To Have Self-Confidence You Have To Explore and Know

Who and what you Really Are.

We are not talking about who you think you are or what others think you are. We’re talking about who you really are! This is best achieved in a state of hypnosis while exploring your subconscious mind. It is there you’ll discover who and what you really are. Then, you’ll realize you are truly a powerful, confident person. This is the beginning of what happens to you after listening to this hypnosis session “as directed”. It will cause you to be strongly confident in yourself. Fear of failure ends. Doubt about yourself evaporates. You remain strong, sure and “in charge”.

New Life Clinics Charitable Trust operates not-for-profit. We are owned by the people of the United States which means you share in owning us. We are a tax exempt charitable organization under section 501(c)3 s/s 509(a)2. of the IRS Codes. We’re an all volunteer organization managed by Doctors. We have no payroll. Our offices are donated to us to use “In Kind”. Therefore, we have an extremely low cost to operate and that’s how we can offer to you 19 hypnosis “state-of-the-art” hypnosis therapy sessions as our way to say thank-you for a one-time, affordable donation. See all 19 sessions displayed near the bottom of this page. After you have taken our Stress Relief Hypnosis Session for a free “test drive” and explored all 19 sessions to determine which ones you’ll like, you can make a $95 donation after which we will send to you a huge download of all 19 hypnosis sessions. You’ll own and benefit from them for life. Some of them you’ll enjoy sharing with friends and family and some of them will make amazing to those close to you. There is something for everyone here.

So, Buckle Up! We are going to ask you for a paltry one-time $10, $20, or $95 donation depending on the number and type of sessions you select. We take the net proceeds from your donation and spend it to reduce or end the suffering of people in a world of hurt who cannot help themselves such as feeding hungry children. And we are brash enough to tell you that you will make a donation in that range because it’s the right thing to do for you and others who need help. Further, nobody of which we are aware can approach our offer. Keep reading and you’ll see why. And yeah, if we say “Believe It”, we really mean BELIEVE IT! This is the real thing.

If we seem a bit confident that you’ll donate, it’s because what we offer works… period! And, we know you’ll discover that when you listen to Dr. Dean’s FREE hypnosis sessions here online. We have, since 1993, hypnotized well over three million people to achieve major self-improvements. Many of those folks downloaded, received, used (and still use) Dr. Dean’s unique hypnosis-therapy sessions. You probably will, too because they’ll get you what you want (and need), plus they are insanely low in cost if you choose to down them while this charitable fundraiser remains active. It is a temporary fundraiser. Therefore the super low cost of the sessions available on this website is for a limited time only. Once the trustees have met their fundraising goals for the chraitable trust, these low prices will either be taken off line or increased to their regular commercial levels.

If you want positive growth in numerous ways, being self-confident is essential. To lead, rather than follow, you absolutely must be confident in yourself. Dr. Dean’s “Have Confidence” hypnotherapy session was created to cause it’s listener to become and remain self-confident for life. Want proof? Check out our references and endorsements. Be prepared to be surprised!

This popular hypnosis session gives you complete freedom from fear of failure and to always have super confidence in yourself when and where it’s appropriate. We know this hypnosis session makes people very confident. After you have taken Dr. Dean’s Relief From Stress and Tension Hypnosis Session for a “test drive”, We invite you to download the Doc’s “Have Confidence” Hypnosis Session for an affordable $20 donation. Then you’ll know for yourself why. well over 200,000 people already have.

Dr. Dean’s simple, easy-to-follow directions are included with this “Have ConfidentHypnosis Session download to assure you’ll achieve your goal of being a self-confident person.

This hypnosis session is included as one of the 19 sessions in one huge download the clinic will send to your download file.

To be honest, what we are up to is unique. It’s an ethical inducement to motivate you to donate, one-time, $10, $20 or $95 depending on the quantity of session(s) you select. Here’s how this works. You know we offer 19 “state-of-the-art” hypnosis therapy sessions narrated by Dr. Robert Dean, Ph.D. NINE of those sessions are self-improvement hypnosis sessions ranging from tobacco smoking cessation, increasing self-esteem and weight loss, to stress relief and exercise motivation plus more. One of those NINE sessions is Dr. Dean’s popular “Have Self-Confidence Hypnotherapy Session”.

