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Free hypnosis session

Free Test and Free Stress Relief Hypnosis Session

If you have not taken both FREE 3-minute hypnosis tests, please complete Step #1 now before you enjoy Dr. Dean’s Stress Relief Hypnotherapy Session. If you have previously taken the tests, scroll down to STEP #2 and enjoy your FREE Stress Relief Hypnosis Session.

Step #1: Find out if you can be hypnotized. Click the RED button to take two 3 minute tests administered to you by Dr. Robert Dean. They’re safe and fun to experience. And yes, they will amaze you!

STEP #2: If you passed either or both tests, you can be hypnotized. Please click the black arrow point below to enjoy a complete FREE 26-minute Relief From Stress and Tension Hypnosis Session. It’s narrated by Dr. Robert Dean. You’ll love the way this stress relief hypnosis session makes you feel.