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Mellow Feelings is one of Dr. Robert Dean’s most popular hypnotic mood sessions. It’s difficult to define what it does for you. It really has to be experienced to understand why a massive number of his clients enjoy this luxurious Hypnosis Session frequently. Here, on this website, right now, we will download to your phone or computer this awesome hypnosis audio session for a one-time $3.00 donation. BELIEVE IT! It’s yours to enjoy for life. Simply listen to it “as directed” and be delighted with how it makes you feel wonderfully mellow.

Listening to Mello quickly hypnotizes you to be in the most wonderful mellow mood you could possibly imagine. Then you’ll understand why it’s so popular. It’s affordable, plus you can share it with adult friends and family, too.

To give you a hint of what Mellow Feelings is like, below is a summary of how dictionaries define the word MELLOW. This suggests what it is and does to you when listened to “as directed” to achieve a state of being super mellow. The Feeling Mello session’s instructions run for 3 minutes. The session itself runs for 12 minutes. Your feeling mellow during and after the session lasts as long as appropriate. This session, for tens of thousands of people, has replaced the traditional “happy hour”. You’ll stay sober and feel way better enjoying this session. Now for what the dictionary has to say about MELLOW.

Unhurried and relaxed:

How it may be said or used: “A mellow conversation”.

Having attained to kindliness or gentleness through age and experience:
Mellow wisdom

Verb: mellow; past tense: mellowed; past participle: mellowed; gerund or present participle: mellowing; 3rd person present: mellows;

1. To soften, make mellow:

2. Age and experience mellowed him over the years.

3. To become more relaxed, easygoing or genial (warm and friendly)

This is one extremely unique hypnosis session you can download right now. It’s so different, so luxurious, it really is better than anything out there to enhance a comfortable state of being alone or around others.

Mellow is going viral. The reason why a massive number of people are acquiring this hypnosis season is because there is nothing out there, that’s legal or illegal, that can safely match how wonderful Dr. Dean’s Mellow Hypnotherapy audio hypnosis session makes you feel. Further, it lasts as long as appropriate. It’s legal and obviously very affordable. You must try it.

Mellow is safe to enjoy most anywhere other than while operating a motor driven vehicle or machinery. Listen to it only as directed, and you’re good to go. Obviously Mellow is way more affordable than other items people engage in or use to calm down. Unlike others ways to “chill out”, Mellow is not habit forming or addictive. And yeah, it’s perfectly legal and actually good for your health as it totally relieves stress, tension and nervousness.

There is nothing, and we mean nothing out there that can even approach how wonderful, comfy and “mellow” makes you feel. It’s portable, easy to enjoy and no further away than your cellphone, tablet or computer. Just listen to it as directed over a speaker or earbuds and you’re in for a new, sense of pure pleasure and luxurious mellow feelings you thought not possible.

During and after using Mellow Feelings, you are always in complete control of yourself and your environment. This is true while in hypnosis and out of hypnosis. Once you have been brought out of hypnosis by Dr. Dean, it’s okay to operate a vehicle safely.

Best of all this audio hypnosis session is yours for life for unlimited use. You can’t run out of it and you don’t have to keep buying it. And, here is the best part, you can share it with adult friends and family. When they see how Mellow you are, they will want what you’ve got… complete, luxurious tranquility. That’s why, in these stressful times, Dr. Dean’s hypnosis session, Mellow Feelings, is going viral online. And, for only $3.00 to download and own it, it’s a super bargain. This is only possible because we “operate not-for-profit”. New Life Clinics Charitable Trust pays for the session downloaded to you as there way of saying thank-you for your modest donation. It’s our gift to you. Meanwhile, the three bucks you donated are put with many other donations the trust receives and spends the net proceeds of those the to reduce or end the suffering of people in a world of hurt who cannot help themselves such as hungry children. At the bottom of this page is mentioned the popular charities we support.

You must try Mellow Feelings to understand why Mellow is preferred over unhealthy mind altering substances, chemicals and alcohol. Mellow Feelings will NOT harm you. It gets you into a marvelous mood you absolutely love being in every time. It goes where all other illegal or intoxicating substances simply can’t go. You don’t go down or up. You go to where it is just right for you. This, for many people (and we mean. many people) is their time out for the dal y or their number one choice for happy hour in the privacy and security of their own home. With Mellow, you get your cake and can eat, too! When Mellow is listened to as a couple for mutual enjoyment.

We are New Life Clinics Charitable Trust, an on-line, nonprofit, hypnosis therapy clinic. We are Americas most trusted, oldest, and largest online hypnotherapy clinic. Since 1993 we have been owned by the people of the United States. You share in the ownership of this nationwide online charitable clinic.

We don’t need to make a profit at New Life Clinics. That’s why Mellow is only three bucks! That’s 10 times lower in cost than what others charge for a similar hypnosis session download online. A private, in person office session by Dr. Dean is $150.00. The Mellow audio hypnosis therapy session download is an identical simulation of a private office session and causes the exact same results. The only difference is the Private Sessions costs $150.00 and the download (which works the same) is only $3.00. Now you know why Mellow is going viral.

Mellow Feelings is a 12-minute hypnosis session you can enjoy right here and now. It’s administered to you on line by the creator and narrator of Mellow Feelings, Dr. Robert G. Dean, Ph.D., C.Hth. Once you donate to download it, you’ll listen to the session off-line when and where-ever is appropriate.

To fully experience Mellow Feelings, follow Dr. Dean’s 3-minutes of instructions closely before you listen to Mellow. Then listen to Mellow (as directed). You’ll quickly feel comfy and completely stress free. Nothing seems to bother you. You are content, calm and Mellow in a new way that simply cannot be described. You must experience it.

You’ll get only the best hypnosis! See for yourself…We come to you with over 80 major Endorsements and References

Enjoy being really Mellow! Over one-million people already have.

Below are 20 hypnosis sessions that I have for you from which to review and select. Simply click the session’s picture (displayed below) to read about the session. If you like it, select it. Each download is a one-time $3.00 donation.

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Below are just a few of the charities we support.

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