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Hello. I'm Dr. Robert Dean. I'll be your hypnotist who will download and administer to you "state-of-the-art" hypnosis to stop smoking. I will show you how to stop smoking, then hypnotize you to stop your smoking for life. This time you won't fall off your "stop smoking wagon". Just follow my easy directions and you will be free of all risks from smoking for good.

This truly is the best stop smoking hypnosis session online. It's also the
lowest cost online. Donate once, $5.00 and the remaining cost of $20.00 is completely paid for via a grant from New Life Clinics Charitable trust, a nonprofit online hypnotherapy clinic. The sessions is yours for five-bucks.

Honestly, there is no paper work, no insurance, no hassle and "no strings attached". Over one-half million people have received this
stop smoking hypnosis session. Now it's affordable. Get it now.

This audio download, listened to "as directed" is absolutely the best way to stop smoking. It's the easiest way to quit smoking, too! It's rated 5 Stars for highest success rate and client satisfaction.
Click ENDORSEMENTS top right of this page. They will amaze you!

If you can't afford to donate $5.00 to download and own my stop smoking hypnosis session, click Home at the top of this page. There you can enjoy unlimited use of SIX of my most popular hypnosis sessions online including my hypnosis to quit smoking session. Follow my directions to click the
"Blue Star" at the very bottom of the HOME page and they're yours.

Believe it!

hypnosis for stress relief


Keep in mind this low cost offer is for a limited time only. It is a charitable “fund raiser” Thousands of smart people are taking advantage of this low cost offer while it lasts. Once New Life Clinics has achieved their fund raising goal, this offer will end. The price will go back up to its previous level which is four times greater!  Please download your stop smoking hypnosis session now to lock in this low price. And, once again, if you can’t afford to donate $5.00 to help us relieve human suffering, click the HOME page link top left of this page and I’ll hypnotize you online to stop smoking. 

                   BE SMART! READ THIS!

Below is your “QUIT SMOKING TIMELINE”.  It tells you what will happen to you after i have hypnotized you to quit smoking. You’ll be astonished by the amount of money you’ll save and health improvements you’ll experience.  

Here we go! Imagine you were just hypnotized and tossed out your cigarettes. You feel great and are done with smoking. 

30 minutes later an amazing thing  happens. Your heart rate returns to normal and blood pressure drops slightly. (A good thing).

12 hours after experiencing by hypnosis session your liver has filtered and cleaned all carbon monoxide out of your blood. Oxygen levels in your blood become normal. Your brain works better. You feel better, think more clearly and faster. You’re calm.

24 hours after being hypnotized to quit smoking, your risk of heart attack is significantly reduced. You and your heart will love it! 

48 hours after you stopped smoking, nerve damage caused by cigarette smoking begins to heal. Your sense of smell and taste improve.

72 hours (end of 3rd day) craving for nicotine is very weak or gone. We have your back. You’re calm. The hypnotherapy provided and cognitive therapy administered to you by me in the $5.00 quit smoking hypnosis download (below) stops craving dead in its tracks!  Yeah, we know… it’s pretty amazing. Go for it and see for yourself.

120 hours (end of 5th day) you are no longer addicted to nicotine and the habit is broken for good. You smell clean, your breath is fresh, and you’re huggable because you don’t smell like a smoldering cigarette.

21 days later… Hypnotic programming is locked in. “You now permanently walk, talk, think, act and behave like a person who has never smoked”! After all, why would you think about smoking if you never did it? And, that’s what the my hypnosis does. It causes you to be a person (in your mind) who has never lit up a cigarette in your entire life! After all, how can you quit something you never did? Why would you think about something you never do? Now you’re catching on. What I do is different, and that’s why it works better than anything out there. This is an amazing “quit smoking hypnosis” program that provides to you a life-time of freedom from smoking cigarettes.

9 months later your lungs will have healed from the damage caused to them by smoking cigarettes. Breathing will be much easier. Your complexion improves.

12 months, (1 year later) your odds of a heart attack have been cut in half! You have also saved approximately $1,277.50 to $3,455.00 because you have not purchased cigarettes for the past 12 months.

5 years after you have stopped smoking your arteries will widen and return to their normal size greatly reducing the odds of you having a brain killing stroke or massive heart attack. You have also saved well over $12,750.00 by not smoking!

10 years after smoking cessation hypnosis you have cut your risk of getting lung cancer in half. You have also saved more than $25,500.00 by not buying cigarettes.

15 years after quitting smoking you physically reach a status of being a person who physically has never smoked. Your vascular system, lungs and brain are now normal and look and work like you have never smoked in your entire life. You’re much healthier than people your age who smoke cigarettes. You’ll look and feel younger, too. You have now saved well over $38,250.00 by not buying cigarettes since the day you were initially hypnotized to quit smoking by me.

