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Below are the most common, interesting, and funniest questions we are asked by those who visit our website to  experience Dr. Dean’s hypnotherapy.

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Now for some great questions and answers about hypnosis, our online hypnotherapy and hypnosis session downloads that may help you, will fascinate you, and some will even make you laugh.

A:  This is the question we are asked the most and the answer is YES.

A:  Yes, provided you are taking medication to prevent a seizure. If you are not taking medication, you should not attempt to be hypnotized.

A:  As long as you are wearing the mask and your system is operating during the hypnotic induction and while in hypnosis you have no risk of suffocating. I would recommend you have a person with you in the room to make certain you are breathing normally (with your breathing mask on and machine turned on) while undergoing your hypnosis session(s).

A:  No, provided you have not been diagnosed to have dementia, or Alzheimer’s or any other related brain damage caused by natural aging. The key here is your ability to remain focused on the doctor who is hypnotizing you. If you are having difficulty paying attention to him and cannot remember the most important suggestions given to you, it is highly likely you will not achieve a state of hypnosis and will not benefit from hypnotherapy.

A:  Yes and No! Children over age 7 are very susceptible to hypnosis (especially teenagers), so it will help you lose all the weight you want. However, the hypnosis provided on this web site is for adults age 18 or older. If you are under age 18 (which you apparently are), please exit this site. When you turn 18 you are welcome to come back and “legally” visit us.

A:  No. Gender has nothing to do with how susceptible you are to hypnosis. Men are as open-minded as women, but in a slightly different way. The female brain is slightly different than a male’s brain which partly explains why men think somewhat differently than women. However, when it comes to hypnosis and its results, it works equally well on both genders.

A:  No. Here are the facts: There are only three religions of which we are aware that formally condemn hypnosis in any application (entertainment or for clinical purposes). They are: Jehovah’s Witness Church, the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and the Christian Science Church. All three have a philosophy and belief system that only God heals and only God is authorized to cause one to heal from a given sickness, disease, or injury. Therefore, the application of hypnosis for behavior modification, even weight loss and tobacco smoking cessation, violates that belief system. Consequently, members of those Churches are forbidden to participate in or receive a hypnotic induction of any kind.

Several other churches frown on their members participating in hypnosis for entertainment (such as a stage show). However, it is approved for clinical application for health and self-improvement. We have explored this issue only in the realm of Christian Churches. We have not looked into several other religions outside the scope of Christianity such as the Muslim or Jewish religion, Buddhism, Taoism, or any others. However, we have personally hypnotized a large number of these people who have advised us in therapy settings of their religion and have yet to find anyone who is not a Christian tell us their religion forbids the use of hypnosis for clinical purposes.

Finally, there are Evangelical preachers who “believe” any member of their flock who is in a state of hypnosis can be easily possessed by demons. Of course this is the utmost height of ignorance of what hypnosis is and how it works and incorrect advice to their members. Further, if they would contact the highest authority of the national headquarters of their Church (as we have), they will be advised that hypnosis in a clinical (medical or psychological setting) provided by a board-certified or otherwise licensed health care provider is allowed.

A:  Yes. The fact is, all hypnosis is “self-hypnosis”. It is you who hypnotizes you and not the therapist. All the therapist is doing is guiding you into a desirable state of hypnosis and providing suggestions and directions to you that are for your benefit. Most people do not know how to hypnotize themselves. It is a science and an art and takes time to learn to accomplish. Therefore, most people need the professional service of a Board-Certified Hypnotherapist or, preferably, a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy to guide them far enough into a hypnotic state (an altered state of mind) so that safe, proven suggestions and directions can be provided directly to the patient’s subconscious mind.

Self-hypnosis used inappropriately can cause undesirable behavior such as a person using self-hypnosis to do something that is foolish or dangerous such as fasting for several days to crash weight off their body. An experienced hypnotherapist will only provide suggestive programming that is safe, harmless, and beneficial to a patient. As an analogy, a lawyer never defends himself in a trial. He hires another lawyer to do that for him. This is also applicable to hypnotherapy. Most knowledgeable hypnotherapists do not hypnotize themselves. They seek hypnotherapy from a trusted, seasoned hypnotherapist.

