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Fast Weight Loss. It’s what happens to you on Dr. Robert Dean’s Flexitarian Diet.



This is hypnotherapy that will cause you to lose weight fast. You will be given a FREE Stress Relief Hypnosis Session on this website to prove you can be safely and comfortably hypnotized. After that you’ll learn about the Flexitarian Diet and how Dr. Dean’s hypnotherapy keeps you on that diet to remove from your body EXCESS body fat.

Obviously, this cannot be properly explored or explained to you in a few short paragraphs. If you really want to be professionally hypnotized on this website to be on a path to a real healthy lifestyle to lose weight you absolutely must grant to yourself 15-minutes to read EVERYTHING on this page. If you do, we promise you’ll get what you want and be totally satisfied.

If you choose to quickly scan this page you’ll have wasted your time and missed out on everything we will do for you to achieve what you really desire. We know from where we speak. Since 1993, our doctors and Board Certified Hypnotherapists have collectively hypnotized over three million people. Each person hypnotized took the time to read what’s on this page. If you want the best way to achieve your weight loss goal, you’re on the right website. However, you really do need to explore and enjoy all we have for you to understand how all of this works. Then you can take full advantage of what we offer and truly get what you desire. The clock is ticking. Let’s get started.

When you have completed the initial FOUR to SIX WEEKS on the Flexitarian Diet, you should have reduced two to three clothing sizes (abut 20 pounds). If you are obese, 20% or more over your healthy weight, more clothing size reductions will occur on the days that follow to get the trim look you desire. While we have hypnotized tens of thousands of people to reduce 10 to 30 pounds, We have also hypnotized several thousands of people to lose over 100 pounds. It’s all done safely.

Once you have lost all the weight you want and achieved the look you like, the hypnotic programming installed into your subconscious mind will automatically cause eating behavior to prevent weight gain. Your weight then stays stable and constant. This time you won’t fall off your “weight loss wagon”. Once you have shed all excess body fat, the programming installed into your subconscious mind, while in hypnosis, causes new behavior to prevent gaining back any weight you got rid of. This is what “state-of-the-art” weight loss hypnosis-therapy accomplishes when done right.

Dr. Dean’s “state-of-the-art” hypnosis sessions involved in weight loss and healthy living are audio downloads you listen to “as directed”. Those downloaded hypnosis audio sessions will professionally hypnotize you in the privacy and security of your home. The weight loss hypnotherapy administered to you, by listening to them as directed, will motivate you to adopt and remain on Dr. Dean’s Flexitarian Diet. Mind binding will power is not needed or called for to stay on this diet. It’s a process that is enjoyed. You don’t “work at it”. You let it happen by cooperating with it. Seriously, would you have it any other way?

The Flexitarian diet has proven to excel over all other weight loss methods. It’s based on good sound psychology, excellent nutritional science, safety, satisfaction, common sense and experience. It is the most highly endorsed weight loss diet on the world wide web.

To get a handle on all of this, you must find out if you can be hypnotized. So, with your permission, Dr. Dean’s FREE Stress Relief Hypnosis Session will be administered to you on this page when you are ready. In this manner you get to “Try Before You Buy”? Yep! that amazing stress relief hypnosis session is yours for unlimited use on this website. Now buckle up, keep reading and we will get into your free session in a few minutes. First, however, there are other things you need to know to make this all come together for you starting with what a Flexitarian is.

A Flexitarian, by Dr. Dean’s definition, is a person who eats healthy, organic food. The food eaten is whole natural food. It must grow out of the ground, off a tree, bush or vine and be fit for human consumption. Some Flexitarians go Vegan ( no meat, dairy or eggs); others go Vegetarian, meaning eggs and dairy plus all plant based food are okay to eat.

Then there are those who go true Flexitarian by eating an ideal balance of fat, protein and carbohydrates. Typically this amounts to 60% fat, 20% protein and 20% carbohydrates. You’ll enjoy organic, wild caught in streams and lakes salmon and trout plus cage free fowl, organic pork and grass fed, free range organic beef. Eggs and cheese also enjoyed. Flexitarians also eat low or no carbohydrate vegetables, nuts and berries. All food must be whole, natural and NOT processed. All spices and salts for flavoring are okay. ABSOLUTELY NO bakery products and sugars or their substitutes, are eaten. Absolutely no additives, preservatives, taste enhancers, food coloring and other chemicals listed on an ingredients label are consumed. They are toxins that destroy the brain, heart, liver and gut and promote belly fat. Organic, cold pressed, clear Coconut oil is the only oil used for salads and cooking.