The remaining TEN hypnosis sessions to make up this 19 session huge download are “Hypnotic Mood Enhancement” hypnosis sessions. You’re really going to like them. Each of those TEN sessions hypnotize you into a unique mood that you desire to be in from time-to-time. For instance, if you want to be in a FUN MOOD, you would listen to it to quickly hypnotize you to be in a FUN MOOD. It’s perfect for how you want to feel at a party or special “fun” event. Each mood session causes a unique mood that absolutely fits the occasion and makes your day!

These mood sessions are extremely popular. So, now you understand what Dr. Dean’s 19 hypnosis sessions consist of. (See all 19 of them displayed near the bottom of this page.) Click a session’s picture and you’ll see information bout that session on your screen and learn what it does for. You can also donate what is suggested to download any session you select.

So, your first and best choice is to donate, on-time $95 to receive one big download of all 19 hypnotherapy sessions of which the “Have Confidence Hypnosis Session is one of those 19 sessions. On the other hand, you may only want the the “Have Confidence Hypnotherapy Session” by itself. If so, donate, one-time $20. It will then be downloaded to you and it’s yours for life.

Should you also want any one of the ten Mood Enhancement Hypnosis Sessions, donate only once, $10.00 to download a single mood session on its own. Obviously, the smart choice is to get all 19 sessions for a one-time donation of $95.) This gets the cost down to $4.75 per session downloaded to you. (19 sessions X $5 = $95 .) Seriously, there is no doctor, hypnotherapist, hypnotist or website on the world wide web with an offer this generous and low in cost.

We know that Dr. Dean’s self-confidence hypnosis-therapy session listened to as directed will raise your self-confidence to a level you thought not possible. The 20 hypnosis sessions (including the increasing self-confidence session) work in harmony with each other to cause a series of unique self-improvements. When you listen to the self-confidence session alone you’re still assured you’ll achieve a level of self-confidence beyond anything you could have imagined.

One of the 19 hypnosis sessions you’ll receive hypnotizes you to Improve your self-esteem. Another series of hypnosis sessions improve your health and appearance such as weight loss, quitting smoking, exercise motivation and to sleep better. After all, if you are supremely healthy and looking and feeling good, your self-esteem will be extraordinarily high which boosts your self-confidence. By listening to those hypnosis sessions in tandem along with the “Having Confidence” hypnosis session you’ll go straight to the top of your game! You absolutely will have strong self-confidence. 

You’ll get only the best hypnosis! See for yourself…We come to you with over 80 major Endorsements and References

Okay, as your doctor, I have to ask… Can you be hypnotized?

Some people believe they cannot be hypnotized. Because you came to this website regarding hypnosis therapy, the truth is you most likely can be successfully hypnotized.

On average, EIGHT out of every TEN people can be hypnotized. The two people who cannot be hypnotized can’t or will not follow the hypnotist’s directions and suggestions during the hypnosis induction. These people play around with what they hear. They test it by pinching themselves or opening their eyes to look around . They try to analyze the hypnosis and the hypnotist administering the session. Some people don’t pay attention to what the hypnotist is saying to them. They drift off by thinking about things that have nothing to do with what the therapist is saying to them during the session. This makes it impossible to achieve a state of hypnosis needed to realize a desired result.

So, be smart. If you follow all of my directions provided to you before and during the session and you have at least average intelligence or higher, you’ll achieve a luxurious state of hypnosis. To get what you want from each session simply pay attention to what I’m saying to you during the session. Use your imagination or act out, your way, what I suggest and you should get what you want from the hypnosis sessions you select.

I have for you a FREE “Stress Relief Hypnotherapy Session” to experience right here, right now.

Also, below, are the 19 hypnosis sessions for you to “try before you buy”

To check them out, scroll down and click the session’s pictures that interest you. Details about each hypnosis session you click will appear on your screen.

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