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There are four unique hypnosis sessions that make up the WEIGHT LOSS HYPNOTHERAPY PROGRAM known as the Sledgehammer Weight Loss Program. This session, 1st Steps to Weight Loss is an essential part of the weight loss hypnotherapy program. It psychologically prepares you to become trim and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. It makes losing excess body fat easy and natural for you. It causes you to lose weight safely and reasonably fast. Will power is not needed. It keeps you from falling off your weight loss wagon! It is best used in tandem with the weight Management Hypnosis Session or in tandem with the Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Program known as the Weight Loss Sledgehammer Program. 

About the First Steps to Weight Loss Hypnosis Session: One of the first steps taken to lose weight is to drink the right amount of fresh water every day.  Most people do not drink enough water which fosters obesity and numerous health disorders. 

After being hypnotized listening to this session “as directed”, you’ll actually enjoy drinking 8 small glass of water daily.  Two of those small glasses of water should be in the form of hot or iced coffee or tea.  Coffee and/or tea is good for your health when confined to one cup of each or both daily.  So, six small glass of water and two cups of tea or coffee will properly hydrate you. If your physician advises you to not drink a caffeinated beverage, do as he or she advises.

The hypnotherapy session download featured on this page (1st Step to Weight Loss) has you craving the right amount of water to drink by causing you to be thirsty every two hours you’re awake. This will cause you to drink a small glass of water, about every two hours which, in turn, will cause you to urinate frequently.  That’s ideal and healthy.  Your kidneys will love you for it.  Drinking the prescribed amount of water, coffee and or tea daily keeps your entire digestive system, including your lower intestines moving the waste products found in food out of you. It keeps you “cleaned out”. You’ll simply feel better and have a higher level of energy. Your belly will be flatter and your completion healthier looking. Your brain will thank you, too. You’ll have more pep and think more clearly and simply feel better. 

Many overweight people are overweight because they don’t drink enough water. Also, they may not drink caffeinated coffee or tea.  Caffeinated coffee and/or tea, consumed in moderation, is good for adults.  It rejuvenates memory, stimulates the brain to work better and ads a gentle level of energy causing more calories to be burned for energy rather than stored as body fat.  Calories come from food and brown adipose body tissue ( stored body fat) and are burned for energy.  A calorie is a unit of energy.  A calorie is what is a unit of energy to provide what you need to function. If a calorie is not burned, it is stored in your brown adipose tissue (body fat).  As more and more unburned calories are stored, you get fatter and fatter. Drinking water causes undigested food (unburned calories) to go through your intestines so they cannot be stored as body fat. They end up in the toilet.  Therefore, not all of that  food is stored in the fat on your body for caloric energy to burn.  Instead, you’ll either burn those calories for energy or urinate or defecate them out of your body so they cannot be converted to body fat.  This only occurs if you drink enough water daily.  

Note: The First Step to Weight Reduction session is used in tandem with the Weight Management Hypnosis Session and is only available with the Weight Management Hypnosis Session or in the Mega Bundle featured below.  Both, when used together, in tandem, as directed will cause you to achieve the weight loss desired and the look you want.

If you have tried to lose weight several times in your lifetime and failed to do so or you are twenty percent over your healthy weight (obese) or morbidly obese (100 pounds or more overweight), you need the Weight Loss Sledge Hammer. The Sledge Hammer consist of four hypnosis sessions. The first two (detailed above), First steps to weight loss and Weight Management Hypnosis are listened to in tandem (an hour or more apart) for 21 days in a row, then retired. The Increase Self-Esteem and the Exercise Motivation hypnosis sessions are then listened to in tandem, an hour or more apart on 21 more days in a row. Therefore, one goes through 84 hypnosis session over a period of 42 days after which nothing they own fits them.  Be advised, you will eventually need to buy smaller clothing sizes to fit you properly.  Excess body fat will continued to come off of you until you can stand in front of a mirror, in privacy, in the nude and you like what you see. Thereafter, maintenance automatically kicks in to assure you do not gain back the excess body fat you got rid of. 

So, take the first steps now by donating once, downloading and listening to the First Steps to Weight Loss hypnotherapy session “as directed”. Those directions are furnished with the download of each session described above.


This session (the First Step to Weight Loss) is included with the Weight Management Hypnosis session. It is also included in the 4 session Weight Loss Sledgehammer. It is also included in the 22 hypnosis session Mega Bundle featured below.


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