A:  Usually, no. They can occur however in extremely unusual circumstances. The two most common causes of an undesirable side-effect are being hypnotized and then regressed back into a time or event in one’s life when they experienced a horrific trauma such as forced rape, or a brutal accident. A person being regressed back to such an event while in a state of hypnosis can cause aberrations (crying, intense fear, or temporary acute anxiety). The other cause is when a person who suffers from acute anxiety, commonly known as “panic attacks”. Such a person, when confronted with the idea of being hypnotized may have a panic attack, resulting in rapid heart beat, sweating, crying, nausea, and a strong compulsion to run away.

Other negative side effects, generally speaking, can only occur if the therapist lacks training and provides unwise or detrimental suggestions to his client that later proved to be unfortunate. This is why anyone who chooses to be hypnotized should select only a seasoned, experienced, Board-Certified, Clinical Hypnotherapist that preferably has a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychology, or Psychiatry. The level of training these professionals go through is very extensive.

Dr. Dean, and his staff of doctors, have never experienced a patient reporting an undesirable side-effect as a result of the hypnotherapy they administered. This record has stood for over 22 years! Further, the hypnosis provided on this web site and on CDs is completely safe and free from causing any undesirable side effect. All of the hypnosis provided has been tested on over ONE-MILLION patients over the past two decades. No negative incidents have ever been reported by any patient to New Life Clinics or a governing authority.

A:  Wait a minute while we get up off of the floor from laughing! Umm, heh-heh, NO! Look at it this way. If we were really that good at being an “Evil Hypnotist”, you would be “small potatoes” to us. We would do other things with such power such as end all wars, have everybody learn and speak the same language worldwide, merge all religions into one ideal of oneness with God (to end conflicts), fairly and equally share commodities such as food, oil, and raw materials so all people and nations could prosper equally, establish fair and unified democracy for every nation, remove nuclear weapons from the Earth… and, did we say, have a world currency and a simple, flat tax that is fair and the same worldwide?

With such power, we would, no doubt, be extremely wealthy and set for life, so why would we waste our time hypnotizing you to make passionate love to a metal folding chair at work, or to max out your credit card? We have better things to do like saving lives and reducing or ending human suffering which is far more valuable than any amount of money. Tell your folks they can make an appointment to see us for therapy during clinical hours, 9:00am to 5:00pm. Tell them to bring a metal folding chair with them to the session.

Finally, understand you absolutely cannot make anyone do anything that is against their will or belief system. It’s impossible. While you see hypnotist stage shows make people behave like freaks, these people want to be seen doing this. Yes, they are hypnotized. Here is how this really works:

5% of the population are characterized as natural exhibitionists. This means they love to exhibit themselves to others. Most of these kinds of people are also hyper-suggestible. So, when the stage hypnotist invites people in the audience to come up on stage and have a little fun, you will see about five percent of the audience get on the stage. The hypnotist will administer a fast suggestibility test to all on stage looking for well-known clues that reveals each person’s level of suggestibility. He then selects those who are most suggestible and sends those who are not back to the audience. He now has his act of five to fifteen people. These people are easily hypnotized and will do almost anything directed by the stage hypnotist in order to exhibit themselves to the audience. After all, they can always claim, “The hypnotist made me do this, that, or the other goofy thing” and not have to take responsibility for it. So, my dear patient, don’t sweat it. You will not be made a fool of by us and it can’t be done to you anyway because it is not your will to act like a fool. And, of course, we would never do that anyway. We are not stage entertainers. We are doctors.

A:  Yes. We are all volunteers ranging from the Trustees to administrative help. There is no payroll at New Life Clinics Charitable Trust. As for New Life Clinics, that’s simply a shorter, common name used when we speak of the clinical operation of New Life Clinics Charitable Trust. Therefore, New Life Clinics is an informal name for New Life Clinics Charitable Trust. Both are one and the same.

Our Trustees are retired from their profession or practice and live in financial dignity on their pension from their former careers. Under IRS Codes, Trustees of a charitable trust may not receive compensation for executing their duties. Therefore, they receive no pay to oversee the Trust. When they execute their Trustee duties such as attend and conduct Trustee meetings, do proficiency reviews, survey vendors used by the Trust, etc. any of their personal, out-of-pocket costs involved for such activities are reimbursed to the Trustee by the Trust. We are allowed by IRS Code, to give a thank-you gift once, annually, to each Trustee not to exceed the value of $25.00. Therefore, we traditionally send them such a thank-you gift at Christmas valued under $25.00.

