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Get Dr. Dean’s tips to help sleep. You’ll learn easy ways to help you sleep and stay asleep all night. His sleep hypnosis session is a luxurious experience that gently puts you to sleep every time. Own it for life. LIsten to it when you need to fall asleep fast. Dr. Dean’s best sleep hypnosis is client rated Five Stars for satisfaction. 

Find out if you can be hypnotized. “Try before you buy”. Scroll down and cick both of the doc’s amazing, FREE 2-minute hypnosis audio/video tests. Then enjoy the doc’s 12 minute “Feeling Good” hypnosis session. It will amaze you! It’s the best way to be sure you can be hypnotized and that Dr. Dean’s hypnosis works for you. It really makes you “feel good”! 

Dr. Dean’s hypnosis download includes things to help you go to sleep quickly and  naturally. It works! That’s why it’s listened to by well over 200,000 people. It’s the hypnosis for deep sleep you have been looking for to end your sleep insomnia. It honestly works. It’s very affordable.

Got questions? Call the doc, Mon-Sun, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Arizona Mountain Time Zone. Free consultation.  Private on cell phone sessions are also available. Ask for details. 

Every hypnosis session download is a high quality audio recording narrated by Dr. Robert Dean. It’s yours for life. It’s downloaded to your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, mp3 player, or mobile phone. Listen to each session as directed when needed and you will have a satisfying result every time.

Enjoy both FREE 2-minute tests and an amazing FREE 12-minute audio/video Hypnosis Session by Dr.Dean that causes you to "Feel Good".

Dr.Dean's hypnosis Session Installs into your subconscious mind Wonderful things to help you sleep.

You have got to listen to Dr. Dean’s, luxurious hypnosis session download that gently hypnotizes you to fall asleep fast. It’s a hypnosis session download that provides to you the best things to help you sleep. These are things that must be in a hypnosis session to put you to sleep safely every time. 

This sleep hypnosis for deep sleep is used by sleep centers and for home use nationwide. It’s gentle, safe, easy to do and works quickly. This is the best sleep hypnosis for you to experience easy ways to fall asleep and the right ways to help you sleep. It’s an intelligent choice to get the sleep you need now. Best of all, it’s affordable. We operate nationwide, not-for-profit, as a charitable online sleep hypnotherapy clinic. Therefore, the modest, one-time donation we ask for is very affordable (under twenty dollars). When you donate, we thank-you with an immediate download of Dr. Dean’s complete sleep hypnosis for deep sleep session. Easy instructions to assure your success are also included.You’ll own it for life to sleep better.

It’s easy to use. When you can’t sleep and need to fall asleep fast, simply listen to Dr. Dean’s session as directed. In minutes you’ll be deep asleep. There are no negative side effects. It’s luxurious hypnosis which gently guides you into a restul, full night of sleep. 

If you have any questions about hypnosis or issues keeping you awake nights, give Dr. Dean a call for a free consultation. Call Mon-Sun, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Arizona, Mountain Time Zone. Private Hypnotherapy sessions on cell phone available. (928) 279-184


Enjoy experiencing DR. DEAN's easy ways to fall asleep hypnosis session. it gently causes you to fall asleep fast!

You get America’s most popular sleep hypnotist.  He’s Dr. Robert Dean. He is a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy (Ph.D.) plus an experienced Board Certified Hypnotherapist. You will not find a more qualified and experienced hypnotist to administer to you sleep hypnotherapy to fall asleep fast and keep you asleep all night.  Download the Doc’s hypnosis session now to get a better night sleep.

This is your opportunity to download and own a full length, complete, professional hypnosis audio session that gives you a full night of sleep, every night. It will always be ready to listen to on your cell phone or computer to cause you to fall asleep fast and stay asleep all night.

