Weight Loss Hypnosis

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End your diet war! You are overweight for one or more of the following reasons. What you eat puts more body fat on you than you can use for energy.  Psychological programming at the subconscious level that prevents healthy eating and exercise. Certain medical disorder and medications also cause weight gain.

Most weight loss diets don’t work and rarely cause a permanent result. Understand, your being overweight is a symptom of a deeper underlying cause. To become and remain trim you must eliminate the psychological cause of being overweight.

Dr. Dean’s weight loss hypnotherapy will hypnotize you to change your behavior in ways that will delight you and cause fairly rapid, safe weight reduction. Most important, it will program you to cause behavior that sheds belly fat plus keeps excessive weight off your body.

Over one-half million men and women love this powerful weight loss hypnosis session. They own it and were hypnotized to lose excess weight successfully. Many still listen to it occasionally to keep excess weight off. They walk, talk, think, act, and behave like a trim person. Therefore, they are what they do. You will, too. You must try it now.

Donate $20.00. You’ll immediately receive a download of all six of Dr. Dean’s hypnotherapy sessions, including this one, Weight Loss Hypnosis Session. You’ll own them all for life as our gift to say thank-you for your donation. 

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