Dream Date


Dream Date


This is the perfect hypnosis session for a woman who loves life and surprises. This Dream Date Hypnosis session  hypnotizes you to fantasize with shocking reality that you’re extremely wealthy. You are in a festive, party mood on your yacht with your friends.  (Yes, the yacht is yours and it’s very real.) This leads to you meeting a very attractive man with whom you go on a dream date. There are many more exciting, detailed surprises, too. Seriously, You’ll enjoy this luxurious fantasy often.  (Warning!…don’t let any man listen to this hypnosis session. He will be jealous and try to compete with your dream date and won’t even come close).

This highly unusual and whispered about hypnosis session, only for the fair sex, is talked about on most every social site there is.  It’s destined to go viral. Why?  Simple. Every woman has her own ideas of what an amazing dream date is that borders on magic. Therefore, this hypnosis session goes deeply into your passion, desire for love and messages you libido. Not only is this hypnosis session exciting for an adventurous woman, it is extremely satisfying in many ways that will surprise you.

No, this is not pornography. Quite frankly, It’s better in a wholesome way. That’s because you are the star playing the leading roll while in hypnosis living and relishing every moment on this date. And, here is the best part. Since this is an audio download, you own it and can go on that date as often as you like. Each time it will seem like the first time on a dream date.  Yeah, its’ that good…and for heaven’s sake, don’t loan this to a friend. You may not get it back.

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