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How you look in a mirror isn’t as important as how attractive you are inside your heart and mind.This puts you in a state of mind that reflects how attractive you really are which attracts others to you. This is a rewarding mood to be in. You discover you really are attractive in ways you never knew.  

Are you ready to let it all go? We mean, are you ready to realize the truth about how attractive you really are? Forget the thousands of television, magazine and internet shows and ads you see featuring so called beautiful women. That’s all for show and is couched in falsehoods.

Some of those great looking men and gorgeous women, if you knew them, you would realize they have their own set of problems which when realized scar their exterior looks because it ruins their personality and inward attractiveness.

Being attractive is not all about being handsome or beautiful to look at. Far from it. It’s really about how that person makes you feel when you are with them. It’s more about what is in that person’s mind, personality and persona that, in the end really determines if they are attractive or not.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PERFECT HUMAN BODY. No doubt, you will find something about a person’s looks, when made bare that isn’t that attractive. There are warts, freckles , scars, slight disfigurations, dental issues, loss of hair, brittle nails, hair in the wrong places, and well, let’s face it, we biped mortals are really animals at the top of the food chain. So, what’s this nonsense about attractive beauty.

We will be the first to tell you its is all about following the dollar. You see, the trick in marketing is first to convince people they must be beautiful to attract people to love them and care for them and most important to be acceptable to everyone. Therefore, those who spew forth these lies are advertising, marketing and  selling products and services that promotes and causes one’s so called beautiful or handsome appearance to improve. So, let’s look at the truth of all of this and let the truth set us all free. Ready?

Somehow, thousands and thousands of years ago, someone figured out if a woman paints her face, that suppose to look beautiful. So, women put the most ungodly things on their face and other parts of their body believing this makes them attractive to the opposite sex. Women spread red grease on their lips (called lipstick) They powder the face to make it look younger and healthier. They paint on their eyebrows and glue thick eyelashes to their eyelids.  They put goop on their face to shrink its dermas to reduce wrinkles. They grow their nails into near claws and then polish and paint them with elaborate artwork. They do things with their hair which boggles ones imagination. Unlimited styles lengths and shapes and even die it in radiant colors. The fact is, hair is nothing more then dead skin the body push out of itself. We call it hair. Dermatologist call it dead dermas.

The cosmetic industry and the plastic surgery industry, and even the clothes and shoes industry is worth trillions of dollars worldwide, annually. Look at the shoes women are programmed to wear. They have spiked high heels on them to push their rump up into a more suggestive, so called sexy and attractive position which ruin their feet, posture and spine in the processes. Podiatrists, plastic surgeons , chiropractors and bone docs love it.!  kaching!  Kaching! But, for most ladies it eventually is painful to remain in such shoes. 

So, let’s drill down a bit deeper so we can realize what is really attractive. We don’t care if a woman or a man is extremely attractive or, a sex god or goddes, they can be quite ugly if they  are nentally degranged and devoid of goodness. So, the body one gets, which is mostly dictated by the genes of their parents and grandparents, in no way makes a person ugly or beautiful. It simply gives them a house we call the human body which in it lives one’s very own soul, mind and spirit.  So, what matters is that the body is as healthy as it can be, and is kept that way. 

Most people, regardless of their gender, would rather have a mate and find that mate more attractive if he or she is healthy, has a vibrant personality, is fun to know and be with, and most importantly very loving with a lovely gentle spirit that reflect unresistable goodness.

Understand, we are not raging against people decorating their body with cosmetics, jewelry, wigs, elaborate clothing and crazy shoes (and don’t forget the cologne and perfume sold for many dollars per ounce to disguise real human odor). We realize nearly all people are simply following the programming that has been installed into their subconscious minds by society at large and reinforced by those who covet capital gains from products they tell people to make their customers attractive. The real problem with all of this (other than the enormous waste of money involved) is it has perfectly decent, loving people behaving in very bizarre ways.  For instance, in parts of Africa, a woman is considered beautiful if her neck is extended several inches by wearing metal rings from childhood to adulthood around her neck to stretch it. Others think a bone through a man’s nose is handsome. Miniskirts in some parts of the world are considered volugure and insist women run around in black mini-tents with a veiled eye slit to see through. They are forced to wear these in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees daily in the summer. Where as in the U.S. women in miniskirts fetches whistles from aggressive young men. Once again, it’s all about programming and belief systems buried into each person’s subconscious mind.

