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We have for you an affordable
Hypnotherapy for Sleep Session. It's an audio hypnotherapy session download. Listen to it and you'll experience "state of the art" sleep
hypnosis administered to you by
Dr. Robert Dean. It will cause you to gently go into a deep sleep. You'll own it for life. You'll safely be put to sleep when ever you have trouble sleeping. Just listen. It works in minutes every time! Ready for this? It's yours for a one-time $5.00
donation. BELIEVE IT! Over a quarter of a million people own and enjoy this amazing hypnosis session download.

Since 1993 we have operated not-for-profit. We have provided safe, high quality hypnotherapy to hundreds of thousands of people nationwide at a super low cost. And, if you can't afford to donate five-bucks, we'll give to you Dr. Dean's sleep hypnosis session exclusively on this website FREE from any cost to you. It's paid for by a grant from New Life Clinics Charitable Trust. No paper work, no insurance, no hassles and "no strings attached"

For free sessions, Click the HOME link at the top of this page. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Home Page and click the BLUE STAR in the lower right corner of the bottom of the HOME page. All of the sessions you'll see are yours for unlimited use only on this website Hey! Use and enjoy them. It will solve your sleep problems and other issues, too. All of our sessions are safe to use as often as needed.

Before you donate five bucks to own and use this Sleep Hypnotherapy Session, you need to find out if you can be hypnotized.  Scroll down and locate our audio/video player. Follow the directions provided to enjoy an incredibly amazing 3-minute hypnosis test followed by a brief hypnotherapy session that makes you feel really good, stress free and calm. 

After the session you’ll definitely know you have been hypnotized. Thats when you can get the Doc’s hypnotherapy to sleep download for only five-bucks with “no strings attached”.

Still not convinced?  Okay, click each link near the top of this page so you can get all the info you want about the the Doc’s hypnotherapy to sleep. You’ll be able to check out Dr. Dean as your hypnotist, too. You’ll also see what we do for you and many others in need. Then “buckle up” and click ENDORSEMENTS. What you’ll see will surprise you. Then you’ll know it’s smart to own the very best sleep hypnotherapy download on the world wide web!  And, it’s affordable!… just five bucks! Only a nonprofit online hypnotherapy clinic can make this happen for you. BE sure to keep scrolling down to explore this website. What you’ll see and hear will fascinate you. 

Finally, It will please you to know your one-time $5.00 donation goes toward ending human suffering such as feeding hungry children, buying wheel chairs for those who can’t walk and more. 

If you have any questions, call Dr. Robert Dean between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Mountain Time Zone, Monday-Saturday.  (928) 279-1848  

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Every hypnosis session download is a high quality audio recording narrated by Dr. Robert Dean. It’s yours for life. It’s downloaded to your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, mp3 player, or mobile phone. Listen to each session as directed when needed and you will have a satisfying result every time.

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Here is the FREE 3-minute test and a fascinating hypnotherapy session that makes you feel super relaxed and really good!

Let's find out if you can be hypnotized right now. Click the player's arrow point on the left, below. Watch and listen to the Doc's directions. Be prepared to have fun! After the the 3minute test is done, click the arrow point on the player on the right side of this page, then relax, listen and enjoy. When the session ends, you'll know you can be hypnotized by Dr. Dean. Please follow his directions to assure a safe, wonderful experience.

Dr. Dean's hypnotherapy Session to sleep Installs into your subconscious mind Safe programming to be in a deep sleep all night. Works every time! This is a download you need to own.

When you can’t fall asleep, listen to Dr. Dean’s sleep hypnotherapy session download. It gently hypnotizes you to fall asleep quickly into a deep sleep . It’s a “state-of-the-art” sleep hypnotherapy session down load that provides to you safe, hypnotic programming to help you fall asleep quickly. You’ll better sleep and sleep all night. It will always be in your cell phone or computer when ever your having a sleepless night. Click, listen, and in minutes you are sound asleep.

This sleep hypnotherapy is used nationwide by sleep centers and smart people for personal use. It’s gentle, safe, easy to use and works quickly every time. This is the best sleep hypnotherapy for you to experience a full night of soothing, deep sleep. It’s an intelligent choice to get the sleep you need now. Best of all, it’s affordable. It’s only a one-time $5.00 donation. You’ll own it for life. And, when needed, a click on your phone, tablet or computer and within minutes this sleep hypnotherapy session really will put you into a luxurious, deep sleep. When you awaken the next morning, you’ll be delighted with how refreshed and relaxed you feel.

If you have any questions about hypnotherapy or issues keeping you awake nights, give Dr. Dean a call for a free consultation. Call Mon-Sat 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Arizona, Mountain Time Zone. Private Hypnotherapy sessions in office and on cell phone are available. Call for details (928) 279-1848. We are here to serve you and smart people everywhere who need professional, affordable hypnotherapy to end sleepless nights.


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Enjoy experiencing DR. Robert DEAN's sleep hypnosis session.

You get America’s most popular sleep hypnotist. He’s Dr. Robert Dean. He is a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy (Ph.D.) plus an experienced Board Certified Hypnotherapist. You will not find a more qualified and experienced hypnotist to administer to you hypnotherapy for sleep. You’ll fall asleep fast and sleep all night.  Download the Doc’s hypnotherapy session now to get good sleep you desire.

