Spiritual Self


Spiritual Self


You are more than mere flesh and blood. You are a powerful loving spiritual being. This hypnosis session guides you into your real self, your purity and awareness of infinity and oneness with your loving creator.

While all things that are material eventually return to the elements from which they are made, which includes your mortal body, you, your mind matrix, your personality, everything that makes you who and what you are is your true spiritual self. Your spirit will not cease to exist unless you chose not to eternally survive. You have free agency. You can’t be forced to spiritually survive. However, if you choose to survive, you will. Your spirit is an eternal reality that defines who and what you are eternally.

If you choose to survive spiritually, and take joy in doing your Creator’s will, your election and calling is made sure. You are loved and will eternally be loved by every personage and spiritual being with whom you are involved in your progression to become one with your Creator.

Dr. Dean’s Spiritual hypnotic mood opens your most powerful mind which is your spiritual mind to experience your spiritual self.  After that, you know who you really are and your purpose. You are a spiritual Son or Daughter of your Creator. It’s clear your spirit is love and  love is the most powerful entity throughout the far flung universe. Truly, your spirit is beautiful. It’s now time to discover it.

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