Our part-time volunteer administrative staff, and full-time Director of Administration and Finance, who have served for many years, love what we do for others and enjoy serving this charity.

Jann Dean, the Director of Administration, is Dr. Dean’s wife. Dr. Dean is the Chief Resident Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy for New Life Clinics. He has done very well in past years in his private and group hypnotherapy practice. He invested his earnings wisely and as a result is financially secure for life. He also receives royalty income from his narrations of unique hypnotherapy cassette tapes and CDs and publications he has authored. Therefore, he has no need for a salary and delights in serving the Trust.

Since Dr. Dean has retired from full-time practice and now devotes all of his time to providing services to New Life Clinics and this web site, his team of doctors of clinical hypnotherapy and hypnotherapists who worked for him when he was in private practice have since gone into their own private practices or retired. Most still volunteer their time as Chapter Directors for the Trust to perform special services and research when called upon by Dr. Dean to do so. None receive a salary. There is no payroll at New Life Clinics.

A:  No and Yes! How’s that for an answer? Okay, let’s look at the facts. People who set out to lose weight rapidly and pay an unethical hypnotist to program them to use a fad or unhealthy, radical diet or starve, may lose weight fast. In the process, they also lose muscle and more cells in their body die faster than can be reproduced, taking its toll on the individual’s overall health. Their weight loss will be temporary because no human being can sustain that eating behavior and remain healthy, yet alone, remain alive. Finally, the permanent result is extremely low unless reinforcement hypnosis is provided. So, yes, one “can” lose weight faster with the wrong kind of hypnosis than without it.

Now, let’s “get real”. The level of caloric intake and the speed and efficiency you metabolize food and convert it to energy determines how fast you’ll safely lose weight, with or without hypnosis… period! It’s really simple. It’s all about calories and the speed of one’s metabolism. A calorie is a specified measure of a unit of energy. When you reduce calories (units of energy) and speed up the use of them (commonly referred to as burning calories) weight loss must occur.

Most people who attempt to lose weight usually fall off of their diet and fail to lose all of the weight the dieter needs to lose. Further, those who use mind-bending willpower to meet their weight loss goal usually gain back part of all of the weight that was lost after the dieter achieved their weight goal. This is where hypnosis has proven to be the best, fastest, and easiest way to eliminate this problem. Proper use of hypnosis not only keeps a person on their chosen diet (or a sensible, healthy, low-calorie diet prescribed by the therapist) without the need for mind-bending willpower. It also motivates the individual to enjoy exercising daily and most important to maintain the dieter’s weight goal after it has been achieved.

A:  The standard for safe dieting for a woman is not to consume more than 1,200 calories per day and a man should not consume more than 1,400 calories per day. This, along with 30 minutes of the right kind of exercise daily, will cause a maximum amount of weight to be lost quickly for the average, healthy individual. We have found, in our clinical research and two decades of experience in treating people to reduce weight, that there are a few more things that can be done to speed up weight loss without violating this basic standard.

For instance, eating five meals a day rather than three. Use the same number of calories but break your caloric intake up into five meals rather than three. This will speed up metabolism because it requires energy (calories burned) to digest a meal. Eat more meals and more energy is used, hence, more calories are burned by keeping the dieter in a constant state of digestion.

Exercising in a constant pace is much better than weight training for weight loss. Therefore, walking is better than strength training or jogging. It’s a constant, slow burning of calories that, in a given period of time, will burn a huge number of calories while still tolerable to the dieter.

Finally, the kind of food one eats is critical. For instance, bread makes people fat. Notice that bread does not grow out of the ground, off a vine, bush or tree.  It is a “processed food that causes people to be fat when eaten regularly. Plain and simple. Wheat products in processed foods and excessive amounts of sugar and vegetable oil is the greatest cause of belly fat and obesity there is. We are prepared to back this statement up with cold, hard science. The clinical literature is there, and proof exists for this statement. Therefore, if one eats five times daily (three main meals and two snacks) food that grows out of the ground, off a vine, bush, or tree (which is a huge variety of food) and eats what flies or swims in moderation (notice, pigs don’t fly, and cows don’t swim) healthy, safe weight loss is assured. Also, one must eat no less than five different colors of fruits and vegetables daily. This will provide a huge amount of nutrients, low in calories, that satisfies the dieter and provides the right kind of nutrition to the dieter that is needed to maintain a healthy brain and body, while at the same time losing weight quite rapidly.