Finally, do not make up your mind what you like and don’t like to eat. The hypnotherapy provided will program your subconscious mind to desiring the right kind and amount of food. The way you have been eating is the cause of your being overweight and having psychological and physical problems. Food is the best medicine if it is the right kind and in the right amount. You’ll be hypnotized and program to prefer the right kind of food and correct portions of that food. You’ll eat five times daily (3 normal meals and two snacks). Therefore it will be impossible to experience hunger. And yes, you’ll shed excess body fat rapidly and safely. Over a million of our clients already have. Best of all you won’t gain it back.

To be properly and safely hypnotized by the FREE Stress Relief Hypnosis Session you’ll listen to Dr. Dean’s audio instructions for 3-minutes to properly and safely experience his FREE Stress Relief Hypnosis Session on this website. After hearing the directions you listen to the Doc’s 14-minute Stress Relief Hypnotherapy Session. You’ll be amazed at how calm and relaxed you’ll feel during and after that session. You’ll also realize you were hypnotized and hypnosis works for you. That’s a compliment. It means your smart. The fact is, the brighter you are, the more intelligent you are, the more susceptible you are to hypnosis. Bright people do extremely well using hypnosis therapy to achieve major self-improvements. It also means the Flexitarian Diet Weight Loss Program will not only meet your expectations it will exceed them.

After the 14-minute Stress Relief Hypnotherapy session, you can determine if you liked the experience and if Dr. Dean’s hypnosis works for you. Hint: If you feel totally relaxed, laid back, content, calm, peaceful and really comfy right after the session, you were definitely hypnotized. Those feelings will last as long as appropriate. You are then good to donate, just once, to receive a download of the four different hypnosis sessions that make up the Flexitarian Diet Program.

As a step up you can go for the Doc’s most popular19 hypnosis sessions delivered to your download file in one huge download. The Flexitarian four hypnosis sessions diet program is included as four of those 19 sessions Either way, you’ll then begin listening to Dr. Dean’s Flexitarian Diet Program as directed to lose belly fat. You’ll also lose excess fat off your arms, hips and legs. This truly is a whole body make over.

The reason we can administer this hypnotherapy session to you FREE from any cost is because we operate “not-for-profit”. We are publicly funded. New Life Clinics Chartable Trust is a tax exempt, charitable, hypnosis therapy, online clinic managed by volunteer doctors. We are owned by the people of the United States. We provide charitable services world wide by relieving the suffering of people who are in a world of hurt and cannot help themselves such as feeding hungry children.

The sessions we offer are created by and narrated by Dr. Robert G. Dean. He is a Board Certified Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, (Ph.D.) and a Board Certified Hypnotherapist, (C.Hth.) He has been in practice for over 32 years. And yes, experience does matter. It translates into quality, luxurious hypnotherapy for Dr. Dean’s clients. check Dr. Dean out. He will be the doctor who hypnotizes you on line and in every downloaded hypnosis session you’ll own. Seriously, would you have anyone else hypnotizing you?

Most people prefer to acquire all 19 of Dr. Dean’s most popular hypnosis sessions displayed near the bottom of this page. The First Step To Weight Loss, Weight Loss Hypnosis, Exercise Motivation Hypnosis and Have Self-Esteem Hypnotherapy make up The Flexitarian Diet Weight Loss Program. Those 4 unique hypnosis sessions are included as part of the 19 sessions displayed below.

Simply click the picture of any session displayed below on this page and information on that session will appear on your screen. You’ll also have the opportunity to donate to download any session by itself or as a two sessions program for smoking cessation or a four unique sessions program for the Flexitarian Diet.

If you want all 19 of Dr. Dean’s most popular hypnosis audio sessions downloads we will immediately send them to your download file in one huge download. Keep in mind the 9 “self-improvement” hypnosis session and the 10 hypnotic mood enhancement sessions for a total of 19 hypnosis audio sessions are yours for unlimited use for the rest of your life for a one-time $95 donation. If you desire any single session out of the nine self-improvement sessions it’s yours for $20. If you want a hypnotic mood hypnosis session by itself, you can download it for $10. Share them with friends and family. You might want to give some of them to those close to you as an amazing, unique gift.

Obviously 19 sessions at $10 to $20 each adds up to $280. So, be smart, get all 19 sessions in one big download for $95 and you’ll save $185. We recognize some people cannot afford $95. However, they can still get the 4 sessions assembled into the Flexitarian weight loss diet “program” for $45

This is how to make sure you achieve a luxurious state of hypnosis. #1: When the actual hypnosis session begins, you should not care if it works or not. If it does, great. If it doesn’t that’s okay, too. #2: When Dr. Dean gives you directions and suggestions, simply carry them out your way. Your way is the best way for you.

