Stop Smoking


Stop Smoking


We get it. You have not successfully stopped smoking for good in spite of your trying to quit. That’s because your smoking is a symptom. What you need to do is end what causes you to smoke and ignore the symptom!  To do this, you need to have hypnotic programming gently installed into your subconscious mind that has you walking, talking, thinking, acting and behaving like a person who has never smoked!

Think about that. How can you quit something you never did? You don’t even think about smoking.  So, we don’t have you quitting. We program your mind to be a person who has never smoked!  And yeah, it works better than anything out there. This method, created by Dr. Robert Dean, has been successfully administered to over one-half million patients with a documented 84% sampling rate at the San Francisco Department of Health.

And lucky you! After you have ended smoking cigarettes for good (which will be minutes after you finish your first hypnosis session), you’ll be saving about $2,000.00 annually (national average) because you don’t smoke. We ask that you take a very tiny fraction of that and make a modest one-time donation now to receive our thank-you gift of this Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session. Meanwhile, a portion of your donation helps us to help kids who are in a world of hurt and cannot possibly help themselves. We thank you in advance for that and so does a lot of hungry boys and girls.

Your Results May Vary.  Medical Disclaimer.

Satisfaction with our hypnotherapy sessions or your donation refunded.

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