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Experience Dr. Robert Dean's FREE Weight Loss Hypnosis session on this website, now. Listen to it as directed. It will keep you on your diet until you like what you see in a mirror.

There is no cost to you. There are “no strings attached”.

This is your opportunity to be hypnotized to benefit from and enjoy a FREE, complete, professional weight loss hypnosis session that is absolutely state of the art. If you you do not have a diet in mind that you wish to use to reduce weight, you can download Dr. Dean’s prescribed diet plan. It’s free. 

After  the session has ended, you’ll know what it’s like to be safely and properly hypnotized and you’ll also notice how wonderful and relaxed you feel. Then decide if you want to make a one-time modest donation to DOWNLOAD this session to own for life.  Not only will this hypnosis keep you on your diet of choice to become trim, it will also keep you trim when used as directed for occasional reinforcement.  It’s truly good for life

Now, let’s make you trim, healthier and more attractive. Click the instructions in the player below to begin your free weight loss hypnosis session.  Enjoy!

Weight Loss - Free Online Hypnosis Session

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You may enjoy this FREE hypnosis session online only once…

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You can download this hypnosis session with instructions for a one time donation and own both for life.

Buckle up, you’re really going to like this!

You have in your subconscious mind programming that causes you to eat too much of the wrong kind of food and not stay on your diet. It want’s you to fail to lose weight or to gain back the weight you lost. When you try to lose excess body fat, after a few days you find yourself struggling to stay on your diet. You may lose some weight, then you cheat, then you say to heck with it and go off your diet and gain back any weight you lost. Sound familiar?

It’s a fact, you cannot  stay on a healthy weight reduction diet until the unhealthy eating programed into your subconscious mind is removed and replaced with programming that truly gives you unshakable power to remain on your diet until you like what you see in a mirror. That’s where Dr. Dean’s weight loss hypnotherapy comes into play. If you are sincere about losing your excess body fat safely and reasonably quick, then click the player above and listen to Dr. Dean. He will hypnotize you on this website and program your subconscious mind to remain on the diet plan of your choice with amazing tanicity.  And, nothing…and, we mean nothing will make you end your diet until you have achieved  the look and attractive trim appearance you desire. The extremely powerful willpower and grit you will have to be successful simply cannot be broken. It works…period!  We know, over one-half million people have experienced  this amazing hypnosis session with complete satisfaction.

Now for a few words from Dr. Dean.

I have spent the last 29 years in practice hypnotizing thousands of people to reduce excess weight and keep it off for good.

We are a federally registered charitable online hypnotherapy clinic owned by the people of the United States (that means you, too). I will provide you a FREE hypnosis session once to keep you on the diet of your choice so you can “try before you buy”. Thereafter, if you liked your free weight loss hypnotherapy experience, you’ll want to own that free hypnosis session to use for reinforcement to make certain you will not go off your diet until you are trim. To download and own that session for life, we ask for a one-time, modest (affordable) donation. Your donation helps us to support our charitable work and to keep this website going for people in need of permanent weight reduction. 

After you donate,  you’ll immediately receive an audio download of my weight reduction hypnotherapy session as our way to say thank-you for your charitable support. And, a lot of people in a world of hurt that cannot possibly help themselves, such as hungry children, will thank you, too.

Your Results May Vary.  Medical Disclaimer.

Satisfaction with any of our hypnotherapy sessions on this website or your donation refunded.

Our Money Back Guarantee.

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