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Bodybuilding and Exercise Motivation Hypnosis

It’s safe bodybuilding. And, it’s different. It really gets you into satisfying fitness workouts. Women love it for female fitness. We provide a safe, easy female workout that also gets ladies walking daily. 

Dr. Dean’s Exercise Motivation Hypnosis Session Download gets men into serious bodybuilding that’s satisfying. Guys are motivated to get strong and ripped. That’s why this hypnosis session works so well for thousands of men and women. Its secret is it moves men and women forward in comfortable stages that results in a healthy body and the look they desire. 

Initially, you’ll start off easy and then quickly become super motivated to go walking daily (weather permitting). Then you progress to safe fitness workouts that get the job done right. Truly, you look forward to and really want to exercise frequently. 

Hey, what else can we say? You get the best exercise hypnotherapist on the planet; Dr. Robert G. Dean, Ph.D. He’s been providing exercise help, taining, counsel and hypnotherapy to tens of thousands of people for the past 31 years! He knows from where he speaks. He walks the talk. He is a Board Certified Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy who will prove to you exercise help that makes you healthier, fit, stronger and more attractive. Just listen, you’ll be hypnotized to get the look you want. We think you’ll really like “Dr. Bob”. He does exercise hypnosis right.

You know you need this hypnosis session to get the look you desire. That’s why you’re here. So, let’s do this. This exercise hypnosis session download is easy to use and it’s super affordable. And, yes, it truly works. Hey, over 200,000 clients who own this download can’t be wrong. They’re fit!  

Donate once (under twenty bucks), then download it and listen. It doesn’t get any easier. Then buckle up!  Dr. Dean’s  hypnotic programming  kicks in fast and your into your fitness work out big time. You’ll always like the way this hypnosis session works for you. And, oh my, does it make you feel good! Got questions? Call “Dr. Bob”. (928) 279-1848, 9 to 6, Mon-Sat, Mt. Time Zone. Private Hypnotherapy Sessions available via cellphone. Call for details.

Every hypnosis session is a high quality audio recording, narrated by Dr. Dean that you can download and listen to on your computer, tablet, mp3 player, or mobile phone.  Once you download it you own it for life.  Listen to each session following Dr. Dean’s instructions and you will have a successful result.

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Experience this amazing Exercise Help to go Walking everyday and
complete your fitness workouts.

If you’re not motivated to exercise 3 or more days per week, you need this exercise motivation hypnosis session. It will motivate you to go walking everyday (weather permitting), and then get you going strongly into your fitness workouts. Smart athletes and people into good health love this “Exercise Motivation” Hypnosis session download. It keeps them from “falling off their exercise wagon”. It will, you, too. 

So, how does all of this work? It’s simple; after you have downloaded Dr. Dean’s Exercise Motivation Hypnosis Session, follow the directions provided; then sit, relax and simply listen.You’ll be deeply hypnotized in minutes. It’s a soothing, luxurious experience you’ll really enjoy. After the session, you are  ready to take a satisfying walk for safe vascular exercise. That walk is the key to how strong you want to be and how fantastic you’ll look. The walk triggers everything you want to happen to you when you begin your bodybuilding fitness workouts

When you complete your walk (about 30 minutes), the hypnotic programming installed into your subconscious mind by Dr. Dean automatically activates. You immediately want to exercise. You are seriously motivated to get into and complete your fitness workouts. Walking everyday warms you up to exercise and motivates you like nothing else can to get you into your exercise routine. It causes fresh oxygen rich blood to flow through your brain’s vascular system and your body muscles. In other words, you’re “good to go” and a rewarding exercise session begins. After the session is done to your satisfaction you have a wonderful feeling of of accomplishment. You feel strong and healthy every day in every way. And yes, you actually make time for this because it leaves you feeling really good during and after your exercise fitness workouts. And, once again, it all starts with walking everyday. That’s the trigger that fires you up. It gets you off the couch and into your fitness routine. Trust us, you will never fall off your exercise wagon if you own this session and listen to it “as directed”.

You decide what your exercise routine and schedule will be. We know your way is the best way for you. It can be jogging, weight training or simple floor exercises and muscle toning. You control every aspect of your workout.

Listening to Dr. Dean’s exercise hypnotherapy session (as directed) will cause a  permanent program working within your subconscious mind to go  walking everyday (weather permitting) and exercise at least 3 days each week. Thereafter, and only if needed, you’ll want to occasionally listen to your exercise hypnosis session for reinforcement to keep you going! This keeps you motivated to exercise plus achieves and maintains the look you desire and how you feel. Your stress is relieved after each session, too. 

Hey, you know you need this so download it. And, yes, it really is affordable. it’s under twenty-bucks! We operate not-for-profit and that’s why the price is so low.  Got questions? Call Dr. Dean, (928) 279 1848, 9 to 6, Mon-Sat, Mt. Time Zone. Private hypnosis sessions available via cellphone. Call for details.

get Dr. Dean's exercise help
(928) 279-1848, 9 to 6, M-S, Mt. Time zone

He’s a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy (Ph.D.) and a Board Certified Hypnotherapist. His clients call him “Dr. Bob”. He’s easy going and is recognized as an authority on exercise hypnotherapy.  You will not find a more qualified and experienced hypnotherapist who specializes in hypnosis to exercise. He will, with your permission, have you walking every day (weather permitting) after which you are nicely warmed up to immediately begin your fitness workouts. 

This exercise hypnotherapy session is based on science and is “state-of-the-art” hypnotherapy. Frankly, there is not an exercise hypnosis session download or CD out there that can approach what this session will do for you. Further, you get only the best hypnosis when Dr. Dean hypnotizes you. He has been in practice for over 31 years and “knows from where he speaks”. He walks the talk. He walks and exercises routinely. Seriously, the “Doc” is one “healthy” guy. 

