Attract Others


Attract Others


How you look in a mirror isn’t as important as how attractive you are inside your heart and mind .This hypnosis session puts you in a state of mind  that reflects how attractive you really are which attracts others to you. This is a rewarding mood to be in and Dr. Dean will hypnotize you to be in that mood. Buckle up, you’re really going to like this.

First, let’s get real. The appearance of an attractive person is temporary at best. Age, health deterioration and the rough patches in life evolves everyone, sooner or later, into a person who no longer looks attractive. Brain death eventually ensues rendering the body lifeless. Hey! Not to worry, you are a spiritual being. Your very soul and bright spirit survives the death of your body. You, the real you survives and progresses. You are very much alive as a spiritual being. Your spirit does not age and decay and it does not cease to exist unless you choose otherwise.

You need not concern yourself with a withering physical appearance. Experiencing this hypnosis session by Dr. Dean will reveal your true magnificence,  power and attractiveness of your spiritual self. Your spirit is a beautiful creation by your Creator. Your base personality is a gift to you from your Creator. Both are eternal. Your spirit and personality, combined, is truly your real attractiveness. Those who have a spiritual mind and heart are attracted to you as you are to them.

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