self-improvement hypnosis audio Mellow Feelings – Learn More

Mellow Feelings – Learn More

About Your Mellow Feelings Hypnosis Session

Dr. Robert G Dean Ph.D.

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Why this Hypnosis Session is in demand:

It puts you in a mood that absolutely makes your day! Feeling Mellow lasts as long as appropriate.

Experience matters: Created and narrated by Robert G. Dean, Ph.D. who is a nationally recognized Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy and a Board Certified Hypnotherapist. He has over 32 years in practice.

“State-of-the-Art” Hypnosis-therapy endorsed by over 80 major organizations.

Nonprofit clinic makes this very affordable.

This hypnosis session is the smart alternative to using social drugs and/or alcoholic beverages to “chill-out” and feel mellow.

Easy to use. A luxury to experience.

Safe. Leaves no negative side effect.

Questions? Dr. Dean has got your back. There is no cost to consult with him by cell phone, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Arizona Mt. Time Zone, Mon-Sat. (928) 279-1848

hypnosis to have mellow feelings

This is the perfect hypnosis session to listen to when you really want to be calm. It’s for those times when you wish the world would stop spinning so you can step off it. That’s when you need to “chill out” and feel Mellow.

In today’s fast pace living and time anxiety, people do things for relief that backfire on them. They drink alcoholic beverages, vape or smoke marijuana, take tranquilizers all of which are harmful to health and can mess up the brain. You don’t have to get caught up in those expensive, unhealthy traps. In the 20-hypnosis sessions you’ll receive the Mellow Feelings hypnosis session is included.. And yeah, it really does cause those who listen to it, as directed, to feel extremely relaxed and mellow. It slows everything down so you can take a breath of fresh air, let it out and put everything that’s rushing around in your mind on pause. And, oh my, what a relief that is.

Mellow feelings help you settle into your idea of a real comfort zone. There’s no rush or fuss. You experience tranquility you thought not possible . It’s safe and far outclasses the effects of social drugs and alcohol in cost, safety and stress relief. Mellow Feelings is a mental luxury. Honestly, you’ll love the mood this marvelous hypnosis session into which it gently guides you. You’ll feel luxuriously relaxed and very calm. That state of relaxation will last as long as appropriate.

This hypnosis session is not habit forming. It’s yours for life to use whenever you want to feel calm and mellow.

The Mellow Feelings Mp3 Hypnosis Session is included as one of the 20 hypnosis sessions you’ll receive as our way to say thank-you for your one-time. donation. Many people donate $20.00 to receive a download of the 20 hypnosis sessions featured on this website which also includes this Mellow Feelings hypnosis session.

A lot of folks spend a lot of money on alcoholic beveredges and or prescribed medications to relax and feel “Mellow”. Many of those people now prefer the depth of relaxation and feeling good provided by Dr. Dean’s Mellow hypnotherapy session. Be smart. Donate, just once, what you can afford. Be generous. Be good to yourself knowing you helped us help people in a word of hurt who cannot help themselves. Donate what makes you feel good, and yes, feeling mellow, too.