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Be advised, hypnosis programming received in only ONE session is usually dreamed out within a few days after it is experienced and will no longer cause a desired effect. To eliminate this problem you should make the one-time donation requested. Then the session will be downloaded to you to own for life. Thereafter, listen to the session on 21 separate days within a 30 day period. That will prevent the dreaming out of the hypnotic programming provided in the session to insure you of a desired long term or life-time result. Let’s get started…

Weight Loss Exercise Motivation - Free Online Hypnosis Session

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You may enjoy this FREE hypnosis session online only once…

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If you are a person who has been told if there is “no pain, no gain” when exercising, I suggest you take a moment to read this first. You should NOT exercise, walk, run, pump iron, etc. until it hurts, especially for weight loss. That’s NOT good exercise science. For instance, the amount of walking an adult needs to enhance weight reduction is 4,420 steps per day. Many think 10,000 steps are needed. That’s not so. Harvard Medical School did a huge study on just how much exercise an adult needs for ideal health. The number of steps they settled on are NOT predicated on brisk walking.  Just walk normal and enjoy it. There’s no rush. About half of the steps you take daily use up half of the steps you need. The other half are done by simply going for a 30 minute pleasant walk daily (weather permitting). And, on those bad weather days this session will motivate you to enjoy 30 minutes of safe in home exercises of your choice. To enhance exercise weight reduction and make you physically fit and to remain that way, Dr. Dean will hypnotize you to want to exercise daily or the days you can.

That’s it! You don’t have to jog five miles or bench press heavy weight until your muscles burn and hurt. The reason you need to exercise daily is to burn off body fat for energy and keep it off. It also promotes good cardiac (heart) and vascular health plus keeps your bones and muscles strong and toned.

So, let’s do this. It’s time to get off the couch and be active daily. You’ll be healthier, become and remain trim.

To take this weight loss exercise hypnotherapy session download for a test drive, click to listen to the instructions on the audio player above. After you have received Dr. Dean’s simple instructions, start the hypnosis session. Listen to it “as directed” and it will hypnotize you to achieve a desired result. After the free session, if you want to own the session to assure a healthy level of physical fitness and promote becoming and remaining trim, please make a one-time,  modest,  one-time donation. We will  immediately download this exercise hypnosis session with instructions. This is our way to say thank-you for your support. And, a lot of people in a world of hurt that can’t help themselves thank you, too such as hungry children.

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