Another discovery is you never eat the same food for more than two days in a row. For instance, if you eat chicken, sweet potatoes, and salad for two dinners in a row (two days), on the third day, eat something else other than chicken and salad and sweet potatoes. The body begins to rapidly assimilate what you eat after two days of eating the same thing and learns quickly how to break it down into fat and store it in your fat lipids. Now, just when the body has figured out how to efficiently take on chicken, sweet potatoes, and salad and turn it into fat, if you switch them out on the third day, as an example, and go for fish, asparagus, and red potatoes for the next two days, the body is confused for a few days. It doesn’t know how to efficiently metabolize the fish, asparagus, and potatoes into fat until a couple of days has gone by and you repeatedly eat the same things during those two days.  Eating the same things on the third and subsequent days makes people fat because the body has learned how to metabolize that food into fat and store it on your body. So, when you change what you eat every 3rd day, most of the food does not get metabolized into the body fat.  Food that is not converted to energy is passed through your system as a waste (into the toilet) before it can metabolize it into fat. Keeping this process up every three days will greatly speed up weight loss and should be maintained for life to prevent weight gain.

Finally, six to eight 8 oz. glasses of water are needed daily to assure internal digestive track health, proper energy levels, and many other benefits. 64 ounces of water daily assures faster weight loss by removal of undigested food and body waste from your digestive track, kidneys, liver, and bladder.

To make all of this come together into a rapid, healthy, safe weight loss regimen, one should be hypnotized (have their subconscious mind re-programmed) to cause natural behavior in such a manner as to enjoy eating this way and to look forward to it daily, and to crave a daily walk (weather permitting) or indoor vascular exercises or light weight training. Without the will and desire to eat and act in this manner and to exercise properly, little or no weight loss will occur and certainly fast weight loss cannot happen.

The easiest and most intelligent way to assure everything will happen as desired, is to be hypnotized to safely reduce body fat. Hypnosis to change one’s behavior is the best modality available. Anything that requires chemistry (pharmaceuticals), which the body has not evolved to assimilate naturally, in our opinion, is not healthy. The side effects could be devastating. So, pills are not the answer and never have been. Permanent weight loss is what is sought after. This can only happen with a complete change in attitude, mind, and motivation. To achieve this change quickly and permanently, correct, professional, online hypnotherapy is called for. 

A:  Great question! First, if you listened carefully to each hypnosis session we provide, we advise the patient that the word “sleep” means to relax as deeply as possible and NOT TO FALL ASLEEP like they would when they go to bed. For many years, hypnotherapists have discovered that the word sleep, as used in hypnosis or a hypnotherapy induction, suggests deep relaxation. It’s a lazy, loose, soothing, stress-free feeling. It is a state the body enters into, while at the same time, the mind remains alert and aware at all times. So, while the body is nearly asleep, the mind is very much awake. Sleep, used in reference to what you fall into when you go to bed at night (a nocturnal sleep), is a state of mental unconsciousness. You are not aware or alert. Your body is also deeply relaxed. Since you are not conscious in this state, you cannot hear a therapist and, therefore, will not receive (hear) any of the programming he/she is trying to install into your subconscious mind simply because you are not conscious.

Hypnotherapists frequently use the word sleep to suggest you may go nearly into a nocturnal type of sleep, but if you listen carefully, they also tell you to remain alert and focused on their voice. Therefore, the body goes nearly asleep, but the mind stays alert, aware, and focused on the therapist’s voice at all times. This allows the subconscious mind to effortlessly absorb the programming provided by the therapist without any distraction from your body or environment.

What is absorbed is used to guide the patient in their behavior after they come out of hypnosis to accomplish a specified goal for self-improvement or health improvement. We believe, from our vast experience at New Life Clinics, having hypnotized over one-million people during a period of two decades, that this is the most soothing, gentle, safe, and acceptable way for most people to enter into an acceptable hypnotic state for hypnotherapy purposes. It has also proven to be the very best way to hypnotize an individual online while sitting at their computer. Understand, there are many ways to hypnotize a person. Several dozen, in fact. However, we have never had a complaint filed against us by any person or controlling agency for the hypnotherapy induction method we use and the hypnotic programming provided. It’s completely safe, soothing, and very pleasant.