Dr. Dean will suggest you do certain things with your body and to relax it using your imagination in a specific manner. As you are asked to do each thing, freely comply to what is asked of you. If you do, you’ll actually achieve a much better state of hypnosis than most people experience and you’ll greatly benefit from the professional hypnotherapy administered to you. Now, you know how to be hypnotized to get what you want. It’s simple. Just “go with the flow”.

Now let’s get the spooky old wives tales out of the way. Understand, before, during and after you are in hypnosis, you’ll always be aware of yourself. You’ll know what is going on and always be aware of your environment. You never go unconscious. You cannot be controlled by anyone in hypnosis. Further, it’s not Dr. Dean’s job to control you. It’s his job to get you in control of yourself.

You will not be hypnotized to do anything against your will. It’s a fact, nobody can be made to do anything against their will in hypnosis or after being hypnotized. You will not be hypnotized to spend or donate money, reveal secrets and private information. And no, you will not be hypnotized to make love to a metal folding chair or cluck like a chicken in front of your friends for their entertainment. This is not a Las Vegas comedian hypnotist’s stage show. It’s serious, professional hypnosis therapy.

Professional hypnotherapy administered to you by Dr. Robert Dean will not and cannot harm you in any manner. You will feel comfortable and aware at all times during and after experiencing any hypnosis session available to you on this website. Your safety before, during and after every session is of our paramount concern. We have never had an incident, accident or been sued. We are very careful. And considering we have collectively hypnotized over three million people since 1993 without incident, it speaks volumes about the extra care we take to assure our clients safety and comfort before, during and after every hypnosis session. So, take your time, check out the links near the top of this page, snoop around and enjoy what we have for you. It’s all perfectly safe, very professional and honestly fascinating.

The Flexitarian 4 session hypnotherapy program includes a free download of Dr. Dean’s healthy lifestyle guide. Following this guide will reduce your weekly cost of food by about 20%! That’s because you will not be buying expensive, processed, toxic “junk food”.

This popular hypnosis session programs your subconscious mind to begin and stay on Dr. Dean’s “Flexitarian” diet. Don’t think of the word diet as eating specifically for weight loss. Think of the word diet meaning eating in such a manner it promotes a “healthy lifestyle” which naturally causes safe, fast weight loss and the maintenance of the look you desire.

What matters is you get the right balance of healthy plant based and animal based fats, proteins and carbohydrates in a balanced manner. Understand that an excess of any one of those ingredients (protein, fat, or carbohydrates) will cause an OUT of balance diet. Any excess ingredient is always converted into excess body fat. Want proof? Look down at your belly, arms, and legs. Grab a hand full of what you see. Need we say more? So a balanced diet features whole, natural food which is organic, sugar free, chemical free and free of any toxins, plus has a balanced amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates in satisfying proportions.

You’ll learn a wonderful new way to have total portion control. This is another unique feature of the Flexitarian Diet as detailed in the Healthy Lifestyle Guide. Simply put, the Flexitarian Diet is the easiest diet to stay on for a lifetime of good health and maintain an attractive, trim look. It truly is superior to all other diets to lose body fat and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Initially, you will lose weight fast by eating FIVE times daily. That’s a breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, mid afternoon snack and dinner. Why eat five times daily? It’s simple; we need to keep you in a state of constant digestion from breakfast to just before you go to bed. It’s how to lose belly fat fast and safely the right way that works every time. It also assure you will never be hungry.

Here is why we keep you eating: Let’s say you ate an apple for breakfast. It’s 100 calories of food. Once the apple is eaten, It will take FOUR hours for you to completely digest that apple. After four hours, you would normally feel empty and probably hungry. Your brain signals you to eat food. Because you are hungry you tend to eat more than you really need to eat to quickly stop your hunger. To resolve this issue, we have you eating every THREE hours you are awake, which equates to five times daily.

Since it takes FOUR hours to digest your food and you eat a snack or meal every THREE HOURS, you are going to be in a constant state of digestion. Now, why do we do that? Once again, it’s simple. As long as you are digesting food, your are getting a constant supply of nutrients into your blood stream and brain. You brain realizes you are getting enough of the nutrients you need and shuts down your hunger and appetite. Therefore, by eating five times daily, which is every three hours you are awake, you are never hungry. So, when you sit down to eat a snack or meal, you have very little or no appetite to eat because your brain still detects you are getting all the nutrition needed from the previous snack or meal and, therefore, no hunger is triggered and you have no appetite. This is another unique Flexitarian method that causes rapid weight loss.