This is your opportunity to be hypnotized by Dr. Dean to benefit from and enjoy a full length, complete, professional exercise motivation hypnosis session. This session will powerfully motivate you to exercise.  It’s safe and leaves you feeling satisfied. It only needs to be listened to “as directed” to become a permanent healthy program working for you within your subconscious mind.

Dr. Dean has clients that are champion sports professionals who work out routinely. They were hypnotized listening to Dr. Dean’s exercise hypnosis session download to go walking everyday after which they became highly motivated to do a complete workout routine. That’s why they make it a point to never miss walking everyday. It assures they will complete their fitness routine.  No more putting off your workouts. That walk is the perfect warm up and motivation to complete your fitness workouts. It’s not magic. It’s a science. It’s “state-of-the-art” hypnotic programming. Walking everyday keeps those bodybuilders and athletes motivated to remain physically fit. And, it will be the motivational key to your becoming and remaining physically fit, too.  

This is all new to you. It’s different. That’s why it fires up world class athletes. It will work for you, too!  After all, it starts with a stimulating walk, but oh my, where it leads to after that is amazing. Get Dr. Dean’s exercise motivation hypnosis session download now! You’re going to really like what it does for you.  Got questions? Want a private session via cell phone?  Call “Dr. Bob” (928) 279 1848, Mon-Sat, 6 to 9, Mt. Time Zone

Dr bob 3

Dr. Robert G. Dean

It's "state of the art" hypnotherapy that motivate you to complete
your exercise and fitness workouts.

We Are The Best

We've hypnotized and helped people to
exercise since 1993!

We Are Certified

Dr. Dean is an authority on hypnotherapy to exercise. He is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist.

We Know Our Stuff

Dr. Dean holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Hypnosis.

Be Healthier

You will want to walk and exercise daily and really enjoy it.

Be Motivated

Get on track with a daily walk and strength training routine. You'll stay with it.

Be Better

No more struggling to find time to take a walk and exercise. you'll make the time.

We've Helped A Lot of People

We have helped over 1.5 million people using hypnosis to achieve a healthier life style

Exercise Motivation

Walking everyday is
the best exercise


It’s simple. Listen to Dr. Dean’s Hypnosis to exercise and you’ll want to walk everyday and workout at least 3 days each week. Get this download. You’ll own it for life. Use it as directed and you’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll look and feel.

It’s easy. Just listen. Dr. Dean will hypnotize you and program your subconscious mind to go walking everyday after which you’ll be strongly motivated to start and complete your fitness workouts. As the weeks go by, imagine how good you will look and feel. This is your foundation to a “healthy lifestyle” and a more attractive, stronger body.

Donate (it’s less that twenty-bucks because we operate not-for-profit). Next, download Dr.Dean’s exercise hypnosis session. Listen to it “as directed”. Within minutes you are hypnotized and programmed to go walking daily (weather permitting) plus complete a Bodybuilding routine to be physically fit. Then you come out of hypnosis feeling wonderful. You don’t know why and you don’t care, you just do. 

Right after your walk you’re strongly motivated to begin and complete the exercise routine you like. Be safe. Enjoy it. Thereafter, listen to the hypnosis to exercise session once or twice per week. It’s a wonderful soothing time out. Eventually the hypnotic programming will remain permanently in your mind so you will not have to listen to it. You’ll always want to go walking daily and follow up with an exercise session you enjoy. You’ll have no trouble making the time for this because you like what it does for you. 

In a reasonable period of time you are really going to like what you see in a mirror. This hypnosis session is an extremely popular download. Over 200,000 smart, healthy people can’t be wrong. They are fit. You will be, too.  Got questions? Call Dr. Dean 9 to 6, Mt. Time Zone, Mon-Sat, (928) 279 1848. Private hypnosis sessions available via cellphone. Call for details.

We motivate you to get into your fitness workouts 3 times per week

This download, “listened to as directed” gently hypnotizes you to go walking everyday. That walk triggers in you a very strong desire to exercise, stretch your muscles and strengthen them. You’ll really like the high energy level and satisfaction you experience after the completion of your exercise routines. Need to talk to the Doc? Call 9 to 6, Mon-Sat Mt. Time Zone (928) 279 1848. Private hypnosis sessions available on cellphone. Call for details.

Hypnosis Client Testimonials

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Scroll down and check out all 22 hypnosis sessions. Donate once and we will download all 22 hypnosis sessions to you. You can download them into your computer or mobile phone. You’ll own all of them to enjoy for life. And, oh my, what an amazing, unique gift some of these sessions will make for those you love and care about.  

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Exercise Motivation

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Truly like who and what you are.

Attract Others

Causes delightful changes in you, which are attractive to others.

Common Discomfort Relief

Helps to relieve minor aches and pains such as headaches, muscle pain, etc.

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1st Steps To Weight Loss

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Happiness is being absolutely free from anything negative in your life. This experienced in hypnosis. 

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Become fully confident. Ends fear of failure. You’re in charge.

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Enjoy each other in ways you never thought possible. It’s a lasting, loving experience you both will cherish.


Brings up in you, deep feelings of love of  for yourself and  others which causes others to love you.

Mellow Feelings

Soothes, calms, and slows everything down so you feel quietly mellow.

Peace of Mind

Real peace of mind that goes beyond understanding. You’re content and at ease.

Spiritual Self

Connects in a beautiful, unique way your spirit with the spirit of others.

Trouble Free

Not a care in the world.  Your mind is free of from all troubles.

Wonderful You

Brings to light how truly wonderful a person you really are. You really are special.


Provide Wheelchairs to those in need

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