20 years after smoking cessation your entire body is restored to normal as if you never smoked. And, oh my, are you going to be feeling good compared to those your age who still smoke. You have also saved…ready for a this?….. more than $51,000.00 of your hard earned money by not smoking! Now, if you apply regular savings bank compounding interest for 20 years, you’ll have in your savings account approximately $117,300.00.

My stop smoking hypnosis session is based on good science and common sense. For smart people it’s the best way to stop smoking for life. Will power is not neededGot questions? Talk to me, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Mountain Time Zone, Mon-Sat (928) 279-1848. Let’s get to know each other.

Okay, it’s time to test this. Scroll down now to see if you can be hypnotized. It’s FREE!


Your donation helps to end human suffering

Stop smoking hypnosis
Quit smoking hypnosis

Is Smoking attractive? Does it seem natural? What do you think?

Stop smoking hypnosis

           This young man said he enjoyed smoking. He died 8 month later of lung cancer.

quit smoking hypnotherapy near me

This man has smoked for 44 years. He now has OCPD and can barely breath. He suffers.


It’s a very sad when a doctor calls to inform his patient that the X-Rays and other test data indicate advanced lung cancer. She was informed she probably has less than six months to live. She is married and the Mother of 3 young children. 

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Every hypnosis session is a high quality audio recording. It is narrated by Dr. Robert Dean. It’s a complete hypnosis session you download and listen to on your computer, tablet, mp3 player, or mobile phone.  Once you download it, you own it for life.  Listen to each session as directed for a very satisfying result.

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See if you can be hypnotized.

The two, Free, hypnosis sessions below will amaze you. Click the session on the left (red heart). Listen for 3 minutes. You'll love it! Then click the session on the right. Follow my instructions and enjoy! It makes you FEEL GOOD, and you'll know hypnosis works for you.

Next, if you want to quit smoking for life, donate $5.00 to download, own and
listen to Dr. Dean's Hypnotherapy Session to stop smoking.
Listen to it as directed.

Stop Smoking

Are you going to use my my hypnosis to quit smoking? Check this out first. Most smokers smoke a pack of cigarettes daily. That’s 20 cigarettes daily times 365 days in a year. That equals 7,300 cigarettes smoked in one year! Hey, we’re just getting warmed up! Smoke cigarettes from age 20 to 65 and you’ll have smoked 328,500 cigarettes which is 16,425 packs of cigarettes! Now, here’s the real brain buster! The average cost of a pack of cheap smokes is $7.30 (depending on what brand is bought and where it was bought). Multiply 16,425 packs times $7.30 and you will have spent $119,902.25 on cigarettes! Yep! Your an addict! You have also greatly retarded your health and and have nothing to show for what you spent other than reduced health, nicotine stained fingers, yellowed teeth, bad breath and a gravely voice. Yeah, we know, it’s nuts!  Hey! Let’s end this addiction! Read on and we will fix everything right now.

We get it. You want to explore the best stop smoking hypnosis. You’re looking for good help to stop smoking. You have tried to quit smoking cold turkey. The nicotine patches, gimmicks and pills didn’t work either! And, if you keep trying those methods you’ll fall off your quit smoking wagon every time! That’s because you are addicted to nicotine and have an extremely unhealthy cigarette smoking habit. And, that’s why you’re on this website. You want easy smoking cessation that works, now. You really need to shut down your addiction and habit fast. I get it, you want to be done with smoking for life. Perfect! You’re on the right website. It’s going to happen! Keep reading. 

I’m the Chief Resident Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy at New Life Clinics. I have been in practice for 31 years and the clinic has been in operation for over 27 years. We know what works, what’s safe and what we are doing. With your okay, I’ll be your stop smoking hypnosis doctor and quit smoking hypnotist. I use a proven safe, scientific approach to smoking cessation. It’s different and that’s why it works extremely well. Over 500,000 clients have been hypnotized by me and my staff of Board Certified Hypnotherapists for smoking cessation. My hypnosis download to stop smoking is very popular and your best and easiest method to stop smoking. You must try it because it’s proven to be the smartest way to quit smoking cigarettes with the highest success rate. It’s stop smoking hypnosis done right. It works! It’s affordable. Donate $5.00 and it’s yours for life. It will always be available to you on your cell phone or computer. If needed it will keep you on your “stop smoking wagon” after your smoking ends today. If you download this session and listen to it “as directed”, one thing is certain, you will NOT fall off your quit smoking wagon ever again! And, if you honestly can’t afford to donate five bucks, click HOME above and I’ll hypnotize you to stop smoking for good. It’s done only online, on this website, free from any cost to you. The sessions you receive are paid for via a Grant from New Life Clinics Charitable Trust (a not-for-profit charitable free clinic). 