Now here is where it gets real interesting and causes you to lose belly fat fast. Approximately 25% of your food intake (calories) are used to digest the food you eat. Therefore, if you remain in a constant state of digestion, 25% of the calories you consume in your five meals daily are used to digest all the food you eat five times daily. Those calories cannot be stored as fat. They were burned digesting the food you ate. This effectively reduces the calories left for your body to use for energy. The calories left are not enough calories to meet your daily energy needs. Therefore, your body will breakdown and use (burn) the fat on your body for the energy it needs. The end result is you lose belly fat fast. Indeed, you’ll eventually get rid of every fraction of an inch of EXCESS fat on your body. The end result is a healthier, more attractive you.

You’ll eat a large variety of comfort food that is fit for human consumption. It’s washed clean, organic and completely safe from pesticides and other toxins. Seasonings to your taste are welcomed and enjoyed. Best of all what you eat is delicious and always satisfies. That’s what real comfort food is and that’s what the Flexitarian diet calls for.

Keep in mind, you’ll be hypnotized several times to cause these things to happen. You’ll eat at least 5 different colors of plant based food daily to assure you get all the vitamins and minerals your brain and body need. If you wish to take a basic multivitamin and mineral tablet daily, it won’t hurt. Your liver makes most all the vitamins your body needs except vitamin B12 and C and the hormone Vitamin D. (if you get at least 15 minutes of late morning sun on your face, arms and hands daily you don’t need to take vitamin D). Vitamin D comes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Portion control is simple. You’ll be hypnotized to eat all you want until you feel neutral. In other words, you don’t feel hungry (It’s a No-no to feel hungry) but you don’t feel full (that’s another No-no, too). You feel neutral, not hungry, not full. When you realize you are neutral, you put down your fork and toss your napkin over your plate and leave the table.

You’ll scrape all left over food off your plate into the garbage can. Eating any left-overs is another No-no. After realizing by the next day you are wasting good food (because your scraping it off your plate into the garbage can), you’ll go from a large dinner plate to a smaller salad plate. You still eat the same variety of food, but can’t put as much food on a smaller salad plate. Another reduction in calories which is another unique method that prevents weight gain. You’ll be hypnotized to make this part of your healthy eating lifestyle.

By eating smaller portions to fit on your salad plate, you’ll realize most of your food is now being eaten by you and not scrapped off as surplus food into your garbage can. You have also cut your caloric intake substantially due to less food being eaten and lower calorie levels inherent in plant based food. That’s simple automatic, effective portion control. No measurements, cups, ounces, etc. No carbohydrate or calorie counting. Theirs nothing to worry about.

Just put enough food with five or more colors on a salad plate and you’ll realize the food that fits on that plate was all that was needed to keep you tummy in a neutral, comfy state. That’s how to lose fat fast. You make it a point to never feel hungry and and never feel full. Your are truly neutral and remain in a state of digestion all the hours you are awake.

Now let’s talk about the 19 sessions displayed below. They causes the listener to achieve specific self-improvements and/or to be in a desired mood that makes their day. Nine of the sessions feature different self-improvements of which four of them are featured on this page that make up the Flexitarian Weight Loss Diet. The remaining 10 hypnosis sessions are for amazing mood enhancements that really make your day! You’ll love them!

Okay, we’re going to turn you over to Dr. Robert Dean now. He’s your doc, he’s got you back, pay attention to him. He is going to give you a complete new you.

Photo of Dr. Robert G. Dean

Hi. I’m Dr. Robert G. Dean. With your permission I’ll be your weight loss Hypnotherapist and Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy on this website. I’m the creator and narrator of the 19 unique hypnotherapy sessions that come to you in one big affordable download. As your doctor I’ll hypnotize you to achieve and enjoy a healthier lifestyle to assure you’ll become and remain trim and stay that way.  Read and see everything on this page. You’re really going to like this unique weight loss program that guides you into a healthy lifestyle and keeps you looking good.

So, to review, Session #1 is the 1st Steps to Weight Loss. (psychologically prepares you to become and remain trim plus live a much healthier lifestyle) Session #2 is Weight Loss Hypnosis, (the most important session which hypnotizes you to lose all your excess body fat and then keep it off for good). Session #3 is Improve Self-Esteem  Hypnosis  and Session #4 is Exercise Motivation  Hypnosis. Their respective titles tell you what they are and do for you. Those 4 sessions are included in my 19 hypnosis sessions you can download from this website. You can see all of them displayed near the bottom of this page.

