Healthy Six Pack Bundle


Healthy Six Pack Bundle


We will immediately download to you SIX of our premium, most popular hypnosis sessions for a one-time $30.00 donation. You’ll own them for life. They come with a satisfaction guarantee or we will refund your donation. Use them when you want, where you want. Share them with your significant other and those close to you.

That’s only $5.00 per hypnosis session. Hey! It doesn’t get any better than that!  Seriously,  that’s a crazy low price for SIX professional, full length, hypnosis session downloads. Honestly, this is the best deal on line for professional self-improvement hypnotherapy.  And, you get the best because Dr. Dean’s sessions are the best. We know, over a million people donated to get these sessions.

How can hypnotherapy narrated by Dr. Robert Dean be so affordable? It’s simple. New Life Clinics Charitable Trust is the owner of this website.  Since 1993 they have operated “not-for-profit” and provided low cost, high quality hypnotherapy to well over one and one-half million people. The Trustees have asked us to bundle six of our best self-improvement hypnosis sessions and reduce the donation normally asked for by 50%. Why? It appears the trustees are on a fundraising drive to help a lot of people who are in a world of hurt and just can’t help themselves. So, to raise funds quickly, they make the cost of Dr. Dean’s hypnosis sessions lower than any other provider online. So, you get the highest quality hypnosis audio download sessions you want for half the regular price. The Trustees add your modest, donation to many others so the trust can help people who suffer such as feeding hungry boys and girls.

Here are the titles of the SIX SESSIONS you’ll receive as an audio download to thank-you for your modest donations. Instructions for safe and proper use for best results are included.

1. Weight Loss Hypnosis: (Sheds belly fat fast.  Reduce 2 to 3 clothing sizes in 3 to 4 weeks.)

2. Stop Smoking Hypnosis: (Stops smoking dead in its tracks.)

3. Stress Relief Hypnosis: (Shuts down anxiety and stress.  Lasts for days.)

4. Exercise Hypnosis: (Strongly motivates you to exercise your way frequently.)

5. Increasing Self-Esteem Hypnosis: (Boosts self-esteem, build self-confidence.)

6. Sleep Better Hypnosis: (Get comfy in bed, click, listen, fall asleep fast, stay asleep all night.)

Your Results May Vary.  Medical Disclaimer.

Satisfaction with our hypnotherapy sessions or your donation refunded.

Our Money Back Guarantee

After payment, our downloads are automatically delivered to your inbox in mp3 format. After order confirmation, check your inbox to download your files.

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