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For the best way to quit smoking that works download my hypnosis to quit smoking session and listen to it “as directed”. It will remove from your subconscious mind your habit and addiction. Right after that I will install a proven, safe program into your subconscious mind that causes you to FEEL AND BEHAVE LIKE A PERSON WHO HAS NEVER SMOKED! And yes, it works and is completely safe. Hey, over 500,000 clients can’t be wrong. In fact, smoking will not appeal to you at all. You’ll feel like you did about smoking a year or two before you ever started smoking (even if you were just a youngster). 

Now think about that; how can you quit something you never did? Like we said, it’s new, different and documented to work better than anything out there.

I'm dr. collins, one of the trustees at new life clinics. this is info on dr. dean who will be your hynotist on this website and narrates all the downloads from this website. honestly, from him YOU'll GET ONLY THE BEST.

Robert Dean is a  Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy (Ph.D.) and a Board Certified Hypnotherapist (C.Hth.). His clients fondly call him “Doctor Bob” or simply, “Doc”.  He is a national authority on smoking cessation. His hypnosis download, “Stop Smoking Hypnosis” is extremely popular and unique. This smoking hypnosis session, by Dr. Dean, is widely asked for by a lot of smart people. That’s because he is highly endorsed and has a reputation of being exceptionally good at hypnotizing people to successfully quit smoking cigarettes for good.

Honestly, you will not find a more qualified or experienced hypnotist. The Doc has been in practice for over 31 years!  He “knows from where he speaks”. He is fully qualified to safely hypnotize you to quit smoking for life. Dr. Dean has pioneered a stop smoking hypnotherapy digital download to work just as effectively as a private “live” hypnotherapy session in his office. That’s the session you’ll download for a modest $5.00 donation and own for life. It not only gets you ON your “stop smoking wagon”, it keeps you on it! This time, you won’t relapse and fall off that wagon. 

Here is how this really works: Donate once. We operate “not-for-profit” so the donation asked for is really low (only $5.00). The additional $20.00 cost for the session download is paid for via a Grant from New Life Clinics Charitable Trust. That means you got a $25.00 session download for five-dollar, one-time donation. That’s why this session is affordable to most everyone. After your donate five-dollars, download Dr. Deans stop smoking hypnosis session. It’s always yours to initially end your smoking for good. If, however, you happen to fall off your stop smoking wagon for any reason, simply listen to the session again to hypnotize you to get right back up on it to remain free from smoking cigarettes.

Many people prefer a private session by cell phone. Dr. Dean provides those, too. He’s considered one of the best Hypnotherapist in the nation to provide personal satisfaction during a cell phone hypnotherapy session. If you want that, call “Dr. Bob” for details between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., Mon-Sat, Arizona Mountain Time Zone.  (928) 279-1848  

Dr. Bob is a joy to chat with during his free consultation with you.  The donation asked for regarding a private on cell phone session is about half what most hypnotist charge. So, give the doc a call, ask questions, get details and enjoy visiting. Then you can make an intelligent decision if a private session is better for you rather than a downloaded audio session.

If you decide to go with a download simply donate $5.00 one-time and the Doc’s Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy session will immediately be downloaded to you.  The session is easy to use. Simply listen to it on your cell phone, tablet or computer. Directions are included. Follow Dr. Dean’s suggestions and you’ll be hypnotize to be smoke free for life.

Dr bob 3

Dr. Robert G. Dean

You really have to experience hypnosis
to quit smoking.
Nothing out there works better.

hypnosis for stress relief
Stop smoking hypnotherapy

Hypnosis to Stop smoking
Motivates you to
quit smoking cigarettes now. You become a person who has never smoked!

I know you have tried and tried to stop smoking and it didn’t work. That’s because your smoking is a symptom.  Treating your symptom will not end your smoking.  You need to know how to stop smoking the right way.  What I do is different, better and safer; that’s why it has worked for hundreds of thousands of my clients. Be assured, it will work for you, too.  Donate $5.00 and download my how to stop smoking hypnotherapy session now.

The cause of your smoking is currently programmed into your subconscious mind which keeps you addicted to smoking cigarettes. To remove that unhealthy program you need to know how to quit smoking the right way. Owning and experiencing my hypnosis session to quit smoking does cause you to stop smoking because it’s done right.

My hypnosis to quit smoking will safely and gently remove the dangerous, unhealthy programming now in your subconscious mind that keeps you addicted. Once that programming is removed, I will install safe, proven programming into your subconscious mind that will quickly have you feeling and behaving like a person who has never smoked! 

You really have THREE choices: 

Choice #1, keep spending thousands of dollars every year to smoke cigarettes and destroy your health and well being.

Choice #2, donate only once, $5.00 and receive my download that hypnotizes you to stop smoking for good.

