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About Dr. Dean’s Spiritual Self Hypnosis Session

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spiritual self hypnotherapy

You have probably heard the words body, mind and spirit to describe the essence of a human being. No doubt you understand your own body and are fairly aware of your mental thoughts and functions. However, your spirit is something you may be ignoring because you don’t understand it and are not aware of its existence within you.

Your spirit is the core of your personality. It’s everything about you that is beautiful and good in thought, word and deed. It assures you of free agency to end your existence or to have eternal life. Your spirit cannot be forced to love others or ascend to levels of existence you thought not possible. Whichever way it goes is ultimately up to you. It begins with allowing the spiritual you to embrace who and what you are. When you understand your spiritual self you then truly understand all of you. And, that’s when magnificent self-improvements occur.

While your body survives in a mortal state from cradle to grave, your spirit never dies unless you choose not to exist. You have free agency to eternally survive or to cease to exist. Choose you now.

Your spirit and personality (the real you) are a magnificent gift from the source of all creation. There is nothing like your spirit and your basic personality throughout the far-flung universes. Your spirit manifests who and what you truly are.

Dr. Dean’s Spiritual You hypnosis session opens the door to your spiritual self to freely experience the awesome power of your love for others and the love from the fragment of the creator spirit that indwells your mind.

This is not a religion, church or cult. It’s simply reality. All intelligent biped creatures, (humans) have an eternal fragment of the creator’s spirit indwelling their minds. From that spirit flows unlimited love.

Your spirit is what survives mortal death. It exists without end to eventually become one with the creator of your spirit. This is ultimately true for everyone who chooses to become one with their spiritual creator.

This timeless hypnotherapy session opens windows in your mind to let in truth, enlightenment and eternal life. Then you’ll have free agency to be all you want to be in oneness with the creator of your spirit.

This session will open your mind to experience new spiritual growth. Your coming to this website was not by chance or a coincidence. It was meant to happen so you would receive what you are ready to achieve spiritually at this stage of your existence. Now it’s up to you.