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Experience this powerful "Stop smoking" hypnosis session once, FREE!

There is no cost to you. There are “no strings attached”.

This is your opportunity to be hypnotized to benefit from and enjoy a full length, complete, professional tobacco smoking cessation hypnosis session.

It’s provided and narrated to you online by Dr. Robert Dean.

  After  the session has ended, you’ll know what it’s like to be safely and properly hypnotized and you’ll also notice how wonderful and relaxed you’ll feel. Then decide if you want to make a one-time modest donation to DOWNLOAD this session to own and benefit from it for life whenever you desire, where  you like.

Be advised, hypnosis programming received in only ONE session is usually dreamed out within few days after it is experienced and will fail to cause a desired effect on you. To eliminate that problem you should make the one-time donation requested. Then the session will be downloaded to you to own for life as our way to say thank you for your charitable support. Thereafter, listen to the session on 21 separate days within a 30 day period. That will prevent the dreaming out of the hypnotic programming provided during the session to insure you of a lifetime desired result. 

Now, let’s set you free from addiction to tobacco and the smoking habit.

Stop Smoking - Free Online Session

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You may enjoy this FREE hypnosis session online only once…

– OR – 

You can download this hypnosis session with instructions for a one time donation and own both for life.

We get it. You have not successfully stopped smoking for good in spite of your trying to quit. That’s because your smoking is a symptom. You need to end what causes you to smoke then your smoking will automatically end!  To do this, you need to have hypnotic programming gently and safely installed into your subconscious mind that has you walking, talking, thinking, acting and behaving like a person who has never smoked! After all, how can you quit something you never did?

Think about that. How can you quit something you not doing? You don’t even think about smoking.  So, we don’t have you quitting. We program your mind to be a person who has never smoked!  And yeah, it works better than anything out there. This method, created by Since 1993, Dr. Robert Dean, has successfully administered this free session to over one-half million patients in large group sessions and online. The employees of the City and County of San Francisco who were hypnotized by Dr. Dean and his staff off Doctors of Clinical Hypnotherapy were surveyed 30 days after their free session. 84% of those employees reported they were not smoking. 

As an additional thought, after you have ended smoking cigarettes for good you’ll be saving about $2,000.00 annually (national average) because you don’t smoke. We ask that you take a very tiny fraction of that and make a modest one-time donation now to receive our thank-you gift of this Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session. Meanwhile, the net proceeds of your donation helps us to help people in a world of hurt and cannot possibly help themselves such as feeding hungry children. We thank you in advance for that and so does a lot of hungry boys and girls.

To experience your free smoking cessation hypnosis session, click the audio player above to hear Dr. Dean’s easy instructions. When done, click to hear the hypnosis session. Enjoy!

Your Results May Vary.  Medical Disclaimer.

Satisfaction with our hypnotherapy sessions or your donation refunded.

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