This is serious, “state-of-the-art” sleep hypnosis for deep sleep. Hundreds of thousands of smart, satisfied people have downloaded this session into their smartphone or computer. They listen to it when they want to fall asleep fast. You’ll experience easy ways to help you sleep.You’ll be given tips to help you sleep better. You’ll be amazed at how well they work.

You  know you need good sleep. That’s why you are here. You really do need to download and own this hypnotherapy session. It is the best sleep hypnosis download you can get…and it’s yours for life for a modest, one-time donation. Just listen to it as directed and you’ll fall asleep in minutes. It’s that simple and yes, it works every time. 

Got questions? Call “Dr.Bob” for a free consultation 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Mon-Sun, Arizona Mountain Time Zone. On cell phone private hypnotherapy sessions are available. Call for details. (928) 279-1848.



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Dr. Robert G. Dean

Experience how to fall asleep fast. Dr. Dean's sleep hypnosis plus his tips to help you sleep work every time. You'll wake up every morning refreshed!

Hypnosis for insomnia causes you to relax deeply. Stress and anxiety disappear. You mind is calm and you naturally fall asleep. 

We Are The Best

We've hypnotized and helped people to sleep better since 1993!

We Are Certified

Dr. Dean is an
authority on sleep hypnotherapy and
is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist

We Know Our Stuff

Dr. Dean holds a Ph.D. and is a Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Hypnosis


Sleep Well

Dr. Dean's hypnosis quiets your subconscious mind. Anxiety is removed. You'll drift asleep quickly and soundly.

Fall Asleep Fast

Hypnosis quickly programs your mind to fall asleep naturally. It's luxurious.

Sleep All Night

No more restless nights. Wake up every morning refreshed.

Since 1993 We've Successfully Hypnotized over 1.5 million people nationwide.

Stop suffering from lack of sleep. Get Dr. Dean's sleep help. Download and listen to this luxurious sleep hypnosis session.

"This really is the best sleep hypnosis download.
It's affordable, too.

For ways to help you sleep and easy ways to fall asleep you must experience this hypnosis session download.

This is a very good, professionally done, relaxing hypnosis session download. It programs into your subconscious mind easy ways to fall asleep.

Dr. Dean’s hypnosis to fall asleep fast calms you and removes stress. It relieves anxiety, too. It quiets the never ending dialogue and thoughts that go on and on in your mind that prevent you from falling asleep naturally. Listening to Dr. Dean’s hypnosis will have you drifting off to sleep in minutes. Download it now to own a luxurious way to fall asleep fast and stay asleep all night.

After Dr. Dean's ways to help sleep are Installed into your subconscious mind, it causes easy ways to fall asleep and stay asleep all night.

Regarding hypnosis cost, ours is very affordable. That’s because we operate not-for-profit. We see to it that you get only the best. He’s Dr. Robert Dean. He is a nationally recognized Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy who is a highly endorsed hypnotherapist (scroll up and click the Endorsement Link top/right of this page). We think you’ll be impressed. One thing is for sure. If you make a modest one-time donation (under twenty bucks) you’ll receive state-of-the-art, scientifically correct hypnotherapy session that safely hypnotizes you to fall asleep fast every time. 

The hypnosis session to fall asleep fast we download to you is documented to achieve the highest success rate of which we are aware. You get real satisfaction that’s rated 5 stars by Google. This download is affordable and comes with outstanding support. You can call the doc for info and to answer your questions. No charge. (928) 279-1848, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Arizona Mountain Time Zone, Monday through Sunday.

What Dr. Dean's clients are saying about him.

Believe it. Downloading Dr. Dean's MEGA BUNDLE of 22 amazing hypnosis sessions brings you joy and major self-improvements plus it helps us end the suffering of people who cannot help themselves.

Dr. Dean Has raised funds to feed thousands of hungry children. He bought dozens of wheelchairs for people born without legs. He contributed thousands of dollars to the Marine Corps League to provide College funding for the children of fallen U.S. Marines. Now he is doing something never done online before.

