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Confidence is just another word for leadership. Leadership is required if you are going to accomplish meaningful achievements. To lead, you have to be self-confident.

A lack of self-confidence stems from two of your worst enemies:  Fear and Ego. Most folks who are not self-confident have fear they will fail or otherwise, cause more problems than are solved.  People who lack self-confidence also have their ego at stake. They are concerned if something is not done properly by them, it will come back to haunt them and attack their personality and status quo. The ego, therefore removes that possibility by causing the individual to back away,  to not lead and to not participate in a given achievement to “save face”.  The ego is the cause of self-rejection and fear.

To give you an example, most people have a fear of public speaking. To get before an audience of several people to perform, make a speech or entertain causes panic attacks in some people. Why? The ego is threatened. Once the speaker’s status quo is up for ridicule by the those in the audience it generates great fear in the speaker which, in turn, causes the individual to decline any situation that involves public speaking. 

There probably has been and will be many times you will be in situations or called upon to step up, do what needs to be done and take complete responsibility for you actions. You can do this if you esteem yourself, ethically and high enough to achieve a given goal or project. An ethical, high self-esteem gives you the armor needed to put your ego back in its playpen so you can achieve that which others could not or would not do. That’s the big difference between a self-confident leader and a follower who is controlled by their ego. Understand, you are not an ego. Ego is your worst enemy and is not a part of who and what you really are. When you take control of the ego and learn to toss it aside, your self-confidence will soar to lofty heights.

The keys to self-esteem are as follows:

  • Your body is not the real you. It’s a temporary image of you. Mortal life is a very intense, relative short period in time when compared to eternity. It is your initial existence to learn how to be in a body as a mortal. It’s boot camp (basic training) to initially prepare you for eternal existence, should you choose to survive for eternity.  The key here is to remember you are not a body.  So don’t worry about what others may think of your body. It’s not permanent, so it doesn’t matter in the long run.
  • Some day, you will grow older and lay down your body and leave it. However, while your body is no longer in use, you, your mind matrix and your personality truly survives. From there you move on to learn and experience many new, wonderful and amazing things. There really is no end to the real you.  Your body is simply a vehicle in which the real you currently lives. Within you mind and spirit dwells a spiritual fragment of your creator to assist you and adjust your thoughts, with your permission, to unerringly guide you on the right path to eternal success, light and life.  This key is: The real you is a creation by your creator. Truly that makes you awesome, unique and loved.
  • People are not judging you. They are looking at you and listening to you so they can understand you.  This key indicates you have nothing to fear.  You are what you are which is awesome. After all, look who created you!
  • Since you are, in a meaningful way, one with your creator (as a part of His spirit indwells your very soul) He is pleased when you dare to stand and be heard and seen in a wholesome way. This is how one masters themselves. They conquer fear with self love and love for others. This final key makes it clear, you cannot fear that which you love and loves you. Once again, look who is your eternal partner that now indwells you. It’s from God and is God in you. It just doesn’t get any better. Your self confidence is supported by the most awesome power throughout all of the far flung universes which is love. God is love.

No doubt there are things you know and do quite well. Therefore, you are very confident about doing those things. They don’t frighten you or threaten your ego. So, it is a fact you do have self-confidence in specific things that matter. It is usually the new things you find yourself involved that retards your self-confidence. If you will simply reflect back on the previous fours keys you will find what is new, different and perhaps difficult, is really a great excuse to roll up your sleeves and dive into it. You have nothing to fear except fear itself.  All new things should be looked at as a wonderful adventure and not from a point of fear or assault on your ego (status quo). If you are asked to bake a cake and you never have before, take it on as a fascinating challenge. And, when you do your best, wow!… you just made a wonderful cake. On the other hand, if your cake turns out badly, you can actually laugh about it so others can laugh with you and not at you. We are all human and subject to folly and error. So, it’s okay to make mistakes because they are important lessons that are needed to advance in life here and beyond.

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