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About Your “Happiness Hypnosis” Session

Dr. Robert G Dean PhD

Dr. Robert G. Dean, Ph.D., C.Hth.

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Why this Hypnosis Session is popular:

It puts you in a happy mood that absolutely makes your day! You’ll feel happy as long as appropriate. It’s a joy to experience. You must try it.

Experience matters: Created and narrated by Robert G. Dean, Ph.D. who is a nationally recognized Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy and a Board Certified Hypnotherapist. He has over 32 years in practice. Would you have any one else hypnotize you?

Its’ State-of-the-Art” Hypnosis-therapy endorsed by over 80 major organizations.

Nonprofit clinic makes this affordable to all adults.

Included as one of the 20 hypnosis sessions you receive for your one-time donation (and you decide how much that will be). Seriously, would you have it any other way? This is a rare offer. Grab it while it lasts.

This hypnosis session is the smart alternative to using social drugs and/or alcoholic beverages to feel happy.

Easy to use. A luxury to experience. You must experience it. You’ll love it!

Safe; leaves no negative side effect. Not habit forming.

Questions? Dr. Dean has got your back. No cost to consult with him by cell phone, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Arizona Mountain Time Zone, Mon-Sat. (928) 279-1848

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Ah yes, Happiness Hypnosis. Isn’t that what everyone who is NOT happy really needs? It’s a fact, most people these days are not happy and, it’s not their fault. The numerous problems that exist on our planet is making billions of people worldwide to feel dear, depressed, sad and hopeless. Just watch and listen to the daily news. Where’s the happiness? Go into a mall or a big supermarket and look at the expression on people’s faces. Need we say more? It subconsciously effects everybody, including you.

Being happy most of the time is critical if you want to live “the good life”. Being happy is good for your mental and physical health. It promotes longevity. To be happy requires an adjustment in your thinking and certain functions within your subconscious mind. It is there you and Dr. Dean rescues happiness and bring it into full effect at the subconscious and conscious levels of your mind. It’s like opening a window and letting in fresh air and sunshine.

Dr. Dean’s Happiness Hypnotherapy Session is a safe, easy way to generate awesome happiness into your personality. It gently puts you into a natural happy mood. People are attracted to you because they want to feel like you feel. After all, isn’t it pleasant to be with a happy person?

So, when things seem to not be going so good, you’re not happy and not in a good mood, you can fix that issue quickly. Simply listen to the Doc’s Happiness Hypnosis Session. Within minutes a grin brightens your face and you really do feel happy. Honestly, this hypnosis session really makes your day!

Donate what you can comfortably afford, and you’ll receive a huge download of all 20 of Dr. Dean’s unique, “state-of-the-art” hypnosis therapy sessions featured on this website. The Happiness Hypnosis Session is included in that download. Please be generous. A lot of hungry kids will thank you for your support. Meanwhile, you’ll enjoy and own all 20 sessions for life. You can share them with adult friends and family, too.

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