FREE TRIAL - Weight Loss Hypnosis


FREE TRIAL – Weight Loss Hypnosis


This FREE trial will give you access for 1 day to our FREE trial session.  No credit card required.

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Read this now before you go any further! You get way more than you thought. You’re going to really like this!  

New Life Clinics provides all of its free hypnotherapy session on this website to you so you can experience all of them once. During the free trail period, they are truly free from cost with “no strings attached”!  

• When you begin to experience the benefits of the free hypnotherapy session(s) you selected, be advised those benefits could fade away within 3 to 10 days. That’s because your subconscious mind, while you are asleep and dreaming, is slowly rejecting the new programming Dr. Dean installed into your subconscious mind. Since you do not remember most of your dreams, you will not be aware you dreamt out the hypnotic programming. All you’ll know is a week or so later, the hypnosis stopped working and you’re back to experiencing your undesirable disorders.

• The programming you dreamt out must be replaced within the next day or two to prevent a hypnosis therapy failure and to keep you on track to cause a long-term or permanent, desired result.

• Clinical hypnotherapy experiments conducted at U.C.L.A. by Dr. John Kappas (a professor of psychology and a psychologist) proved people who are hypnotized by listening to the same hypnotic session, administered by the same doctor, once daily, on 21 separate days, within a 30 day period, cannot dream out the hypnotic programming installed by the hypnotherapist. The programming installed into the patient’s subconscious mind is retained and causes the desired self-improvement for which the hypnosis is indicated to achieve. Meanwhile, the undesirable programming lodged in the patient’s subconscious mind prior to be hypnotized that caused the the patient’s disorder no longer can influence the patient. The end result is a long-term or permanent desired result occurs. In other words, the patient no longer continues their disorder(s) and the hypnotherapy provided is completely successful.

• To continue to enjoy and benefit from the same hypnosis session you select, and prevent a hypnosis therapy failure, you need to allow for up to 30 days to give you the time needed to experience a daily session for 21 days within a 30 day period. This also allows you to skip a few days without any loss of the programming installed into your subconscious mind. This will greatly enhance a desired long-term or permanent result.

• Hey! It get’s better. Donate for two different sessions at the same time. One hypnosis session is to provide hypnosis to lose all the weight you want. The other hypnosis session is to provide hypnosis to stop smoking. Listen to them both, as directed, an hour or more apart from each other on 21 separate days within the next 30 days. Several thousands of our clients have successively done this and achieved both goals at the same time!

• To really get what you want, first sign in to experience your choice of a free trial of Dr. Dean’s complete hypnosis session on this website. Then, select the first hypnosis session you desire out of the six different hypnosis sessions offered. Next, click to begin that hypnotherapy session. ] After your hypnotherapy session ends, you’ll be subconsciously driven to notice desired results are occurring. Then you’ll know Dr. Dean’s online hypnosis works for you.

• That’s when you’ll take the opportunity to donate to own the session you experienced during the free trial. It’s the only way to complete the 21 hypnosis session regimen of the same hypnosis session you initially selected to achieve a desired result.

Here’s the facts: An independent survey of 10,000 New Life Clinics’ patients hypnotized in live group hypnotherapy sessions revealed those who did NOT listen to the same initial hypnosis session on a CD, daily, on 21 separate days during a 30 day period had a dismal 16% success rate. Those who DID complete the 21 session regimen listening to the same hypnosis session, had an 84% success rate. It’s clear that if you want assurance you’ll get a long-term or permanent result, you’ll donate $20.00 to get and own the session you listened to during the free trial. Then you can listen to it on 21 separate days within a 30 day period for permanent desired result.

Honest! You’ll really like how easy and enjoyable this works. You’ll be amazed by the results you experience. And, yes, it’s a very cool experience you can share with your friends and family. You must  try it.


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