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Yep, everyone loves to have fun. In fact, it’s mentally and physically healthy to have fun. It’s a diversion, a time out from the rigors of daily living. So, if you want to have fun get our “Having Fun” hypnosis session! It’s rated 5 Stars in a survey of 10,000 clients for highest success rate and customer satisfaction.

On this website you can receive a huge download of 19“state-of-the-art” hypnotherapy sessions. The “Having Fun” Hypnosis-therapy session is included as one of those sessions! Yeah, you read that right… you get 19 very popular hypnosis sessions created and narrated by Robert Dean, Ph.D. He is a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy and a Board Certified Hypnotherapist. He has been in practice for over 32 years. Seriously, would you have anyone else?

Hi, I’m Dr. Robert G. Dean. I’m the Doctor referred to above. I’ll be the therapist you’ll hear while listening to any or all of the 19 hypnosis sessions offered to you to. I also invite you to “try before you buy”. I’ll administer to you on this website, free from any cost to you my most popular hypnosis sessions. It’s Stress Relief Hypnotherapy. Once you have experienced it you’ll know you can be hypnotized by me. All I ask is that you listen to 3 minutes of instructions to assure you’ll have a safe and satisfying hypnosis therapy session experience. After that, simply listen to the FREE 14 minute Stress Relief Hypnosis Session. After the session you’ll feel luxuriously relaxed, calm and completely free from all stress, tension and nervousness. Trust your doctor, you’ll love it! It gets better. That same Stress Relief Hypnosis Session is always available to you for unlimited use on this website. So, on those stressful days you feel like pulling your hair out, come to this site, click, listen and get fast relief from all stress. I think you’ll like it. Over a half million people do.

I’m the Chief Resident Doctor at New Life Clinics Charitable Trust. I have been in practice for over 32 years. I’m not just a “would be” hypnotist. If you want a Board Certified Hypnotherapist, who is also a Board Certified Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, I’m your Doc and at your service. Seriously, would you have it any other way?

New Life Clinics Charitable Trust is a tax exempt, 501 (c) 3, s/s 509 (a) 2, charitable trust owned by the people of the United States.  That means you share in the ownership of New Life Clinics, too. The clinics are managed online by Trustees who are also Doctors.  We are America’s most trusted, largest and oldest online hypnotherapy clinics. We operate online, nationwide.

Because New Life Clinics Charitable Trust operates not-for-profit it means they don’t have to add a profit to what it costs to provide high quality hypnotherapy to the public. That’s a good thing because we can provide to you19 of my most popular, unique hypnosis sessions for a one-time donation of $95. Hey, BELIEVE IT!  So, how do we give you professional hypnotherapy audio sessions worth hundreds of dollars for only ninety-five dollars? It’s simple; we operate “not-for-profit” meaning our overhead cost to operate is extremely low. This allows us to reduce the cost of my hypnotherapy sessions so they are affordable to everyone.

I can assure you there is no clinic, hypnotist, hypnotherapist or Doctor that can approach this offer on the world wide web.

The clinic’s trustees recently started a major fundraising campaign. It offers 19 of my most popular hypnosis session downloads, displayed below, to any adult who donates, one-time, $95. Let me repeat: This offer is for a limited time only.  Once the trustees reach their fundraising goal, this offer will be either taken off the table or the donation suggested will be increased to it’s normal commercial value. So, please act now to receive one huge download of the 19 hypnotherapy sessions displayed near the bottom of this page. This Having Fun Hypnosis Session is also included as one of the 19 sessions you’ll receive.


If you donate now you’ll also get me for the rest of my career. NO CHARGE. Honest! I’ll provide you with professional counsel. If you have questions or run into a rough patch regarding any of my hypnotherapy, call me:  (928) 279-1848, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Mon-Sat, Arizona Mountain Time Zone. Put me on speed dial. “I’ve got your back”. I’ll listen to you. I will never judge you. I’ll lift you off that rough patch and put you on a path to a healthier lifestyle. I’m your life coach. Call me when you need me!

If you are still with me it means you’re smart.  Be advised some people can’t be hypnotized because they simply lack the ability to let that happen, can’t pay attention or they play games with the session by trying to analyze the therapist and/or the hypnosis induction itself which makes it impossible to be hypnotized. The truth is, the brighter you are, the more intelligent you are the more likely you’ll be hypnotized to achieve the goal for which the hypnosis is indicated. It’s really easy. Just follow my directions and suggestions plus “go with the flow” during the session and you’ll be delighted with the results.  

So, you must ask yourself, “can I be hypnotized”? Let’s find out. I invite you to TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!  Look for the green bar link below. Click it to hear me provide to you my popular Stress Relief Hypnosis Therapy audio session absolutely free from any cost to you. If after the session you feel completely relaxed, calm, free from anxiety, stress and tension, you’re good to make a donation to download the “Having Fun” Hypnosis session for a $10 donation. However, if you desire several of the sessions displayed below, be smart, donate, one-time $95 and receive one BIG download of all 19 of my hypnotherapy sessions. 10 of them are for mood enhancement (such as this Having Fun Session) and the remaining 9 sessions are for serious self-improvements. You’ll own them all for life. Do share them with family and friends. And the few that may be of little interest to you, give them as a gift to those close to you who need them.

You’ll get only the best hypnosis! See for yourself…We come to you with over 80 major Endorsements and References.

Here is my FREE “Stress Relief” Hypnotherapy Session. Now you can find out if you can be hypnotized. Click the green bar link below, follow all of my directions and Enjoy! Over one-million people already have.

Below are the 20 hypnosis sessions that I have for you to download.

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