Refund and Returns Policy

New Life Clinics Charitable Trust has nothing for sale, therefore their is no “purchase” of a product and no product that can be returned.

New life Clinics is an IRS approved 509 (a) 2 tax exempt organization owned by the people of the United States. We are a trust and not a corporation or sole proprietorship.

When a client donates to the charitable trust the trust provides a hypnotherapy session selected by the client as the trust’s way to say thank-you for the client’s one-time modest donation (usually $5.00). In turn the net proceeds from that donation are put with many others to provide funding to help people in a world of hurt who cannot help themselves such as hungry children. There is no sales tax on a thank-you gift paid for by the trust. There is no shipping of a hypnotherapy session download or done by cellphone or in our clinical offices.

Charitable donations are not refundable as they are used to help others in great need which cannot be reversed to provide a refund of a donor’s donation. In reality, a donation to the trust is a gift from the donor to the trust. In turn, the hypnotherapy session we provide to a donor is a thank-you gift to the donor. It is a matter of exchanging gifts. It is not a sale of goods in the traditional sense. Nothing can be returned and no donated funds are refundable.