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You have three minds…

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I learned in college, many moons ago that meditation is good for the mind. It calms and reduces stress. I was also taught by a professor who whacked my hand with a ruler for taking notes with chalk on a piece of slate (yeah, I’m that old).  After I learned this from the good professor, it got me to thinking. Hmmm, meditation, eh  ….what if one is meditating about the horrible divorce they are going through or a civil war between the Democrats and the Republicans. What about that parking ticket, flat tire, or your neighbor’s dog pooping in your yard and how you would like to scoop that poop in a paper bag, put in on your neighbors front porch, light the bag on fire, ring the doorbell and run like hell giggling. Or, maybe you just thought about shooting the dog just for innocently taking care of dog business. That’s not fair to the dog. So you considered shooting the neighbor instead. Keep in mind, it is your third mind (the most powerful spiritual mind not elaborated on in this article) that keeps you from shooting your neighbor. On the other hand, some folks don’t have much in the way of a spiritual mind. So every now and then, a neighbor gets shot. See how the truth set you free?

No doubt if one works at it, they can meditate about fluffy clouds and a glorious choir of angels singing. You might even remember the smell of roses or the luxury of lounging on a beach slurping libations with a little umbrella at the top of their glass as the sun beautifully sets. Hey, that really takes a lot of effort and imagination. Then a crab sneaks into your meditation and bites you toe and poof, so much for meditation! Now you think about catching and eating crabs. Look, we are basically still animals, so what do you expect?.

Here is what’s really so… Have you ever noticed what little effort it takes to think quietly (meditate) and it just goes on autopilot. Then weird, even scary thoughts surface out of nowhere. I’m talking about really well executed, but, stupid, dispecable thoughts that if your Mother knew what you were thinking, she would disown you? Yep, negative thoughts seem to automatically poor into everyone’s mind for something to do. As for nice, meditative thoughts, well they don’t come so easily. So, what to do?

I learned many things from ancient sages (dudes over 40). They write things on the back of envelopes in their millennial fashion. It’s easy to see. It’s unmistakably writing of a 14 year old boy wandering through a Victoria’s Secret lingerie store at the local mall. In other words, they seem excited. but confused. at the same time. Oh, and they can’t conjugate a verb worth spit either.

These old sages teach Democrats that the primary purpose for every human being on this planet, who lives to adulthood, only have one purpose. And, that is to master one’s self. Translated, that means to Democrats how to beat Republicans on election day. Now I ask, if a person can’t control or atleast briddal their stupid, weird thoughts, how can the likes of everyday folks like us ever hope to achieve self mastery? Well, since this problem starts with the mind and ends with the mind, let’s explore just what our minds are up to. Buckle up, this is going to be  stuff you’ll think about when laying in bed tonight.

First of all, have you ever seen a mind walk through your living room? If you have, take two aspirin and call me in the morning for an appointment (you’re a delusional sick puppy). Otherwise, it’s doubtful if you’ll ever see a mind wave at you as you scan your living room.  Mind is not matter. So how do you master something you can’t see, feel, smell, taste or hear but, it’s there? If a thought is in your mind, it’s there and real (provided you are not insane).

Okay, if thoughts are in your mind, then where is your mind? Well, if you are like many far left socialist commie, pinko Democrats, you have lost your mind and probably can’t  find it. If however you are in your mind, it’s apparent it is not in your brain. It is, dear reader, all around you.

You have THREE minds. #1 Conscious  – #2 Subconscious – #3 Superconscious.

Okay, let me solve this riddle as to where your mind and its thoughts really are. No, they are not in your smartphone as many teens believe. They are truly all around, and through you. Where you go, they go with you. When you cry, they cry with you When you laugh, they laugh with you. While your body will eventually die, your mind never does. All that is good about it and of spiritual value survives eternally. The dirty jokes in it do not survive. Hey, didn’t I say this revelation was from ancient Sage dudes over 40?

Since you, dear reader, and I are material biped animals at the top of the food chain, we generally believe only what we can see, feel, hear, taste. smell and spiritually and/or emotionally experience. Anything outside that scope is beyond all that is finite. It’s really at an infinite, super spiritual level where I shall not dare tread in this article.

