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The answer is YES for 90% of the adult population.

Yes, provided you are taking medication to prevent a seizure. If you are not taking anti-seizure medication, you should not attempt to be hypnotized.

As long as you are wearing the mask and your system is operating during the hypnotic induction and while in hypnosis you have no risk of suffocating. I would recommend you have a person quietly with you in the room to make certain you are breathing normally (with your breathing mask on and machine turned on) while undergoing your hypnosis session(s).

No, provided you have not been diagnosed to have dementia or any other related brain damage caused by natural aging. The key here is your ability to remain focused on the doctor who is hypnotizing you. If you are having difficulty paying attention to him and cannot remember the most important suggestions given to you, it is highly likely you will not achieve a state of hypnosis and will not benefit from hypnotherapy.

Yes and No! Children over age 7 are very susceptible to hypnosis (especially teenagers), so it will help you lose all the weight you want. However, the hypnosis provided on this website is for adults age 18 or older. If you are under age 18 (which you apparently are), please exit this site. When you turn 18 you are welcome to come back and “legally” visit us.

No. Gender has nothing to do with how susceptible you are to hypnosis. Men are as open-minded as women but in a slightly different way. The female brain is slightly different than a male’s brain which partly explains why men think somewhat differently than women. However, when it comes to hypnosis and its results, it works equally well on both genders.

Yes. The fact is, all hypnosis is “self-hypnosis”. It is you who hypnotizes you and not the therapist. All the therapist is doing is guiding you into a desirable state of hypnosis and providing suggestions and directions to you that are for your benefit. Most people do not know how to hypnotize themselves. It is a science and an art which takes time to learn and master. Therefore, most people need the professional service of a Board-Certified Hypnotherapist or, preferably, a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy to guide them far enough into a hypnotic state so that safe, proven suggestions and directions can be provided directly to the patient’s subconscious mind to cause major self-improvements. Self-hypnosis used inappropriately can cause undesirable behavior such as a person using self-hypnosis to do something that is foolish or dangerous such as fasting for several days to crash weight off their body. An experienced hypnotherapist will only provide suggestive programming that is safe, harmless, and beneficial to a patient. As an analogy, a lawyer never defends himself in a trial. He hires another lawyer to defend him. This is also applicable to hypnotherapy. Most knowledgeable hypnotherapists do not hypnotize themselves. They seek hypnotherapy from a trusted, seasoned hypnotherapist.

Usually, no. They can occur however in extremely unusual circumstances. The two most common causes of an undesirable side-effect are being hypnotized to regress back into a time or event in one’s life when they experienced a horrific trauma such as being sexually raped, or experiencing a brutal accident. A person being regressed back to such an event while in a state of hypnosis can cause aberrations (crying, intense fear, or temporary acute anxiety). Another cause is when a person who suffers from acute anxiety, commonly known as “panic attacks”. Such a person, when confronted with the idea of being hypnotized may have a panic attack, resulting in rapid heart beat, sweating, crying, nausea, and a strong compulsion to run away. Other negative side effects, generally speaking, can only occur if the therapist lacks training and provides unwise or detrimental suggestions to his client that later proved to be unfortunate. This is why anyone who chooses to be hypnotized should select only a seasoned, experienced, Board-Certified, Clinical Hypnotherapist that preferably has a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychology, or Psychiatry. The level of training these professionals go through is very extensive.

Wait a minute while we get up off of the floor from laughing! Umm, heh-heh, NO! Understand you absolutely cannot make anyone do anything that is against their will or belief system. It’s impossible. While you see hypnotist stage shows make people behave like freaks, these people want to be seen doing this. Yes, they are hypnotized. Here is how this really works: 5% of the adult population are classified for hypnosis purposes as natural exhibitionists. These people love to exhibit themselves. And, when they are invited to come on the stage those people come on the stage to be part of his act. Those people are natural exhibitionists. They are going up there to exhibit themselves and have fun doing it. They are aware of what they’re doing and enjoying every minute of it. After all they can always say the hypnotist made me do it.

Your subconscious mind is one of the three “minds” you possess. Your first mind is your conscious mind, which deals with logic and decision-making. Your second mind is your subconscious mind, which operates beneath your conscious awareness, controlling autonomic functions and habitual behaviors. Your third mind is your higher self, often referred to as the super-conscious mind, which functions above your conscious awareness and is considered the spiritual aspect of your being. The subconscious mind runs about 75% of everything you do without conscious thought, influencing behaviors and bodily functions automatically.

Probably not because it may be against your wife’s will if she was even willing to let you attempt to hypnotize her. Nobody can be hypnotized against their will. Those who give a hypnotist their permission to hypnotize them cannot be made to do anything against their will once in a state of hypnosis. Therefore, if your wife is spending too much money, you’ll have to work out a conventional way to resolve that problem with her.

Most people feel better after their session than before it began. With the hypnosis offered on this website, it generally causes most patients to physically and emotionally feel wonderful… even fantastic, and typically how they physically felt when they were 18 years of age. It’s a delightful experience and happens after every session. For some, it can last up to 3 days!

I and hypnotherapists and doctors in my staff have collectively hypnotized over one million people over the past three decades. We have yet to see any patient experience urination or defecation while going into and while in any state of hypnosis. This is because your bowels are under the control of your autonomic nervous system and prevent urination or defecation while in hypnosis or in nocturnal sleep.

If you expect me to believe that, I know a guy who will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge for a mere ten bucks.

You’ll get only the best hypnosis! See for yourself…

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Okay, as your doctor, I have to ask… Can you be hypnotized?

Some people believe they cannot be hypnotized. Because you came to this website regarding hypnosis therapy, the truth is you most likely can be successfully hypnotized.

On average, EIGHT out of every TEN people can be hypnotized. The TWO people who cannot be hypnotized can’t or will not follow the hypnotist’s directions and suggestions during the hypnosis induction. These people play around with what they hear. They test it by pinching themselves or opening their eyes to look around and try to analyze the hypnosis and the hypnotist administering the session. Some people don’t pay attention to what the hypnotist is saying to them. They drift off by thinking about things that have nothing to do with what the therapist is saying to them during the session. This makes it impossible to achieve a state of hypnosis needed to realize a desired result.

So, be smart. If you follow all of my directions provided to you before and during the session and you have at least average intelligence or higher, you’ll achieve a luxurious state of hypnosis. To get what you want from each session simply pay attention to what I’m saying to you during the session. Use your imagination or act out, your way, what I suggest and you should get what you want from the hypnosis sessions you select.

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