Having Fun


Having Fun


Yep, everyone loves to have fun. In fact it is mentally and physically healthy to have fun. It’s a diversion, a time out from the rigors of daily living everyone needs frequently.

So, Dr. Dean will hypnotize you to have  fun, we’re talking about an old fashioned belly laugh that does wonders to relieve your stress and tension. The doctors at New Life Clinics Charitable Trust will tell you that “laughter is often the best medicine.”

Part of your personality is structured to really enjoy having FUN.  Wholesome fun is the best fun. You know, the kind that can make you laugh until tears come into your eyes. It’s a psychological release we all need. It is a wonderful diversion from the stress of daily living. So, for goodness sake, HAVE FUN!

Honestly, you will be amazed at how good you feel during and after a “fun” session and yes, you’ll be grinning from ear-to-ear, too. It all culminates into BIG smiles, genuine laughter and real joy. And, isn’t that what we all desire as a break from the difficulties in daily life? Hey, let’s do this and have some FUN.

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