Dr. Dean ordered New Life Clinics Charitable Trust to offer to you and every visitor to this website a wonderful inducement to receive his Mega Bundle of 22 unique state-of-the-art hypnosis sessions. Simply donate $99.95 once and you will receive as our way to say thank-you for your donation a download of $438.90 worth of 22 different hypnotherapy sessions (see them displayed below). You SAVE $338.95 and get 22 of the best hypnosis session Dr. Dean has ever produced in one big Mega Bundle download. They are all yours for $99.95. Instructions to prepare you for these safe, satisfying hypnosis sessions are also included.

Yeah, we know; this has never been done before online but now it’s happening for a limited time only! Seriously, act now. This offer will not last long. Once the good Doctor sees this fundraiser has met its goal, this offer comes off the table. Act now and it’s all yours to own and enjoy for life.

Take a look at each of the 22 sessions you’ll receive that’s displayed below. Eac session’s title tells you what the session hypnotizes you to experience. Each hypnosis session is a current, “state-of-the-art” full length, complete hypnosis session that, when listened to “as directed”, will hypnotize you to be in a unique, amazing mood. Six of these sessions are for making serious, major self-improvements; one of the sessions in the bundle hypnotizes you to achieves what you came to this website to experience. Directions are also included so you’ll get the best out of every session safely.

Something else you also get with your Mega Bundle. You get Dr. Dean in person on cell to discuss each session and issues with him. Got questions? Need counsel? Talk to the Doc. No charge! Call him between 9:00 a.m to 9:00 p.m. Arizona, Mountain Time Zone, Mon-Sun, (928) 279-1848. You’ll enjoy “Dr.Bob’s” counsel and kind sense of humor.He’s a standup guy you can “believe in” He has your back 24/7.

To donate and receive this huge 22 hypnosis session Mega Bundle and Dr. Dean’s counsel and assistance, click the blue bar below.  

Below is the title and info on each of the 22 sessions you’ll receive in our download to you.

Stop Smoking

Stops smoking dead in its tracks, for good.

Weight Loss

Reduce 2 to 3 clothing sizes in just a few weeks, safely.

Sleep Better

Quickly and gently puts you asleep.  Sleep all night, every night.

Exercise Motivation

Go for a pleasant walk or do indoor exercises to tone up.

Stress Relief

Soothes, calms and relaxes. A great daily time out.

Improve Self-Esteem

Truly like who and what you are. Feel good about yourself.

Attract Others

Causes delightful changes in you, which are attractive to others.

Common Discomfort Relief

Relieves common, minor aches and pains such as headaches, back aches, etc.

Dream Date

For adventurous women.  We take you on an amazing “dream date”.

End The Blues

Stop feeling down. Enjoy yourself. This session lifts and cheers you up!

Feel Good

You’ll feel so good it’s contagious! Other around you will feel good too. 

1st Steps To Weight Loss

Motivates you to adopt a healthier lifestyle which causes rapid, safe weight loss .


Experience and reflect true happiness. Others will be attracted to you.

Have Confidence

You become fully confident. Ends fear of failure. You’re in charge. You take control.

Having Fun

Has you feeling fun, having fun and being fun to be with. 

Increase Love & Intimacy

Promotes an extremely faithful and satisfying relationship. Listen together as a couple.


Brings up in you, deep feelings of love for others which also causes others to love you

Mellow Feelings

Soothes, calms, and slows things down so you can relax deeply and feel mellow.

Peace of Mind

Real peace of mind. Life works. You’re content and at ease. 

Spiritual Self

Connects you with the marvelous loving spirit within you.

Trouble Free

Not a care in the world.  Your mind is absolutely free from all troubles.

Wonderful You

You’ll discover and experience how wonderful you really are.


the net proceeds from what you Donate for hypnosis downloads goes to charities

Provide Wheelchairs to those in need

Feed Hungry Children

Provide scholarships for children of fallen Marines