What you see below, BELIEVE IT!

With the 19 unique hypnosis sessions you also receive my comprehensive healthy lifestyle Guide. You’ll also get my counseling and coaching for the rest of my career at NO CHARGE. BELIEVE IT! If you run into a “rough patch” regarding my hypnosis-therapy and need help with any of my hypnotherapy sessions or the Flexitarian Diet, call me! (928) 279-1848. Put me on speed dial. I’m available between 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Mon-Sat, Arizona Mountain Time Zone. Let’s talk. I’ll provide you professional counsel. I will listen to you. I will never judge you. “I have your back”. I’ll lift you off that rough patch and gently guide you onto the right path to achieve your weight loss goal and a healthier lifestyle. THERE WILL BE NO CHARGE or “STRINGS ATTACHED” FOR THIS PROFESSIONAL COUNSELING SERVICE. This is New Life Clinics Charitable Trust’s way to say thank-you for your one-time $95 donation. A lot of people in a world of hurt like hungry children thank you, too. 

I assure you, no clinic, doctor, hypnotherapist or hypnotist can approach the QUALITY of the hypnosis sessions offered on this page and the low donation asked for to download them to you. Finally they do not publish a “documented” success rate of their hypnosis sessions; we do! Since 1993, we have provided these sessions collectively to over three-million people. An independent survey of 10,000 of those people by Mind Profiles Laboratory rated these nineteen hypnosis session audio downloads FIVE STARS for CLIENT SATISFACTION and HIGHEST SUCCESS RATE

As you learn about all FOUR sessions and how simple it is to use them, you’ll realize my weight loss hypnosis program (The Flexitarian Diet) is the best belly fat loss diet. That’s because it strongly motivates you to eat natural whole organic food and to live healthy. Best of all, you’ll get healthier and healthier in every way, every day. You’ll experience healthy food which is the best medicine to prevent or end many disorders such as obesity, arthritis, inflammation, diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver, brain fog, insomnia, dementia, depression, heart and vascular disorders and sexual impotency.

I know you have tried and tried to lose weight and keep it off. You probably lost some weight, but gained it all back plus a few extra pounds. Sound familiar? This time you should finally succeed in eliminating all excess fat from your body and keep it off for good. It’s all about having the right programming in your subconscious mind. Then you’ll be eating five times daily the right amount of healthy delicious food and drink the right amount of fresh water. Finally, you’ll have the programming in your subconscious mind you really need. Donate just once, and I’ll make this all happen for you. You should achieve your weight loss goal and not “fall off your weight loss wagon” this time. Indeed, you’ll truly enjoy this hypnosis therapy because it always leaves you feeling fantastic after every hypnotherapy session.

You have just read about the Flexitarian Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Program. Now you should take my free Stress Relief Hypnosis Session for a test drive. You’re really going to like the way it leaves you feeling. Seriously, you’ll be completely and absolutely free of stress. This lasts as long as appropriate. Experiencing this wonderful hypnosis session will help you determine if you can be hypnotized. It would be a big shame on me if you donated to download these hypnosis sessions and they failed to work for you. So, TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! That’s my ethics and for your peace in mind.

The 3 minutes of instructions followed by the 14-minute stress relief hypnosis therapy session will reveal more to you than words can describe. You’ll then understand how this entire program comes together for you. By then you’ll know you can be hypnotized and how well it works.

If you enjoyed the experience of being safely and professionally hypnotized to relieve stress, anxiety, nervousness and tension and you liked the way it makes you feel, then, for Heaven’s sake, donate and get the sessions you need! You’ll immediately receive a huge download of my most popular, “state-of-the-art” hypnosis therapy sessions.

Finally, if you have not seen our 80 references and endorsements, you should do so now. What you’ll see will really surprise you. We really are the highest endorsed nonprofit, charitable hypnotherapy clinic in the United States. Over three decades of Experience equates to high quality. Really, would you settle for anything less?

You’ll get only the best hypnosis! See for yourself…We come to you with over 80 major Endorsements and References

Okay, as promised, “Try Before You Buy”. That’s our ethics. Please listen to the session AS DIRECTED before you donate. Don’t worry, if you follow my 3-minutes of instructions before you listen to the hypnosis session, trust me, my hypnotherapy will work perfectly for you. And yes, you may come to this website and enjoy the Stress Relief session as often as you like. I aim to keep you free from stress. It goes with a healthy Flexitarian’s life style.

Click the pictures of the sessions below that interest you to see details about them.

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