So, what to do? While the truth sets us free, when we drill down into attractiveness, we see its all a scam. So, what is real attractiveness? Ready for this?  Try being and looking like you really are. And what are you? Well, whatever your gender, is for starters. from there we look inside and not outside of you. How warm, loving and caring is your personality to all others you communicate with in life? How clean is your mind and heart. Your body will reflect that. What personality attributes do you use to make those you wish to attracted to you? And here comes the million dollar question: Why in the world would anyone present to another an artificial front in appearance to hide their real self, which in reality is the work of God?

Okay, we confess, must of this folly is caused by men. Sorry guys, but that’s a fact. Men have, over melania, worked at convincing and programming women to believe they have to look like different creatures to identify the difference in their gender. This sets up an unnatural tension between both genders.  How unnatural? Well, ladies, what if your guy show up to take you to dinner, and he is wearing exceptionally high heeled shoes, nylon full length leg stockings, a skirt (which wind can blow up), and upper clothing to accentuate his torso, plus elaborate jewels strewn around his neck and worn on his fingers, wrists and ankles. Oh, and don’t forget the frilly underwear which is next to useless and his hair is dyed a color it is not.  So, if you ladies got into a man’s psyche in that manner, it would clearly make your gender the controlling entity as to how the genders are suppose to behave.  Once again, it’s subconscious programming, lies, and following the dollar that has this strange behavior acceptable as the norm. 

I have no doubt, if any intelligent biped creature (like we mortals) visited our planet, they would immediately assume we are insane.

Okay, enoug with reality… let’s see what this really means to a lady who simply wants to be attractive to everyone (especially her opposite sex). Since not much can be done to deprogram the human race regarding their folly about beatification of one’s appearance, we are, more or less, forced to accept what is the current status quo. With that said, in the hypnosis session which is structured to make the female listener feel extremely attractive, at least we are honest about it. We have little to say about the fair sex’s finger nails, cologne and clothing and shoes which torments their body. That’s a given, and we will leave it that. What the feel attractive hypnotic mood session really does is to you is release the real attractiveness in your mind, soul and spirit in such a manner that your opposite gender can’t take their eyes and ears off of you. You own them!  Period!

You see, what really turns a gentlemen on is behavior, meaning what you say, how you say it and the body language you use to emphasize it. In other words, the real you. He doesn’t care if you smell like a rose. He only cares that you don’t smell bad. So a shower is a lot more effective than an expensive bottle of perfume. He doesn’t care if you have clothing on so high and tight its advertising you physical charms. He cares more about how your hand feels in his, how a loving warm hug affects him rather  than to see you walking down the hallway wiggling away. He prefers you have a fresh breath rather than a painted lips. He likes the natural sparkle of your eyes without them being shadowed with paint. He feels your naturalness does not hold a candle to the most beautiful jewels on our planet. He finds your femininity in your soft gentle voice and a lovely smile is far, far better than an elaborate evening gown. He admires you stamina and strength when called upon and not the weak, wimpy female. He wants a help mate that he can effortlessly consider coequal to him in all meaningful ways. He does not want “the little woman” who relies on him for everything.  He wants a loyal partner giving him the motivation to return the same honor.

If you really want to feel and be attractive to those that matter the most to you, you need to get truthful programming into your subconscious mind which will cause you, with your permission, to walk, talk, think and behave like the beautiful woman you really are in your mind, spirit and sole. And, that ladies is what really turn on a real man.  A real man does not wear his lady on his arm like a trophy. He simply holds her hand  showing and feeling oneness with her.

Dr. Dean’s Attractive Hypnotic Mood gives to the luxury and complete right to be who and what you really are. Those around you will be naturally attracted to you. Men won’t whistle at you, they will admire you, want to know you and be with you. They, in a word will love you and want to share themselves with you as you do with them.

 website: newlifehypnosis.org

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