A:  We are funded or supported by the public at large. Over one-million people have donated to New Life Clinics Charitable Trust over the past two decades. These donations are used to fund the clinic’s and Trust’s overhead operational costs, the cost to provide and maintain this web site, and, most importantly, to fund charitable, financial support for nationally recognized charities such as Feed the Children, and Rotary Club International’s Wheelchair International Program, which provides new wheelchairs to destitute amputees and crippled people. We are not government funded. We are “publicly funded”. Under section 501(c)3, sub-section 509(a)2 of the IRS Code, we are a publicly-owned, charitable trust owned by the people of the United States, overseen by Trustees, managed by Directors, and staffed by volunteer Chapter Directors and Administrators.

A:  Well, that’s three loaded questions! Honestly, it would take several semesters of college work to explore all of the facets about your subconscious mind and how it works. I think, however, I can satisfy you with this answer to your question in layman’s language.

Your subconscious mind is one of the three “minds” you possess. Your first mind is your conscious mind. That’s the mind that decides what color car you want to buy and balances your check book. It’s your logic. It’s what makes two plus two come up with four for you. That is your conscious mind.

Your second mind is your subconscious mind. It’s called your subconscious mind because it is beneath your conscious awareness. In other words, you are not aware of its existence or when it’s working… but it works 24-hours per day, 7-days per week. It never sleeps. Only your conscious mind sleeps. Without your subconscious mind, you could not live or exist. To prove this to you, answer these questions. Is your heart beating right now? Are you breathing? Do your eyes blink? Are you digesting food? Do you automatically sweat when it gets hot? I think so or you would be pushing up daisies right now. Now, are you thinking, consciously, about doing any of those things? Do you tell your heart to beat? I think not. They just seem to happen all by themselves. So, what makes your heart beat? Answer: It’s your autonomic nervous system. What controls that? Answer: Your brain. What controls your brain… what makes it work and think? You guessed it! Your subconscious mind. It runs about 75% of everything you do without you giving it a thought. For instance, when you tie your shoes, do you think about tying them or do you just simply tie them? Well, we both know you don’t think about tying them. You just do it without any thought. How could this be? Yep! It’s your subconscious mind causing you to move your fingers and hands precisely as needed to tie those shoe laces without you giving it conscious thought.

Your third mind is your higher self. It is often referred to as the super-conscious mind. It is the unseen, not well understood, spiritual aspect of you and functions above our conscious awareness. It is the mind many believe that survives the technique of death and continues to function to assure your mind matrix and personality continue, grow, and prosper in other places and realms of existence. This becomes philosophical and borders on a belief system which cannot be proven in any scientific way but seems to make sense and appeals to one’s senses as a perceived truth.

Now, back to the subconscious mind to complete the answer to your question. Your subconscious mind is the “life force” that causes your brain to function. When the brain dies (brain death), you are no longer a living human being. All organ function is dead. However, the mind is not an organ or a “thing”. It is not “flesh”. It is not organic or material. It is not your brain. To prove my point, have you ever seen a mind walk through your front door? I think not. It is not material or molecular. It’s invisible. It is a power that has force but is a force devoid of all molecular structure as we understand it. Therefore, it is a conceptual force that has, within itself, the ability to run your brain. It causes cells to function, synapses to activate, and neurons to work through chemical electrical means and causes all mental and physical activity. When you have heart failure, you deny the brain blood and oxygen it needs to keep your brain cells alive. Therefore, it can’t properly function and quickly dies. If anything happens that causes the brain to die, the subconscious mind, which was running your brain while it was alive, survives the brain’s death, leaves your body and presence around it and moves on to its next stage of existence. Apparently, your mind is eternal in nature, and what is retained in it that is of survival value takes up “there” right where it left off here after you experience brain death. However, for now, while you remain a mortal and and alive, your super-conscious, conscious, and subconscious minds continue to indwell you and remain all around you. Of course, this is philosophical and somewhat left in the realm of one’s spiritual belief system. I can only reflect to you my personal experiences with my mind and the minds of a massive number of people I have treated in my career.

If you would drill down into yourself and ask what makes your “thinker” think or better put, what makes your brain work; no doctor or scientist has yet to demonstrate precisely what makes that which makes the brain function actually function. Science can show you “how” the brain functions and the end results thereof, but it has yet to successfully prove “what makes it function and how that “what” works. For instance, we know that certain chemicals create electrical energy that travels through nerves and are directed with switches called synapses which trigger cells in which chemicals are used to retain information, memories, etc. that, in turn, send information to various parts of the brain to cause thought or physical function of your body. However, precisely what it is that starts that entire mechanism is unknown.

