self-improvement hypnosis audio First Steps to Weight Loss – Learn More

First Steps to Weight Loss – Learn More

About Your First Steps To Weight Loss Hypnosis Session

Dr. Robert G Dean Ph.D.

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Why this Hypnosis Session is popular:

Prepares you psychologically to lose all excess body fat and achieve the look you desire.

Covers all the steps you’ll be hypnotically programmed to take to be assured of achieving the look you desire.

All initial steps to weight loss programmed into your subconscious mind are based on psychological and medical science proven to work and are completely safe.

Experience matters: Created and narrated by Robert G. Dean, Ph.D. who is a nationally recognized Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy and a Board Certified Hypnotherapist. He has over 32 years in practice. Would you have anyone else?

Used by well over a million people to properly prepare to lose weight.

“State-of-the-Art” Hypnosis-therapy endorsed by over 80 major organizations.

Nonprofit clinic makes this very affordable.

Included as one of the 20 hypnosis sessions you’ll receive as our thank-you gift for your one-time $20. donation.

Smart alternative to using over the counter weight loss remedies or fad diets.

Easy to use. A luxury to experience. You must experience it. You’ll love it!

Safe. Leaves no negative side effect.

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first steps to weight loss

Intelligent first steps must be taken to lose belly fat safely and quickly. These steps help you to lose belly fat quickly plus keep you from “falling off your weight loss wagon“. They help you prevent gaining back body fat.

This hypnosis session motivates you to eat the right amount of natural, organic food, drink the right amount of water and avoid processed fattening junk food and beverages.

Hundreds of thousands of people have used this hypnosis session in tandem with Dr. Dean’s Mp3 Weight Loss Hypnosis Session. Listening to both sessions in tandem, as directed, helps to rapidly achieve a two to three clothing size reduction. It also helps to keep the weight off you lost. See endorsements, references and letters from our clients about their experience with this session.

It’s also suggested that you listen to the Mp3 Exercise Motivation and Improve Self-Esteem Hypnotherapy Sessions. Listening to those audio hypnotherapy sessions, as directed, has worked well for a large number of obese people. The majority of those folks achieved the look they desired and continue to maintain that look.

All of these sessions mentioned above are included as four of the 20 hypnosis sessions you’ll receive as our way to say thank-you for your one-time donation. Donate what you can afford. Most folks donate $20.00 which works out to be $1.00 for each session. You’ll own and enjoy all of them for life. To get 20 professional hypnotherapy sessions provided by Dr. Robert Dean, Ph.D. for what you can afford to donate is an amazing… no make that an “insane” bargain. Please donate. You need this hypnosis therapy and a lot of hungry kids thank you for your donation, too. Please be generous.