people to lose weight. We have discovered, over the years that when our clients eat the food we recommend during our weight loss hypnotherapy sessions, clients do not complain about having a cold or the flu. They go years and years cold and flu free as long as they eat in accordance with the suggestive eating behavior and type of food during the hypnosis session. Therefore, focus primarily on eating a plant based diet. If you must eat meat, do so in moderation and only if it flies or swims. (Cattle do not fly or swim).  Eat 3 main meals and 2 snacks every day. This has you eating every 3 hours you are awake. Eat only food that grows out of the ground, off a bush, tree or vine. Eat at least five different colors of vegetables and fruit daily. Go for orange and yellow veggies and fruits because they have the highest level of vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene which are symptom beating antioxidants.  The end result is your immune system will be stronger to kill an invading virus before it can do harm to you. You will also lose weight if you are overweight and/or maintain your weight and remain trim.

If you ever do catch a cold or the flu, hot chicken soup is great! The steam that comes up from the hot soup as you spoon it into your mouth clears your nose and throat.

Blow your nose often. Every time you do, the mucus you are blowing out is taking out a huge number of germs in it which will reduce the time it takes for your cold or flu to end.

Hot tea tends to relieve congestion. Green and black tea have an antii-viral effect. It works as an anti-inflammatory which shrinks inflamed tissue in your throat to help prevent or relieve a sore throat.

Some folks will tell you that orange juice is good to rid you of a cold because of the vitamin C in it. Once again, nonsense! Orange juice is loaded in sugar (with no or little pulp) and will simply cause weight gain. There is no solid medical proof that Vitamin C cures a cold. The fact is, nothing cures a cold. Once you get one, you have to let it run its course while your immune system goes about killing it off. It’s much easier to avoid getting a cold by following the aforementioned tips.

Vitamin D and Zinc do reduce the number of days you’ll suffer with a cold. Vitamin D is the “sunshine” vitamin which viruses cannot live with. That’s why there are fewer colds in the summertime. People are outside more in the sunshine which kills off viruses before they can make them seriously sick. Zinc, when in contact with the virus, cuts off the virus’ oxygen and it suffercates to death.  Over the counter pills used to shorten the length of a cold are very effective and highly recommended. They also are low in cost. Their primary ingredient is zinc. Zinc is also available as a mineral tablet in most health food stores, supermarkets and on Amazon.com.

Finally, colds and influenza cause a great deal of mucus to be secreted in your nose and throat, chest and lungs. You will sneeze and cough runny, sticky mucus up and out of you frequently while undergoing recovery from that infection.  That’s how your body gets rid of much of the virus infection. This will dehydrate you. You need more water based liquids to speed up your recover from a cold or the flu and to remain safely hydrated. Pure water is best. However decaffeinated tea and coffee plus fresh, raw vegetables (salad) and fruit are all good sources to sufficiently hydrate your body.

Get an annual flu shot to be immune to the strain of flu most likely could infect you at that time.  These inoculations are generally free. Call your city or county Department of Health for advice as to where you can go to be inoculated.

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