Common Discomfort Relief


Common Discomfort Relief


We bi-ped creatures, known as human beings, experience physical discomfort from time-to-time for numerous reasons. It may not be enough aching and related discomfort strong enough to warrant over the counter or prescribed medication, but it still remains uncomfortable. So, what to do?

Well, you don’t take two aspirins and call your doctor in the morning. You know better. And yes, if your discomfort persists, most definitely visit with your health care provider and have it looked into. Short of that, you need not remain uncomfortable.

To be comfortable you simply feel neutral or nothing.  This puts the mind and body at ease and you move on as a “happy camper”. However when discomfort raises its ugly head, you might get a bit grumpy. So, you try hot pads and ice packs, maybe message what’s sore or rub something on it and it still remains uncomfortable, yet it doesn’t hurt enough to warrant taking over the counter pills.

We have a better idea. Get Dr. Dean’s Discomfort Relief Hypnosis audio download session. When you have discomfort that keeps nagging you, listen to the session. It will most definitely hypnotize you deeply. It will then remove the subconscious programming that is the primary source of your discomfort and replace it with feelings of neutrality and freedom from any discomfort. It lasts for days. Use it whenever you need to escape safely and quickly from discomfort. Do share it with your significant other when they seem to be uncomfortable, too.

Your Results May Vary.  Medical Disclaimer.

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