Endless Love Bundle


Endless Love Bundle


Hi. I’m Dr. Dean you Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy. I have been in practice since 1989. And, I have seen all kinds of patients who have relationship problems with whom they are married or cohabiting with.  The vast majority of these problems stem from the following:

  1. Fear of inadequate sexual performance which is fear of failure to love and be loved.
  2. Fear of sharing one’s sexual thoughts and preferences with their mate believing they are taboo.
  3. A total lack of self-esteem.
  4. In acute stress.
  5. Lack of sincere, honest communication with one’s mate.

Put these ingredients together and you come up believing and feeling you are not loved and don’t particularly love your spouse or mate like you use to. The relationship is becoming stale and old.

Hey! Don’t let your relationship go to hell in a hand-basket! Together, I promise you can turn all of this around to feel endless love for you and to feel endlessly in love with your mate. Now, follow me on this.

Male impotency is primarily caused by a fear of failure to perform adequately in a sexual relationship. This fear causes great anxiety, stress and tension rendering it impossible for the male to achieve an adequate erection for sexual intercourse. This, in turn makes a man very “uptight” and destroys his self-esteem. This, in turn, may make the woman in this union feel sexually unattractive, inadequate, stressed and not loved.

Let’s end your suffering and possible your mate’s suffering, too. With you and your mates permission, I will hypnotize you both at the same time. Each session will last about 30 minutes. After that, all the fear of inadequate sexual performance, lack of self-esteem and crazy stress is instantly gone. Sexual taboos are tossed out by both of you. For the first time, both of you can candidly, sincerely and honestly talk with each other about your relationship and sex and your love for each other in a candid, safe, pleasant manner neither you thought possible.

After listening to these 3 sessions, in tandem, together, let’s put it this way… you’ll both be breaking bedroom furniture! Your love for each other will seem continuous and above anything like either of you have ever experienced. You both feel so good about each other, mutual happiness and satisfaction with one another is assured and very lasting.

Together, your self-esteem goes through the roof. Stress is gone. You both are super relaxed, wonderfully in love with each other and experiencing and sharing new sexual thoughts and feelings that ultimately satisfy you both. It’s clear to you both, why go out for hamburger when there is steak at home. After completing these three sessions, in tandem, your love for each other lasts and lasts. It’s clear there is nobody that can satisfy you more than your mate and your mate feels exactly the same way about you. There is no judgement… just love. That’s why the therapists at New Life Clinics call this the “Marriage Saver”. You’ll call it a feeling of endless love.

To own this bundle of 3 sessions and use them when and where you both desire, simply make a one-time modest donation. As our way to say thanks for your support, we will download to you this bundle of wonderful audio hypnosis sessions. We guarantee you’ll both be satisfied or we will refund your donation. And yeah, it’s really that good!

We are a not-for-profit charitable online hypnosis clinic. The net proceeds from you donation are put with others so we can relieve the suffering of people in a world of hurt who cannot help themselves such as hungry children.

Your Results May Vary.  Medical Disclaimer.

Satisfaction with our hypnotherapy sessions or your donation refunded.

Our Money Back Guarantee

After payment, our downloads are automatically delivered to your inbox in mp3 format. After order confirmation, check your inbox to download your files.

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