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About Dr. Dean’s Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session

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stop smoking hypnosis

This popular quit smoking hypnotherapy session can save you approximately $2,920.00 per year by not buying and smoking a pack of cigarettes daily.

This extremely popular hypnosis session is a proven winner when it comes to getting you through nicotine withdrawal and ending addiction painlessly. It really does stop smoking cigarettes for good.

Dr. Dean’s Mp3 Audio Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session has been used by hundreds of thousands of people to quit smoking. It’s easy to listen to. It’s safe and, most important, it’s documented to work for the vast majority of people who listen to this session as directed.

Dr. Dean doesn’t hypnotize you to quit smoking. That doesn’t work well for most people. He has a better idea. He hypnotizes you to be a person who doesn’t smoke. Therefore, how can you quit something you don’t do? There is no resistance. And, yeah, after that program is installed into your subconscious mind while listening to Dr. Dean hypnotize you, it really does slam the brakes on smoking cigarettes.

Back in 2012, this quit smoking hypnosis session was administered to hundreds of San Francisco Department of Health Employees. A large number of employees who attended the group sessions were interviewed by the Department’s supervisor who is a psychologist. He reported a success rate for tobacco smoking cessation group hypnotherapy to be 84% first 30 days after the session. To the best of our knowledge, there is nothing out that that is documented by a credible source that can approach that high of a success rate.

The stop smoking hypnosis session offered in the 20 hypnosis sessions on this website is even better as it leaves you not only having no interest in smoking, it also causes you to feel wonderful, calm and easy going by not smoking. It’s suggested you use the Doc’s Stress Relief Hypnosis Session (in this group of 20 sessions) before you listen to the stop smoking hypnosis session. When done in that manner, you’ll quickly end your nicotine addiction and cigarette smoking habit.