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The FREE hypnosis sessions provided on this page are only to be listened to by Dr. Robert G. Dean’s clients and only with Dr. Dean’s permission in advance. The hypnosis provided is protected by copyright, (c) 2020, Dr. Robert G. Dean, Ph.D., C.Hth. No hypnosis session on this page or website is to be copied by any means.  If a client wants to own any or all of the sessions listed below, via a download for convenient use on their computer or cellphone, they can make a one-time suggested donation to New Life Clinics Charitable Trust after which the session will be immediately downloaded to the client as the trust’s thank-you gift for the client’s support.

To listen to a hypnotherapy session listed below, (including its instructions), click the session’s title seen below it’s picture. Next click the play button on the player provided for that audio session and the session will then begin to play. Dr. Dean is the author and narrator of each session provided on this website.

For any session on this page to achieve its purpose (your goals), it is absolutely critical that you follow ALL of Dr. Dean’s directions and suggestions provided prior to and during Dr. Dean’s hypnosis narration. If you do not follow all of his directions and suggestions, you have no promise the session will benefit you. To assure success, please follow all of Dr. Dean’s directions and suggestions from the beginning to the end of the audio narration.

Please select the session Dr. Dean indicated for you to listen to. If you see a session not indicated by him to listen to, and you would like to experience that session on a needed basis, call Dr. Dean for his approval and to receive any special “verbal” instructions he provides to you. Then, enjoy the session.

Listen to the session you select for the number of times indicated in the session’s instructions to assure a permanent or long term desired result.

To prevent hypnosis overload, listen to no more than two different sessions within a 24 hour period. Never listen to two sessions in a row, back-to-back. Allow at least one-hour to pass between each session.

If you have any questions or comments, call Dr. Robert Dean, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Arizona Mountain Time Zone, Mon-Sun. (928) 279-1848 or send him an email: [email protected]

Your feedback is what keeps all of us at New Life Clinics Charitable Trust providing charitable services to those in need. Therefore, Dr. Dean would enjoy hearing from you regarding your overall progress via use of the sessions below. Please send him an email containing your comments.

,”Dr. Dean, your Hypnotherapy changed my life – actually gave me more control and peace of mind. Best decision I ever made – thank you!

Rose-Stein and her Son

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