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Human stress is far more dangerous, even deadly than most folks realize. Stress is, in fact, the primary cause of death in the United States, and I dare say throughout modern nations world wide.  Stress is a mentally induced disorder caused by outside events that have accidental programmed  the subconscious mind.

As an example, a person drives their car to work daily without any event. Then, one day, that person is hit by another car which causes severe injury and destruction of the car. After many months of healing, the individual has acquired another car and returns to driving to work. This time, however, the individual becomes severely stressed while driving. A pounding headache occurs while driving. Then nervous shaking and profuse sweating happens. The individual is so over taken with fear and stress from driving the car, he pulls to the side of the road, stops and turns off his motor. He is nearly paralized with fear, stress and tension to a point he is in pain.

What is occurring here is the result of a program. It was, by accident, placed into the subject’s subconscious mind during  the car accident. It is interpreted by the subconscious mind that driving a car is dangerous and life threatening.

The subconscious mind cannot think logically. Only one’s conscious mind is capable of thinking logically. So the subconscious mind illogically adopts the accident and the pain following it as a result of driving a car. While this is not logical, remember, the subconscious mind can’t think logically.  So, now driving a car causes the programming in the subconscious mind to reject driving a car because it sees it (illogically) as something that causes great pain and loss. If the subject does drive a car, the subconscious mind triggers many glands and organs in the body to respond in such a manner they put great stress on the body and in one’s conscious mind. The end result is extremely detrimental to one’s health.

Understand that stress has numerous levels and is caused literally millions of ways by programs that accidentally get into one’s subconscious mind. It doesn’t matter if you are being interviewed for a job, taking a test or preparing a sumptuous meal.  This can’t be averted by any intelligent biped mortal because of how life works on our planet and how our brains are wired. 

Stress wreaks havoc on your body and exacerbates chronic ailments such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and even erectile dysfunction.

The statistics are staggering: 44% of Americans feel more stressed than they did five years ago; work stress causes 10% of strokes; stress increases the risk of heart disease by a whopping 40% and heart attack by 25%; and it also shrinks the brain. 

As a doctor, knowing this I decided to check up on my brain health. So I had an M.R.I. done on my brain. The radiologist advised me that my brain had shrunk slightly. Now my wife accuses me of small thinking. But, I digress.

Most every person’s brain shrinks as they age into their senior years. This is primarily caused by how much stress a person has in their life and how they dealt with it.  Proper self-care of your brain calls for the  avoidance of excess stress. This means you enjoy your work and purpose. You have adequate income to meet your needs. You routinely exercise. You eat a healthy plant based diet and eat only to live and not live to eat. You  remain calm, have a sense of peace about you in your daily living. Having a wholesome  sense of humor is also a must. You also must have a few close friends who do not stress you out, plus be close with your family. And, most importantly, cultivate a real spiritual connection with our Creator’s spirit and love.

As a professional Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Board Certified Hypnotherapist, I have counseled many thousands of people in my practice of over 29 years. I can tell you when hearing the stressful situations my patients revealed to me, natural human empathy and care for these patients brought their stress into my mind. This is one of the dangers of being a counseling therapist. Indeed, the best therapy is occuring when it is difficult to determine who the patient is and the therapist is. They are both on the same subject, feeling the same thing with and for each other. So therapists do experience high levels of stress by the nature of their work. So do police officers, troops in combat, plumbers, electricians, surgeons, stock brokers, and, well, I think you get my point. 

As a result of stress in daily living, which causes subconscious programming that makes stress far worse, we as a biped human species, experience numerous illnesses, disease and death.

So, what to do?  Well, to advise you, dear reader, to have an ideal lifestyle to keep stress to a very minimum, is probably impossible. I was in the U.S. Marines back in the early 60’s (yeah, I’m a real dinosaur). And, I can tell you that Marines are rarely in a stress free environment or situation because acute stress often occurs in the course of a Marine’s duties.  There are many thousands of occupations and situations that causes a person to be in a constant state of stress which, in the end, is the undoing of one’s health if not their life.

Most folks are always in some degree or another of stress. That’s why many people drink too much alcoholic beverage. Others resort to social, legal and illegal drugs. Understand this is why some states have legalized the use of Marijuana. Even the entire nation of Canada has legalized use of Marijuana and their citizens embraced it wholeheartedly as a blessed relief from stress. And, their governments enjoyed a big boost in sales tax revenue.  I know there is a better, easier, much safer way to achieve relief from stress and that is with the proper use of professional stress relief hypnotherapy.  Let’s look at that idea for a moment.

Hypnosis is safe when administered by a board certified, experienced hypnotherapist. It is the least expensive way to achieve rapid relief from stress. It’s faster than most drugs. It is a fraction of the cost of drugs. It lasts for days if not months and can be used over and over again without fear of addiction or destruction of internal organs such as your liver, heart and brain. There is no damage that may occur when enjesting prescribed or illegal chemically derived drugs or damage to one’s lungs and cellular structure caused by inhaling marijuana smoke, its vapor or digesting it by eating it.

How hypnosis works and effects you can be learned by visiting About Hypnosis. You’ll discover it works best on intelligent people. It’s an extremely luxurious experience because it is very relaxing and by its nature stress relieving if a relaxation hypnosis induction technique is used. (All of my hypnosis inductions use the relaxation technique.} You can experience, too. We have a fun four minute hypnosis test that will prove to you that you can be hypnotized. About 80% of those tested so far did  experience being fully hypnotized from this test and really enjoyed the experience.

The message here is simple. First, do your best to arrange the most important aspect of your daily life to reduce your stress level. Next, with your physicians approval reduce or stop taking drugs to calm you and reduce stress. They simply are hard on your liver, usually additive and distort the natural function of your brain. Fortunately, hypnosis has no negative side effects unless you suffer from epilepsy. If you do, you should not use hypnosis for any reason, unless you are on medication to prevent a seizure.

It’s best to not drink any alcoholic beverage because excess alcohol does shrink the brain, and raises havoc with your liver, heart, vascular system, blood, etc. However, one 4oz. Glass of wine for a woman and no more than eight ounces of wine for a man two or three times per week is relatively harmless. However, wine, beer or hard liquor does not hold a candle to stress relief when compared to the result of a professional stress relief hypnotherapy session audio. And, best of all, there is no negative side effects or hangover from hypnosis like there can be with alcoholic beverages.  And just think of the money you can save, too.

In the end, be aware of the fact that hypnosis has been around since the ancient Egyption Pharaohs. It has, over several thousands of years,  been refined into a psychological science and administered  primarily to middle and upper class people world wide.  Many licensed psychologists use hypnotherapy in their practice. They have learned they can use clinical hypnosis to get to the mental cause of one’s emotional disorder in a matter of minutes and end it quickly which otherwise takes months, even years of numerous counseling sessions to achieve. Bottom line… suffering is reduced and ultimately ended quickly with proper use of hypnotic therapy.


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