This is your opportunity to download and own a full length, complete, professional sleep hypnotherapy audio session that gives you a full night of good sleep, every night. Best of all, it’s yours. Own it for life for a one time, modest $5.00 donation. It will always be ready to listen to on your cell phone or computer to cause you to fall asleep fast and sleep all night.

This is serious, “state-of-the-art” sleep hypnotherapy. Hundreds of thousands of smart people have downloaded this session into their smartphones, tablets and/or computers. They listen to it when they can’t sleep and need to fall asleep fast and stay asleep all night. You’ll be amazed at how well this safe, proven sleep hypnotherapy session works for you.

You know you need good sleep. That’s why you’re here. You really do need to download and own this sleep hypnotherapy session. It’s rated 5 stars for client satisfaction and its its high success rate.

Got questions? Call “Dr. Bob” for a free consultation 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Mon-Sat, Arizona Mountain Time Zone. In office and on cell phone private hypnotherapy sessions are also available. Call for details. (928) 279-1848 

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Dr. Robert G. Dean

Experience satisfying hypnotherapy to sleep. Dr. Dean's sleep hypnosis works every time. You'll wake up refreshed after a full night of good sleep!

Hypnosis to sleep better causes you to relax deeply. Stress and anxiety disappear. You mind is calm and you fall asleep. 


We Are The Best

We've hypnotized and helped people to sleep better since 1993!


We Are Certified

Dr. Dean is an
authority on sleep hypnotherapy and
is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist


We Know Our Stuff

Dr. Dean holds a Ph.D. and is a Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Hypnosis


Sleep all night!

Dr. Dean's hypnotherapy quiets your subconscious mind. Anxiety is removed. You'll drift asleep quickly and soundly


Hypnotherapy that ends insomnia fast!

Hypnotherapy causes you to fall asleep naturally. It's a luxurious experience


Sleep All Night

No more restless nights. Wake up every morning refreshed.


Since 1993, We have successfully hypnotized over 1.5 million people nationwide to achieve a variety of self-improvements and to end serious disorders. Check out Dr. Dean's 22 unique hypnosis sessions near the bottom of this page.

Stop suffering from lack of good sleep. Donate one-time $5.00 to download and own for life Dr. Dean's luxurious hypnotherapy to sleep session.

"Smart people own Dr. Dean's hypnotherpay
to fall asleep and stay asleep all night. It's affordable. Donate $5.00, download and it's yours to for life.

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stress relief hypnosis

you must download and experience this Amazing Sleep hypnosis session. You'll sleep deeply all night, every night. Others in your family can use it, too.

This is a very good, professionally narrated, relaxing hypnotherapy session that’s done right. Download it to own and benefit from for life. It programs your subconscious mind to fall deeply quickly. It shuts down mental chatter, anxiety, stress, worry, discomfort and and sleep robbing thoughts. It relaxes you so deeply, it actually reduces common aches and pain that may be robbing you of sleep.

Dr. Dean’s Sleep Hypnosis calms you and removes stress. It relieves anxiety, too. It quiets the never ending dialogue and thoughts that go on and on in your mind that prevent you from falling asleep. Listening to Dr. Dean’s hypnotherapy will gently cause you to drift asleep in minutes. Download it now to own a luxurious way to fall asleep fast and sleep all night. Use it every night if needed. It is not habit forming and cannot harm you. And yes, it really will put you to sleep every time.  Just follow the doc’s easy directions and you’ll be hypnotized to enjoy a full night of luxurious sleep

During Dr. Dean's sleep
hypnosis session, you'll fall asleep quickly. You'll be in a wonderful deep sleep. After you have awakened from a night of restful sleep, you'll realize it works and glad it's yours to use any time you want to fall asleep quickly.

Donate $5.00 and download this amazing sleep hypnosis session into your smart phone, tablet or computer. Listen to Dr. Dean’s hypnotherapy to sleep session in bed as directed (directions are included with the session). Set your session up to play over your devices speaker or ear buds. Click to begin listening to  Dr. Dean’s Sleep Hypnosis session. You’ll be in a state of luxurious hypnosis in minutes and sleeping soundly. It’s that simple. Set your phone, tablet or computer to eventually go to sleep automatically after the session ends. 

The sleep hypnotherapy session we download to you is documented to achieve the highest success rate of which we are aware. This download is affordable and comes with outstanding support. You can call the doc for info and to answer your questions. No charge. (928) 279-1848,  9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Arizona Mountain Time Zone, Monday through Saturday. In Office and on cellphone private hypnosis sessions are also available. Call for details.


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Believe it! Dr. Dean's 22 Unique hypnotherapy session downloads are only $1.50 each! Review each of them below.

Dr. Dean wanted to give you an opportunity to download all 22 of his most popular hypnosis sessions in one extremely low cost bundle. The six sessions listed below, including the Sleep Hypnotherapy Session featured on this page are also in the Mega Bundle

The 22 unique hypnosis sessions in the bundle are offered as a thank-you gift for your one-time donation of $33.00. That makes your donation for each hypnotherapy session download in the Mega Bundle only a $1.50. 

Since we operate not for profit, we are, for a limited time only, offering 22 of Dr. Dean’s  best hypnosis session downloads, seen below. Ready for this? They are all yours for an unheard of low donation of $33.00. 

Do the math… 22 different, complete hypnosis sessions times $1.50 each equals $33.00. 


Got questions about the Mega Bundle? Enjoy a Free Consultation with “Dr. Bob”. Call between 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Mon-Sat, Mountain Time Zone, Arizona. (928) 279-1848



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