I'm Okay, You're Okay Bundle


I’m Okay, You’re Okay Bundle


As a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy I have hypnotized thousands of people to improve their self-esteem and to feel truly good about themselves. However, some people are so strongly down on themselves, a standard self-esteem improvement session may not be adequate or long lasting.  That’s why I combined my very popular self-esteem improvement hypnotherapy session with our amazing “Wonderful You” hypnosis session.  The two, listened to in tandem (back-to-back) causes the listener’s self-esteem to shoot up like a rocket! Patients not only feel good about themselves, they think they and others are wonderful, too. And, if the truth be known, you and they truly are wonderful. Hey, you can’t judge a book by its cover and nobody can judge you like a book’s cover. There’s a better way.

Hi. I’m Dr. Dean and I get it. You’re down on yourself. You may think you don’t mean much, aren’t much, and not liked and loved. In fact, you may not even like yourself yet alone, love yourself plus you believe others look down on you, too. Sound familiar? Well, nuts to all of that. Let’s fix this!

I promise, after you have listened to the two hypnosis sessions in this bundle, as directed, not only will you walk, talk, think, act, behave and believe you are more than okay, others will be okay, too. Then, life works!  And, if for any reason you are not satisfied with this bundle, we will refund your donation. Yeah, it’s that good!

You’ll own the sessions in this bundle for life. Any time you start to feel down on yourself or others, take a “time-out”. Kick back, and listen to these two sessions in tandem (back-to-back). And, all those lousy feelings and thoughts are simply gone! Honestly, you’ll be amazed at how good you feel about you and those around you. What is really cool is you’ll notice how you attract nice people to you. They like the way you look and feel around them.

To own this bundle of sessions, please make a one-time very modest donation. We will give you this bundle of sessions as our gift to say thanks for your support. The net proceeds from your donation will be put with others and used to relieve suffering of people who are in a world of hurt and cannot help themselves such as hungry children, people who need wheelchairs, those who are homeless, etc.

Your Results May Vary.  Medical Disclaimer.

Satisfaction with our hypnotherapy sessions or your donation refunded.

Our Money Back Guarantee

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