Peace of Mind


Peace of Mind


Hey, we could hype and fluff this, but it’s not what we doctors do at New Life Clinics Charitable Trust.  However, we must advise you this hypnosis session is narrated by Dr. Rober Dean. It is “state-of-the-art”.  It works! And, the level of peace you’ll experience after completing this Peace of Mind hypnosis session is likely higher than you have ever experienced. Just imagine that for a moment. Trust us, it’s a marvelous experience. Your significant other will like it, too.

This is an audio download hypnosis session. You own it for life and can safely use it as often as you need to step away from  the “daily grind”. Each use of this session gives  you peace of mind for days. Many use it as their ultimate “time out” from a stressful lifestyle. Honestly, you really do need to experience this for yourself.

Bottom line. You’ll be at peace in your mind when you want to be as often as you like. You’ll live healthier, happier and longer. And, it sure would be nice to see your significant other with peace of mind, too.

Your Results May Vary.  Medical Disclaimer.

Satisfaction with our hypnotherapy sessions or your donation refunded.

Our Money Back Guarantee

After payment, our downloads are automatically delivered to your inbox in mp3 format. After order confirmation, check your inbox to download your files.

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