Increase Love and Intimacy

There are many reasons a couple may seem to fall out of love with each other. Ultimately, all those reasons boil down to just one; and that is the inability of a couple to talk completely open, honest, and uninhibited with each other at the most personal and intimate level. The most successful couples in a marriage or cohabitation easily and openly communicate with each other free from any feelings of fear, anger, ego, embarrassment, shame, or restrictions such as religious taboos and societal norms.

In other words, both can tell each other what is truly so and both gladly accept what is said. How so? It’s because each person knows the other person is speaking uninhibited, complete truth not to harm the other but merely to inform each other of what’s so.

So, exactly how does that work? It’s simple, just tell your better half the way it is for you. And, in turn, your partner will respond in kind. Each makes the other aware of where they draw their line in the sand which is not to be stepped over. Both agree and keep that sacred between them. Therefore, up to that point, anything goes unless it tastes bad, smells bad physically hurts and/or violates a religious or spiritual conviction and/or beliefs. That’s where you both draw your lines in the sand and never to be stepped over by either of you.

Now let’s apply this concept. Suppose you are quietly alone with your lover (who is your partner, spouse, etc.) You both know where the other draws a line in the sand about most things of importance. This was achieved in earlier open discussions during the time you have been together. This drawing one’s line in the sand must be done first before either may advance as a loving couple. No blame, harshness, or yelling. Just the facts revealed gently.

To better understand this, let’s make this an intimate situation. Your partner wants to tell you what he/she really wants to experience while making love to you. However, most couples might think it taboo to bring up such thinking as it does not conform to certain religious rules or societal norms. The ego steps in and further causes doubt and fear as to what your partner may think of you if you revealed such information to your partner. So, you and your partner remain silent and you both remain in the dark as to what you and your partner really need to feel loved. Allowing this to continue for enough time and the couple can easily stop caring about each other and fall out of love.

Now, let’s toss out the ego plus what religion tells you can and cannot do when intimately in love. Also, chuck what society thinks. Suppose you move all of that out of the way and invite your partner to speak to you freely and uninhibited. You, in turn, accept what is desired and even let it excite you. And, just to be fair, you share with your partner what you really need to feel loved on the very same basis. Now you both give each other what you both desire free of any embarrassment, ego controls, and related taboos. You both simply fall more deeply in love with each other because you both have agreed to be open, honest, and totally uninhibited with each other. Both of you know what each of you needs to feel loved and satisfied. It is then, and only then that you and your partner have an “intimate” love life which makes all other things in your relationship agreeable, comfortable, and worthwhile.

As for the line in the sand stuff…consider everything is okay unless it hurts, smells bad, tastes bad, or is truly offensive to your belief systems. Of course, you lay that out for your partner to observe as does you partner with you. That leaves you both a lot of room to play, be happy, and madly in love with each other all of the time.

The hypnotherapy session audio download narrated by Dr. Dean removes from your subconscious mind common taboos, opens up your mind to accept your partner’s desires as your partner does yours. You both realize, when all is said and done, why go out for hamburgers when there are steaks at home.

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Increase Love and Intimacy

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