Choice #3 for those who prefer luxurious, personal attention plus far more benefits than a download can provide you’ll want to have a FREE 30 minute consultation with me. Call me between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Mon-Sat, Arizona Mountain Time Zone: (928) 279-1848.  If a live, private session by cellphone is your choice, after the consultation you can set up an appointment to receive a live hypnotherapy session on your cell phone.  Also included is my professional support for the rest of my professional career. Put me on speed dial.  I’ve got your back 24/7.  If ever you run into a rough patch, call me.  I will help you over it.  No charge! You’ll simply continue to enjoy being a person who has no interest in smoking (because, in your mind, you never smoked).  And, just think of all the money you’ll keep for yourself year after year. 

Since you want to stop smoking cigarettes, do it right the first time. Have me safely and properly hypnotize you to stop smoking and you'll be done with
smoking for good. It's the easiest and best way to quit smoking.


We Are The Best

Since 1993 we've hypnotized many
thousands of people
to stop smoking.


Be Free

You will be free from smoking.
You'll live longer
Live healthier


We've Helped A Lot of People

Since 1993, we have hypnotized well over 500,000 people to quit smoking cigarettes!

The Stop Smoking - Sledgehammer

hypnosis for stress relief
Stop Smoking Sledgehammer

The Stop Smoking Sledgehammer Hypnotherapy Program is the most powerful Smoking Cessation program of which I am aware. It's for those who have tried and tried to stop smoking with no success. This ends failure right now!

I combined two of my most powerful hypnosis sessions into one bundle to stop your smoking faster and keep you calmer during your smoking cessation transformation. You quickly evolve into being a person who has never smoked. This really boosts the success rate for hard core smokers who have tried and tried to stop smoking and couldn’t succeed.  It keeps you stress free making your quit smoking experience easier and successful.


If this is finally making good sense to you, this is truly the best way for you to go. In fact it’s a must have if you want to be assured you won’t fail. Donate one-time $8.00 and this two session Sledgehammer audio download is yours! The only thing that is better is a private, live stop smoking hypnotherapy session administered to you by me on cell phone. If you want that, call for details, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Mountain Time Zone, Mon-Sat, (928) 279-1848  The consultation is free.

Note: These audio sessions are downloaded to your computer or mobile phone for immediate use. You own them for life. If you ever hit a rough patch about smoking we have your back. Just listen to the session again “as directed” for a quick reinforcement and you remain a person who has never smoked or call me (928) 279-1848  9 to 9 Mon-Sat,  Mountain Time Zone.

In this download bundle is my Stop Smoking Hypnosis session and my Stress Relief Hypnosis session.  When both are listened to in tandem as directed you have the smartest and most powerful way to stop smoking cigarettes.

Regular price $35.00…  You will Not pay that price if you act now… 

Save $27.00 dollars by getting the clinic’s nonprofit price. Donate one-time $8.00 and this amazing Stop Smoking Sledgehammer combo is yours for life!


Okay, this will blow your mind!
Believe it! Get 22 of my best, most Unique hypnotherapy session downloads for only $1.50 each!

The Clinic’s trustee and I wanted to give you an opportunity to download all 22 of my most popular hypnosis sessions in one extremely low cost bundle. This is now part of our fund raiser and why you get each of these 22 sessions for an extremely low donation of $1.50 each! Do the math $1.50 X 22 sessions= $33.00 which is the one time donation requested to download to you the entire Mega Bundle of 22 different sessions. Scroll down to see and click to learn about each session.

The six sessions listed below and the Stop Smoking Sledge hammer hypnosis session are included in the Mega Bundle. These 22 unique hypnosis sessions in the bundle are offered as a thank-you gift for your one-time donation of $33.00. That makes your donation for each hypnosis session download in the Mega Bundle only a $1.50. Because we operate not for profit, for a limited time only, we are offering by very best hypnosis session downloads for that unheard of low price.  Act now. This offer will be taken off line once we have achieved our fund raising goal.

This is a limited time offer because it is a fundraiser to meet a specific charitable goal and purpose.  Act now.  
Please donate just once using you credit/debit card or PayPal.

See and read about all 22 sessions listed below.


What Dr. Dean's clients are saying about him.

Provide Wheelchairs to those in need

Feed Hungry Children

Provide scholarships for children of fallen Marines

Your choice! click here to download only the stop smoking hipnosis session for $5 Or click to download one of the upgraded offers listed below below!

Stop Smoking – Sledgehammer

This powerful combination of Stop Smoking and Stress Relief hypnosis is a proven hypnosis technique to help you stop smoking for good. Get both programs for one low price. Upgrade today!

$10 $8

Mega Bundle

In this special offer, Dr. Dean has bundled all 22 hypnosis sessions for one low price. Save hundreds of dollars and get the Mega Bundle. Many of Dr. Deans' best hypnosis sessions are only available in the Mega Bundle.

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