Sleep Better


Sleep Better


We get it. You’re suffering from sleep deprivation. I’m Dr. Robert Dean and with your permission, I’ll end your suffering now. For good mental and physical health you absolutely need a good night of sleep every night. So, let’s do this!

The Sleep Better Hypnosis session I administer to you via an audio download, when listened to as directed, quickly has you in a restful sleep. You sleep all night, every night. Its “state-of-the-art” sleep hypnotherapy. Hundreds of thousands of people own this session and use it  to end their loss of quality sleep.

This Sleep Hypnosis session is not addictive or habit forming like expensive sleeping pills that have mind numbing after-effects. You’ll find this session soothing, gentle and pleasant. You’ll fall asleep in minutes as your subconscious mind automatically absorbs the hypnotic programming that continues for several minutes after you have fallen asleep. That hypnotic programming dissolves the cause of your insomnia to the point you rarely need to listen to this hypnosis session to sleep better every night.

This session is ideal when heard from your smartphone or a laptop computer. Take your phone or laptop with you to bed. Set them to turn off after the session (about 30 minutes). Position your phone or computer near you to be easily heard. Get comfortable, click to start the sleep session and you’ll be in a luxurious sleep in minutes and you’ll stay asleep all night.  Enjoy!

Please make a very modest, one-time suggested donation to immediately receive this safe, proven sleep hypnosis session audio download.  It’s our way to say thank-you for your support. And, a lot of people in a world of hurt that can’t help themselves thank you, too.

Your Results May Vary.  Medical Disclaimer.

Satisfaction with our hypnotherapy sessions or your donation refunded.

Our Money Back Guarantee

After payment, our downloads are automatically delivered to your inbox in mp3 format. After order confirmation, check your inbox to download your files.

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