Trouble Free


Trouble Free


This hypnotic mood lifts you above your worries, troubles and negative issues. Your thoughts ascend above your troubles.

You have three minds. They are your conscious mind (which you are in right now). It’s your “thinker”. Your 2nd mind is your subconscious mind. That mind stores and uses all things programmed into it during your lifetime. Your third mind, which is your largest and most powerful mind, is your spiritual mind.

Your spiritual mind functions beneath the awareness of your conscious and subconscious minds. It never sleeps. It contains all that is true, real and of eternal survival value. It is there you are hypnotized, from time-to-time, to be free from your troubles. You remain trouble free for days after each use of this session.

Your troubles cannot exist in your spiritual mind. A brief visit to your spiritual mind, while in hypnosis, provides relief from your troubles for several days to help you get past the rough patches in daily living. Unlike alcohol and drugs, this hypnosis  session is completely safe, healthy,  soothing, and stress relieving. After each hypnosis session your troubles are “out of mind” and therefore not “on your mind”.  Be free from your troubles that bother or harm you. Download this amazing trouble free hypnotherapy session, own it for life, use it often, live longer and happier.

Your Results May Vary.  Medical Disclaimer.

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