Science does admit to the existence of mind. Therefore, it is assumed that it is the mind that is the force that starts the mechanism of the brain to function. Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Doctors of Clinical Hypnotherapy are the professionals who deal within the realm of the human and animal mind. It is the working of the combination of the three minds all humans have that determines the majority of their behavior provided the mind and brain are sane (normal). Behavior can go wrong if the brain is, in some manner, damaged and cannot function properly. When this occurs, it falls under the realm of a Medical Doctor’s care, in cooperation with supportive assistance from a Psychiatrist or Psychologist. Clinical Hypnotherapy for those who suffer from physical brain damage, in most cases, is not effective.

A:  Probably not because it may be against your wife’s will if she was even willing to let you attempt to hypnotize her. Nobody can be hypnotized against their will. Those who give a hypnotist their permission to hypnotize them cannot be made to do anything against their will once in a state of hypnosis. Therefore, if your wife is spending too much money, you’ll have to work out a conventional way to resolve that problem with her. If your wife is not providing you sexual favors every morning and evening, it means she doesn’t want to and no hypnotism on this planet, especially when generated by you, is going to make her change.

A:  Most people feel better after their session than before it began. With the hypnosis offered on this web site, it generally causes most patients to physically and emotionally feel wonderful… even fantastic and typically how they physically felt when they were 18 years of age. It’s a delightful experience and happens after every session. For some it can last up to 3 days!

A:  Myself and hypnotherapists and doctors in my staff have collectively hypnotized over one-million people over the past 22 years. We have yet to see any patient experience urination or defecation while going into and while in any state of hypnosis. This is because your bowels are under the control of your autonomic nervous system and prevents urination or defecation while in hypnosis or in nocturnal sleep. People who have a physical abnormality or disorder that causes involuntary urination or defecation (accidents) can wear special under-clothing such as moisture absorbing underwear like adult diaper to capture any urine or feces that may escape from their body while going into and while in hypnosis or otherwise. This is standard procedure for those so afflicted. However, we as a group of doctors and hypnotherapists at New Life Clinics have yet to treat a patient who has that problem. Since you have this concern but do not urinate or defecate by accident in your clothing or bed, should have no concern about having such an accident while going into or while in hypnosis.

A:  Waking hypnosis is a hypnotic technique that uses conversation between an operator and subject that is highly suggestive on the operators end of communication with the subject. The subject is usually not aware of the conversation being highly suggestive because it is put across in a conversational mode. As suggestions are put forth by the operator to the subject, the subject’s subconscious mind begins to absorb the suggestions and acts out on them in a timely manner. This type of hypnotic procedure is best kept confined to people who have an unfounded belief system that they can’t be hypnotized. The operator will merely revert to conversational hypnosis in a therapy setting. The subject will usually go into a light (cataleptic) hypnotic trance state and be highly receptive to the operator’s suggestions, one of which will be to accept hypnosis as an ideal treatment method to achieve a desired result. It can also be used as a way to begin a formal hypnotherapy session during which the subject is “talked” into a relaxed state while awake (not in trance) after which, strong suggestions are put forth suddenly by the operator for the subject to enter into a deep hypnotic trance. This is called a “conversion” method. This method works best in a formal therapy setting. When tried on people not in such an environment as the doctor’s office, such as at a party or simply visiting a friend, it may or may not work, depending on the suggestibility of the subject. A good example of how this might affect you is when you were watching a comedy show or something funny with others and everyone laughed at what was going on. Their laughter started you to laughing (spontaneous laughter). This is a crude form of waking hypnosis because you are awake when watching the show, and if you watched the show alone, you may not have laughed. However, since everyone else was laughing, you began to laugh (your subconscious mind picked up on the unified laughter as funny and you responded accordingly by laughing).

A:  Before you were hypnotized, a small portion of your subconscious mind was in a programmed state to perpetuate your specific disorder(s) by continuing to smoke or eat too much of the wrong kind of food. You have been doing this for a long, long time. It’s not only an addiction, it’s a habit. Consequently, when you take action to end that behavior your subconscious mind puts up resistance in various ways because its program must be fulfilled (good, bad, or otherwise). Remember, your subconscious mind cannot think. Only your conscious mind thinks. Your subconscious mind only responds and acts out according to the programs that are in it such as the one that makes it effortless to tie your shoes, makes your heart beat, or to back off froma coiled-up rattle snake. You don’t “think about it”. You just do it. You have programs in your subconscious mind that cause you to perpetuate your disorder, no matter what you do or how you try to stop. That’s why most people fail to lose weight permanently or to stop smoking. Their subconscious programming will not permit it and automatically causes you to react in such a way that you adhere to the unhealthy programming it serves up to you daily.

