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About Dr. Dean’s Mellow Feelings Hypnosis Session

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hypnosis to have mellow feelings

This is the perfect hypnosis session to listen to when you really want to be calm. It’s for those times when you wish the world would stop spinning so you can step off of it. That’s when you need to “chill out” and feel Mellow.

In today’s fast pace living and time anxiety, people do things for relief that backfire on them. They drink alcoholic beverages, vape or smoke marijuana, take tranquilizers all of which are harmful to health and mess up the brain. You don’t have to get caught up in those traps. In the 20-hypnosis session you’ll receive is this hypnosis session call Mellow Feelings. And yeah, it really does cause those who listen to it, as directed, to feel mellow. It slows everything down so you can take a breath of fresh air, let it out and put everything that’s rushing around in your mind on pause. And, oh my, what a relief it is.

Mellow feelings lets you settle into your idea of a real comfort zone. There’s no rush or fuss. You experience tranquility you thought not possible. It’s safe and far outclasses the effects of drugs and alcohol. It’s a mental luxury. Honestly, you’ll love the mood this marvelous hypnosis session gently puts you in. It lasts as long as appropriate. It’s not habit forming. It’s yours for life to use whenever you want to feel mellow.