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In these difficult times you may be having trouble sleeping. You need to sleep better and longer. You may be suffering from insomnia (acute, chronic sleep deprivation). Your brain and body need 7 to 8 hours of sleep within every 24 hours to function properly.

Lack of sleep is not your fault. The things going on around you are enough to make anyone nervous, stressed and lose sleep. Yet you are expected to stay calm and keep your problems bottled up in you. The result of doing that causes serious physical and mental problems that rob you of sound sleep. You get into bed and your mind won’t shut off. If you are not thinking about how to stay secure and on top of your game, meaningless thoughts bounce around in your mind . The should of, could of, would of thoughts just won’t go away.

You lie in bed wanting to fall asleep. You may catch yourself grinding you teeth (bruxism). You’re up-tight. Minutes become hours. You look at the clock and your still awake. And, “Oh my gosh! It’s really late and I have to get up early to start my day”. I’ll be dragging all day”! Then you roll over in a huff telling yourself to knock off the mind chatter hoping you’ll drop off into a comfy sleep if you lie still and are quiet. No such luck, your mind takes up where it left off and keeps you awake. It doesn’t care what you think about. It shows no mercy. You just can’t fall asleep.

You think about trying over-the-counter sleep aids or reading until you nod off or perhaps drinking a warm glass of milk or knocking back a couple of shots of your favorite “hooch”. Hey, good luck with that. Meanwhile your bed covers looks like you had a wrestling match with them and your pillows are bunched and punched into big blobs of cushy cloth. You toss and turn.

Seriously, lack of sleep causes psychological and physical disorders. Understand that your body does most of its healing and cell regeneration when you are sound asleep. Your subconscious mind also dreams-out all the negative issues that gets into it from the day’s activities. This dreaming out the trash built up in your subconscious mind can only happen right after you fall asleep and just before you wake up. If you don’t sleep well, to much junk builds up into your subconscious mind and you start having problems like brain fog, memory loss, emotional disorder and physical exhaustion. You’re dragging yourself along all day. Not enough sleep means not much repairing and healing damaged cells and replacing dead cells with new ones. You’re setting yourself up to get sick.

Sleep deprivation prematurely ages you. It also plays havoc on your brain leading towards cell and ganglia death in the brain causing dementia (severe memory loss).

Lacking sleep is dangerous. It’s as bad as being intoxicated on your favorite hooch while driving your vehicle. Hey, let’s fix this before everything gets worse. Please listen to Dr. Dean’s Sleep Better Hypnosis Session. Simply put, it will knock you out in minutes and gently keep you sound asleep until your alarm clock goes off the next morning. It’s safe and not habit forming. You’ll get this session as one of the 20 hypnosis sessions displayed in this website.