When any method, be it cold turkey, hard-core willpower, or even hypnotherapy are introduced to defeat the unhealthy program in your subconscious mind, it resists it. If any new programming gets through to the subconscious mind that attempts to modify or destroy its existing unhealthy programming, it will “dream it out” within 3 to 5 days, so that the old program can resume its unhealthy programming undisturbed and keep you smoking or overweight. That’s why 84% of hypnotizable people generally fall off their diet or fail to stop smoking within 3 to 5 days after only one hypnosis session. All efforts are simply dreamed out and dispensed with by your subconscious mind and you get nowhere.

If you are hypnotized DAILY for 21 days in a row by the same therapist, for the same disorder, in exactly the same way (the session is always the same and repeated), the programming cannot be dreamed out. This was proven by Dr. George Kappas at U.C.L.A. in his ground- breaking research that turned hypnotherapy from theory into a science. Therefore, one hypnosis session for approximately 16% of the hypnotizable adult population is a “done deal”. They will toss their cigarettes or eat in such a manner as to lose excess weight and not gain it back. The hypnotic program took on the first induction and locked in to their subconscious mind. The remaining 84% of those folks (which is most of us), will dream out a one-time hypnotic session within 3-to-5 days and it will have no further hold or effect on them. The patient in this group will, therefore, fail. If, however, that 84% failure group is hypnotized daily for 21 days in a row, the programming is locked in. It cannot be dreamed out and it retains a permanent hold on the patient. The end result is the patient realizes permanent success.

In view of this scientific fact, it is New Life Clinics’ and my policy as Chief Resident that no hypnosis session is provided unless it is provided daily for 21 days in a row or an abbreviated reinforcement sessions is provided to go along with the main (master) hypnosis session so it may be listened to daily for 21 days within a 30-day period. This prevents dream rejection of the healthy programming. The new healthy programming deletes the old (unhealthy) programming and takes its place. Desirable results will have occurred and continue to occur until the patient’s goal is realized and retained.

Finally, extensive research by Dr. Kappas and myself have shown it’s NOT NEGOTIABLE… doing less than 21 sessions within a 30-day period will allow the subconscious mind to dream out the new, healthy programming. Since you don’t remember your dreams, you will not be aware of that. All you know is you are, without explanation, at the store buying cigarettes or pigging out again. Therefore, as an example, if you undergo 19 of the 21 sessions and then stop, you are subject to your subconscious mind rejecting the new healthy programming by dreaming it out and you will likely resume your unhealthy behavior within a matter of days, thereby gaining back any weight you lost or going back to smoking. YOU MUST DO A REINFORCEMENT SESSION EVERY DAY FOR 21 DAYS IN A ROW OR AT LEAST WITHIN A 30-DAY PERIOD TO ASSURE YOU WILL NOT DREAM OUT THE NEW, HEALTHY PROGRAMMING INSTALLED DURING THE MAIN FREE SESSION.

We know of no other hypnotherapy site online or private hypnotherapist that is aware of this fact or structures their therapy to provide a prescribed number of hypnotherapy reinforcement sessions to assure success. We do because it is the only right thing to do in view of the overwhelming scientific, clinical evidence brought to light during the U.C.L.A studies on clinical hypnotherapy by Dr. Kappas. Our vast experience providing over one-million people hypnotherapy over the past two decades completely concurs with the results of Dr. Kappas’ extensive clinical research.

The bottom line is simple. If you want permanent results (and I mean lifetime permanent), you experience the main session as directed only once, and then experience a reinforcement session beginning the next day, then every day thereafter, experience the same reinforcement session again. You do this daily for a total of 21 days (which adds up to 21 total reinforcement sessions). You then may be confident you are free of your disorder for life. Your subconscious mind has been properly and thoroughly re-programmed to see to that. We have proven it literally hundreds of thousands of times and that’s why we guarantee you’ll be successful and satisfied or we will refund any donation you made for the reinforcement sessions or CDs we provided to you as a thank-you gift for your support.

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