So to foster you along on this line, I want you to look at your hand for a moment. See the size of it. That’s an analogy for the size of your conscious mind. As an aside here, you lovely femininests out there are probably having a sissy fit because your hands are smaller than a man’s. This implies that your lovely spiritually influenced, feminine, conscious mind is not as big as the male’s mostly neanderthal mind. Now, dear lady, calm your feminest rage, keep your bra hooked on and think for a moment. While one’s hand is used as an analogy of the size of their conscious mind, one only needs to see the size of the remaining two minds of both genders to see their really is equality between the two sexes. And there, my feminine pets is where you square off equally with those who sport mustaches. have adams apples and, while in the shower, sings deeply in the key of ”S”. I am, of course, referring to the size of your subconscious mind. So, my fine feathered friend, just look about the room you are in. Note its size. That is the size of your subconscious mind. And, from a truthful point of view, a lady can easily be in a much bigger room than a man

So, this magnificent subconscious mind of yours really is huge when compared to your hand. In fact it automatically does about 90% of your programmed thinking for you. It only has one minor problem with that. Your subconscious mind is not capable of logic. Only your conscious mind can think logically. This is true of both genders.

You subconscious mind can no more come up with 2+2=4 then fly to the moon. In fact, it can have a program in it that believes 3 +7 =2 and it will go through your life marylily thinking that’s true.  Now you know why most men are better at math than most women. Men tend to have a higher level of logic, while women have a high heel stiletto shoes.

Men are stopped dead in their tracks by the charms of a women or a nude female department store mannequin. Meanswhile, women are paralized in their tracks when they wander into the purse and shoe department at Macys. This proves where the real power of the two genders lie. If women did not instantly achieve a deep state of hypnotic somnambulism when trying on a pair of gorgeous high heel shoes at Macy’y, then caves and buys them, Macy’s could not exist. You see, it’s obvious; women are trapped into buying women’ things at stores like Macys, while the Board of Directors (mostly men) enjoy big bucks every payday.  So, in reality, who is really in charge here. The Board of Directors, or women who financially support Macy’s?  So, ladies, my hat is off to all of you. How clever you manipulate the male species in spite of their bigger conscious logical mind

So, your conscious mind is your logic. It is your “thinker” with which psychologist tinker and hypnotherapists put in a playpen. There it is, your conscious mind out of the way so we hypnotherapists can access your real power… your subconscious mind. This is what Hypnosis really is. This is easily done by any hypnotist worth his or her salt. As proof, just think of the Las Vegas entertainment hypnotist’s stage show when he effortlessly has his volunteer subjects on stage making love to metal folding chairs whilst at the same time singing God bless America. Once your conscious mind is put aside in abeyance, the therapist has direct access to your subconscious mind, and oh my can miracles be achieved then.

Your subconscious mind does most of your daily thinking. What makes your heart beat? What makes you breath? Notice you don’t even think about it. It just happens. Your autonomic nervous system makes you breath, your heart beat, etc.. Now what makes that autonomic nervous system work? Obviously your brain.  Well, what makes your brain work? It’s  your subconscious mind . It’s the mind that uses millions of programs in it to deal with millions of things in your life. Consider how you can drive your car while happily yodeling the National Anthem. Notice when you tie your shoes. You don’t think about it. You just bend down and tie them while you are thinking about something else all together. If you had to think about everything you do first,. Before it is done, you wouldn’t get much done in a day. In fact, your heart would stop just because you are focusing on trying to breath. So, as you can ascertain, your subconscious mind is extremely powerful, yet can’t think logically. Now you know why people do some pretty goofy things like drive a motorcycle through a fiery hoop, or parachute out of airplanes just for giggles. If a program is placed into one’s subconscious mind accidentally or on purpose, and locked in, the subconscious mind will see to it that it is carried out exactly as programmed. For instance, your parents taught you (make that programmed your subconscious mind) that Santa Claus was real and the tooth fairy would come by when you were asleep, snatch your tooth left under your pillow and exchange it for some money. Think of that, your parents actually sold one of your body parts (a tooth that falls out of your head) and you got paid for it.  As you mature, you had trauma when you learned that Santa Claus is just some old fat guy who dawned a red suit, phony beard and lied to hundreds of children at Macy’s that he was Santa. Further, he had children believing he was going to somehow go down a filthy chimney half the size of himself, tippy toe to a dying tree proudly displayed with trinkets on it and slide gifts to you under it. You were then, and have remained ever since programmed to love materialism and free stuff. Thanks Mom… Kudos to you Dad. So, we all live in lies programmed into our subconscious mind. And now, you no longer need to worry about your weird thoughts. They are simply programs doing their thing.  What matters is you use your conscious mind to bridle the nutty stuff that is programmed into your subconscious. This is, in the end, how a person masters them self.

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